A different day but the project is on the same status

30 05 2007
Last night, it wasn’t before 11 PM before we said that enough is enough and its time to go home. The security issue has now gotten on my nerves, i remember waking up at 4:00 in the morning and what i remember was that i was working using the remote desktop on the server and clicking here and there on differnet security checkboxes.
This is totally fucked up business. I wonder when my miseries are gonna end.. but wait, I chose it myself, i decided to continue being a programmer when i was given the opportunity to continue programming or to go to the more glamaorous side of IT (Business development and Project management).
Ah, they say that a man’s gotta do what the man’s gotta do…  I probably was born to be a programmer and thats what i am gonna be. So, more long nights in a cubicle await me.
The past weekend, i read "The Alchemist", Certainly a book that can make all this useless life worth living. I am glad that i finally did read it.
Ok, time to go for lunch, the project is still stuck where it was last night.

All geared up in unison.

29 05 2007

Today the boss has finally said that you losers must finish this project before dawn on Friday. and has already informed us that you must work all night if you have to.

So, guys seems like i have to work late for the next two days to get this application up and running which is having the problems of security access.

I have been trying different things since morning, but none seems to be working the way it should.. Just a few minutes ago, i have decided to use the impersonation feature of ASP.net to have this application finish what it was doing.

I dont’ know what will happen in the next few minutes coz after posting this message, i am going to get back to work.


See ya later with more news.

Workless week ends

26 05 2007

So, in almost half an hour, Another week will end.

Today was a working saturday (just like the last week) and saturdays mean free lunch 🙂

Today we ordered Chicken broast from Karachi Foods. Their broast was just like the fried chicken of KFC. The food was great and people really enjoyed eating it.

Before the lunch, the company had invited a guest speaker on a workshop for communication skills. The guest speaker was Mr. Humayun Qureshi (CEO – Prislogix). I liked that gentleman. He had great attitude and the workshop went just great.

This week is one of those weeks when the workload on me is minimal. Thanks to our network administrator who has not yet uploaded the project on live site for us to test … this means that i will leave on time as well. Me and a friend has decided to go to Dolmen Mall for Bhoondy trip and have fun over there.. lets see what fate has gathered for us in the box of goodies … must be lots of chicks … yeahhhhhhhhh

So, here i go .now

23rd May – Ticktock the clock is ticking

23 05 2007

Today is the 23rd of May. And if things go as planned, i’ll bid my farewell to this company in exactly one month. Now it seems like the workload is lightening (for the time being) as since the start of the week i have been leaving office on time.

Today marks another bad day in my life when my second best shirt was totally fucked up by some equally fucked up sonofabitch. That motherfucker was trying to cross the road with a mouth full of fucking Gutka and i (wearing a great white shirt) got into the way. we collided and due to impact, his mouth opened and the peek of gutka spilled on my chest. FUCK! i had grunted but couldn’t do anything except stare at him in disgust and continue my way. I have tried to wash the spot away but the final situation will be cleared when i use detergents on the shirt – That Motherfucker!

I remembers somethign similar happened to me almost one and a half year earlier. (i remember blogging about it that day) when someone spat the peek of gutka/paan on my shirt at night from a passing by bus. Somehow that shirt was recovered but the color of the shirt was dark so the spot wasn’t that prominent either. Now i have a really strong feeling that perhaps i really deserve to be spat on. Bless me

Ok, time to go back to work.

Till next time; 😉

The Season never ends for this show.

22 05 2007

Currently its "leaving the company" season at Plexus. People are accepting offers from other companies and leaving this one. I was wondering that the "Leaving" season never ends at Plexus. Round the year, people are always leaving.. (And joining). The company itself is sound enough but people don’t seem to be happy. Why? Well, let’s keep this one till the end.




Where to begin.. ??? hmmmmm

Almost one year ago, I joined this place. Within one month of my joining, two programmers quit. What a wonderful way to start a new job. huh ?
Then, by the end of 2006, three more had left. One left in January, Three in February, One in March (another one was fired), and one in April (not to mention two resignations in April). One guy will leave next week. and one guy will leave the week after.

Well, i played a game of my own and will leave this place by the Last week of June. Mentioning of June, There is another confirmed quitter besides me in June. Man,,. you must be wondering whether the team is so big that it doesn’t affect when a few leave the company. The answer is quite the contrarily. The team is a small one and leaving means that the work load is to be pushed on the remaining ones until a new hiring is made.. The management tries to hire new ones but people don’t accept their offer because they offer so less. (The primary reason, people are leaving this company)

So, with this situation. when a programmer leaves, the company hires a manager at *high* salaries. This really pisses me off. On one hand you guys are literally fucking the employees and on the other hand you are hiring managers no less than 100K a month and what are they doing ???? attending meetings that are NEVER going to be finalized, and yeah they themselves leave on time, and do other consultation jobs while what they give to us ??? force us to stay here ruining our personal life, don’t fucking give us enough money (as they say: You’ll get monkeys if you offer peanuts) and what ?

To, cut it short.. I am pasting the detailed explanation of my Resignation’s reason as asked by my management. I don’t know what they want to do with it, but won’t mind if they use it in the toilet when there is no water to be found… heheheh


This document is just a collection of random thoughts. There was no intention to write an essay out of it and neither any such attempt was made.

  • My decision of resigning was a resultant of many individual factors which; if considered independently are considered very insignificant but once combined, they proved influential enough to let me take a bitter decision.
  • Perhaps the biggest factor to let me take the final decision was the “Money” factor. The difference in salary that I am being offered from my new employer is significant enough to topple me off my feet. After considering the difference I realized that I will not be able to make this much money even if I keep on working till the next financial review which is still half a year away. So, I considered this opportunity as a head start in financial terms.
  • The burden of work was ever growing. Although I have never refused to take on any task, yet it never meant that my “over-cooperative” attitude is to be exploited. A change in attitude is going to be fruitless as the perception has already been created. The only possible escape that I thought would give me temporary relief was to …..
  • The organization must realize that an employee has a flip side of life that he should return to after he is finished with work for the day. Whether it be the family, the studies, sports or just relaxing chatter with some out of the office friends. As long as the organization portrays a constant possessive attitude towards the employees, the retention problems will always arise. I felt the same issues in my case.
  • What I heard from some folks that my new employer have better processes and that their HR policies are well defined as well. They follow work timings from 9-6. Although I am cautious enough to buy this but It couldn’t have been worse than the schedule I am following currently. And when you add the extra money factor, it all seems acceptable.
  • I am also told that Saturday is a non working day (and in case one is working on client site where you have to work more than 5 days a week, you are paid for that day). You are also paid additional TA/DA when you’re working on client sites.
  • There could also a possibility of me going abroad for some international assignments.
  • The company will offer me Health/Life insurance after my probation period of 3 months is finished.
  • The reason of informing in advance was for informative purposes only. It was just intended to let the news reach the management before I take any definite step. It was never intended to get into a negotiation/bargain phase. I personally do not subscribe to any ideas in which one bargains for better compensation by waving an offer letter from some other company. I consider such an act as un-ethical and blackmailing. I would certainly NOT like to be called Burhan “The cheap Blackmailer”. I would rather suggest that the company should review financial packages proactively rather than reactively. Maybe they can think better of those employees who are still committed to work here.



I will write about the discrimination game (as we guys call it) in the next post.

Read Riverbend Blog today.

21 05 2007

Since morning, I have been reading the most influiential blog in recent times.

That blog is called ‘Riverbend’ and is a narration of a young Iraqi lady which describes the plight of the people of Iraq since the invasion of the US Led coalation forces.

I read, then wrote a few lines of code.. Then i read and wrote and read and wrote…

Until right now, i gave it up. I had had enough.

I said, Dammit man! that is so touching. So true. So amazing

the url is:

http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/  and it is a must read. (you must have a strong heart to read the real life)

I think i am gonna copy the archive as a word document and take it home for further reading.

I wish and Pray to the Lord that May HE brings peace to the poor people of Iraq and Please Please Please let this human race see no more sufferings. I wish that the civilized world could see things independently. Their eyes are tinted by the US glasses and they see only what the US wants them to see.

O’ God Almighty. Please keep these sufferings away from all of us. Let Peace prevail.  Amen.

Khapa day today

19 05 2007

Today is the working Saturday.

Hence it means that today at lunch, someone will be bringing lunch for the whole office. This time its me and another one of my friends (as we are leaving this company in the coming weeks)

The day started today at 10:00 AM, when the breakfast was ordered. Halwa Poori, Channa, Aaloo sabzi was the filling nashta and it really got us filled with cholestrol.. 🙂

We have already ordered the Surprise Deal from Kaybeez and the deal is so filling that one moderate eater can’t eat it completely. We just want to feed people to death. I am just an angel (of death).


In the evening, we are expected to eat dessert and that will be Cake as the other organizer had his birthday on Tuesday and he wants to celebrate it today. Yum Yum… I am gonna gain another two pounds just today…

Long Live Obesity……… Long Live Cholestrol…..

But my love for Food will never fade. coz i gave up chicks for the love of chicken.

Until the next chicken, Johnny says adieu to all.

playing an Early Bird today

18 05 2007

Today, I am at my seat almost one hour earlier.

The reason: I left home one hour earlier… (wowwwwwww! what a unique answer)

well, the reality is that I left home early coz i wasn’t able to sleep well. I woke up at 6:15 (an hour earlier than my scheduled wake up time)

I woke up with an really aching hard-on and the mosquitoes were biting me as as if i was an object of extreme desire.

So, took a pee to sooth that erection, but couldn’t do anything against those fucking parasites……. So, i decided to avail the opportunity to leave early on a car rather than being hanging on to a bus.

I had a hearty breakfast as i had all the time in the world. Paratha, Channay and Tea were the menu and i spent 17 rupees to have that filling breakfast.

So, here i am on my desk again. wondering what to do in the coming 8 hours. I’ll leave for my Organizational Behavour Exam for which i really screwed myself during the past two days. Its such a boring subject. Akhhhhhhhh.

Last evening, i left the office early (I mean, I left on time)

When i came back this morning, i found the following mail by my boss:

Dear D**** (our QA engineer name),

Thanks for your email.
Since, we are approximately 29 days late in our release of this tool, we are not in a postion to do any BETA release at this stage. 
I would need assurance that this tool works online and can be forwarded to our customers for review and use.

A meeting should be coordinated between all those on this list to get to the finish line.




So, they really want to fuck this application up. At this stage, i am unable to help it and all i can do is to give a Go ahead to the Deployment team to set the status of this babe to LIVE. So, that the final nail in the coffin of this application could be implanted. This application will go to HELL, just as i will. ……. So, today marks the death anniversery of "The UNIQUE Site Builder"……… ashes to ashes…. dust to dust.

May the soul of our beloved site builder rests in peace… Amen

How big a gentleman am I ?

17 05 2007

I took this survey at http://www.blogthings.com and found about How much a gentleman I was. I am not very impressed with the results.. Damn. I need to improve.


You Are 48% Gentleman

Generally you act like a gentleman, but sometimes you’re careless with your manners.
Most people know that you’re trying your best – and that’s usually good enough.

Are You A Gentleman?

What Kind of Friend Am I ??? An Interesting Survey

17 05 2007

I took this little survey at a site. The objective of the survey was to identify what kind of person was I for my friends.

The results were found to be as below:


You Are A Loyal Sidekick

While you aren’t the most visable one in your group…
You’re always up for a good time or conversation
And you stick with your friends no matter what
You may feel underappreciated – but it only seems that way!

What Kind of Friend Are You?


😦 I don’t like this…