Weekend came and gone…

26 02 2007

Sunday, 25th of February, 2007 – 8:58 PM.

Ah, finally! The dreadful task is finished. All zipped up and uploaded to the USB.

The task that was assigned to me by my lousy boss to conduct a research on Membership Provider API and how to create a new Provider that matches our own database schema.

I don’t know what kind of fucking itch that guy gets in his ass that he came to me on Friday evening and ORDERED me to do R&D on the topic. As they say “Naukri ki tey Nakhra Ki”, I complied with an obedient nod of the head. FUCK YOU! The Inner Voice said to that motherfucking sonofabitch who happens to be my boss. So, I had to buy the fucking DVD of MSDN library and had to install it on my machine in order to proceed.

So, I worked on Friday night, a few hours on Saturday, and a few hours on Sunday and finally I was finished with a sample application which I am gonna present to him.

The rest of the week went just OK. I was able to watch a couple of movies namely “Flag of our Fathers” (which was not as good as I had anticipated) and “The Prestige” which is one awesome movie. I was very reluctant in watching it but as the movie progressed, the movie got exciting and when I was finished around half past 1 in the morning, I exclaimed “Bravo! Bravo!”

Today that lousy cousin of mine took me on a “one hour” visit to the market in order to buy his suit which he intends to wear on his sister’s wedding. But his two sisters and his mother accompanied and hence started another fucking session of misery and that one hour trip finished in five hours. Five fucking hours wasted with those lousy chicks deciding and then criticizing their decisions… but I have decided that I WILL NEVER EVER accompany them to any of their shopping ventures. Fucking jerks! Ruined precious hours and those ass holes enjoyed while I twisted and ground my teeth in helplessness as I was thinking about the fucking illegal demands of my boss.

And yeah, did I write before that I have won a valentines day competition ? of not, then a local FM station arranged a competition on Valentines day where the listeners were supposed to be sending text messages (SMS) on how are they supposed to celebrate the valentines day. And my Text message won the goddamn competition. I received a CD pack containing 2 CDs on Saturday. Thanks to FM 96. You got yourselves a loyal listener 😉

So, with these words, I guess I have said enough. Today indeed was a dark day and I hope that tomorrow is better. So, gotta watch another movie. And I have chosen “Hollywood Land” for tonight. Ok, gotta save this document as well as I need to post it on Monday. Talking of Monday, my new semester is gonna start tomorrow. Shit!!!

Ok, enough for today. CYA!!!

Here comes the Weekend JUNK

23 02 2007

Friday-     the day when our gang gets a longer lunch break and goes to a decent (I mean, relatively expensive) place for lunch. As usual, Eaton is the destination of the day and DEAL 3 is the item we’re gonna eat… followed by pastries from Hobnob’s .. yummmy

This friday is the start of the LONG weekend that comes once in a fortnight. These five days have been very mind blowing… I was finished with my exams and wanted to study a few divesified things and i started with ‘Men are From mars, Women are from Venus’ but am not yet able to finish the first chapter… huh! so much for diversified studies… At office i am assigned some diverse task of doing the architectural stuff on a new project and beleive me this architecture thing is one kick ass crap especially when you don’t know much about the technologies and haven’t done this sort of job before. I am writing documents and flowcharts for the proposed system and am having meetings with the chief Architect.

This Monday we were given our self assessment form which is an attempt by the company to obtain user feedback for their performance appraisal program and on the following day, I was called in for the appraisal interview which lasted for more than 40 minutes. My PM and Tech Mgr gave me a description of what qualities they found in me and certainly they didn’t forget what i lacked 😉

The final showdown is gonna happen within the coming week when our CEO calls us one by one and informs us about the preformance impact on our compensation. It had better be good or …. 😉

Now for the coming weekend, i have brought the DVD featuring ‘Flag of Our Fathers’, a movie by the Great ‘Clint Eastwood’. This movie is on WWII when US troops were having a final battle in Japan and the battle that took place in IWO JIMA. Eastwood made a Japanese movie along with this movie. The japanese version is named ‘Letters form IWO JIMA’ which expresses the japanese perspective of the same battle. This movie is nominated for best movie for Oscars and is one of the front runners. Another front runner movie is ‘The Departed’ and beleive me, its one KICK ASS movie. An amazing movie that will keep you engulfed in its intense drama for the two hours…. A MUST SEE!!!

Another news that i heard was the returning of my friend Maddy.. so, this means that we could be together for a day or so and eventually the long pending ‘Nandos Dinner’ could eventually be a reality… Listen Maddy, if  you read this keep informed that i haven’t yet set my food inside Nandos since i promised you (its been1 and a half year dude) and patiently waited till you returned.

"Abay itni Tabay-daar to tujh ko Biwi bhee nahi mile gi jitna committed main raha hoon!"

So, i am looking forward to my upcoming weekend… hope its good!

See ya after the weekend!

Flushing the JUNK!

19 02 2007

Ah, i feel like the burden is lifted…. It has been a long time since i felt the feeling of getting free from the exams. I can’t fucking beleive that one fourth of my MBA is finally finished.. (with the exception of the Accounting exam that i don’t expect to clear :$)……

What started as a simple gamble with my life has engulfed me totally in it. A gamble or not, I am now willing to get over with it and if everything goes fine, i will be done with the course by the end of next year, still a long way to go…

The exams were very very ordinary. I hadn’t got the opportunity to prepare primarily because of my own carelessness and i realized that i should be doing much much more that what i am currently doing for my studies. So, the next semester’s resolution has been prepared and it says:

"Work Hard, Work Hard, take your lessons on time and PRACTICE!"

I already have ordered for my courses and will hopefully submit and pay for the semester by the end of the week. and yeah, i haven’t forgotten the Accounting Exam that need to prepare coz i don’t think that i am gonna pass that anyways, so this semester demands more as i may have 7 courses to clear… oh fuck! just the thought of it causes my spine to shiver…. burrrrrrr

The weekend after the exams was spent in thinking about what to do during the weekend and i tried to watch a movie by using my brand new DVD burner that i gifted to my only love – My Computer … lolz  [Oh, and if you are a chick, don’t be jealous. i still have vacant space for one (or many) of you!] but the movie that i decided to watch was indeed a shit of a movie. It was supposed to be a sci-fi techno horror movie but that proved to be a low budget crap. I gave up after 15 minutes but during that time, i disovered an interesting dialog that said:

"Our relation has been limited to text messages only" – said a chick while playing with her cell phone…..

so, the rest of the time was spent in watching the Wrong type of movies and reading the e-book version of "Men are From Mars, the Women are from Venus" which seems to be a philosophical and interesting way to explain the battle of sexes. While reading the first few lines of the book, I imagined myself to be a relationship guru who would offer consultation to the broken hearted. huh! a relationship GURU who himself is as alone as the goddamn moon. Damn! i don’t know what am i going to do with my life.. where am i going and would i ever be at some respectable place in life ? God Knows.. I remember a quote form somebody that said:

"I am an opportunist. I don’t know where I am going, but i am on my way"

Well, that leaves me out coz i don’t think that i am that much of an opportunist. as i look back at the missed opportunities and just couldn’t help cursing myself.

Well, this seems to be it… i am tired to typing and gotta hold off. Lets see what happens next…

How does it feel when you get an ‘F’ ?

17 02 2007

Yeah, the million dollar question:

How does it feel when you get a ‘F’ in your exam ?

I am gonna find that out soon. 🙂

The last two exams on HRM and Accounting were disastrous… and a F awaits me in one of them (most probably in Accounting)….

Now, i gotta leave for my Marketing exam in 10 minutes and i was wondering whether another F awaits me or not ?… I will find that out too – soon!


Till then,

Johnny Disappears…


Yaum e Ishq – STFU!!!

14 02 2007

"Cupid is Dead for Me! – With a loving computer and a disk full of porno flicks, what else does a man need ?"

This sentence is being displayed on my MSN messenger throughout the valentines day. and if you wondered here to find me writing about the sensual feelings for Valentines Day, then i have one line for you… "Get a Life, Loser!!"

I am here to take it all out today but forget it…

Last night i waited anxiously while i stared at the total non responsive screen of my cellphone and waited for some flirty messages from any of my friends (i don’t expect any chick to call me) but even the fucking dudes didn’t bother. and today none of them is online… hahaha


I will leave you here with a funny poem. Don’t take too long to read it as you too might have some SHAGGING to do.


It’s coming soon
And I don’t know what to do
How many cards to buy and send
To the good looking people
It’s quite funny
they never ever send me any?

Every year it’s the same
Being asked the question
How many did u get?
I lie
and say I got over twenty
Sent most of them to myself

Not into religion much
Aint got time and I am too busy
more time for that stuff when I’m older
but every Valentine ’s Day
I buy and send cards
Didn’t realise that I was a practicing pagan Worshipping Satan Instead of my religion Islam

I go with the flow
And the flow goes westwards
Live life based on desires
No fear for the hell fire
Religion is just a joke
In this modern age of technology

Desires satisfied
But always more to do
Humans are pretty
When u get one
The one u don’t have seems desirable
Always the opportunity cost
And sometimes u feels lost
And spoilt for choice

Who shall I date?
And have as my mate
Coz Feb fourteen only comes once a year
Full of fear
As I ask out a nice girly
Is she taken or playing hard to get
Get my wallet out
and she’s mine without a doubt

Cash always works
And the promise of a good time
Better than the last one she was with
Hope she’s not too experienced
With a good memory
Hate comparisons
But that’s just the way it goes

In this day and age
Changing partners every few months
It’s all the rage
Me and her both
Also being careful
Not be caught by the family
It’s the arranged marriage route
for her and maybe for me
Honour and all that
But we both lost ours years ago

I like women’s equality
Any excuse to go all the way
Hope she don’t get pregnant
Or pass me any diseases
Asian girls are cleaner
Compared to the others
So I don’t bother with protection

Feb fourteen
Is all about following St Valentine
Dating and mating
Not debating
Serious issues
As I pursue my prey
All the way

practice being a pagan
For just one day
Even if it means
Catching diseases
Loss of honour and respect
And being caught by the family



F***ing Valentines Day

9 02 2007

Jahan bhee jao, salay bc pakis aik he baat kar rahay hain, Valentines, Valentines, Valentines.

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Shut the Fuck up!

This is such a bitchslap on the face of losers like us. Yaar aakhir hum ko bhee jeenay ka haq hai. to bc aisi discriminating baatain kyun kartay ho ?

The biggest source of this fucking corruption is the Burger oriented FM radio stations and TV Channels who are promoting Enlightened Moderation. They are continously broadcasting the importance of this event and encouraging users to call in or SMS their dedications…

Well, from the above text, one might assume that i am some bearded mulla who is considering valentines day as a day of the devil but it is not true. I am a proud enlightened moderated guy lolz. but i am not getting my share of enlightened moderation. thats why i am opposing. As i have no such "Jugaar" so will celebrate the day with my only love (My Computer) as usual.

So, Would you be my Anti Valentine ? Just Fuck the valentines day , Say NO to chocolate manufacturers, Stick a finger to every announcement that encourages you to say it to your loved one and live a life of FREEDOM!!!!

2 Papers Down / Extract from the Junkyard called Mind

9 02 2007

So, 9th of Feb marks the first holiday during my final exams. Last evening was my "Introduction to computers" exam and wudda ya expect from a four year old Software engineer ? that was a piece of  cake and i was finished in half an hour 🙂 Certainly the kind of paper that will help a GREAT deal when my GPA is going to be calculated…  The real exams are gonna start the next week (4 papers in 6 days) So, anything around 55% would be acceptable.

Now something away from the exams:

Anna Nicole Smith is dead……… Ah, bless her! i am gonna miss her shapely thighs and firm boobs for some time to come! Now, the angels and residents of hell are gonna have a wild FEAST!

Afridi on the Verge of Ban……. Shahid Afridi is on the verge of being banned for 4-6 ODIs as he handeled a spectator physically. This inquiry came when people has started to think that he has finally started to do somethign good.

Just two days back, i heard an acoustic version of "Like a Stone" by Chris Cornell.
Man, this guy is So Coooooooooool. A truly mesmerizing voice he possesses! I have been continously listening since then, and i feel like totally indulged into the voice and lyrics. Its a must listen track Guys!!!


Another issue that has been bothering me for the last couple of days is perhaps the reopening of That chapter of my fuckedup life which i thought i had forcefully closed months ago. Shit, why am i so fucking stupid. why did i freak out and responded ? CRAP…. Now i am again drifting away in the current of my thoughts my junkyard of a mind assuming things that i shouldn’t. Well, i badly need some consultation to take it all out. O’ God save me from these unrealistic thoughts and take me back to the real life. PLEASE!!!

Ok, i have taken it out for the time being… Now let me get back to work coz i have a deadline to meet by this evening so that i could go home and prepare for the exam amidst those SHIT thoughts.