20th May: Identify the Retards Day.

18 05 2010

Besides being certified Terrorists, We – These Muslims – are truly one of the biggest douchebags and hypocrite people on the face of this planet… and Pakistanis are the jewel of this crown.

If you are a muslim, and a Pakistani, you will be getting those massively-forwarded chain emails about boycotting 20th of May as the day will be celebrated as the “Draw Prophet Muhammad Day”.

First, let me set the record straight by writing my ‘official’ statement:
I myself feel disgusted by the concept of this day. In my opinion, such an action is a deliberate act to defame a religion which already is feeling the burnt of worldwide criticism. but we brought this to ourselves and this is just the reaction to our past actions that is being blessed on us – Karma is the right word.

So, as I was saying that those chain mails are urging this lazy nation to boycott facebook on 20th of May as if it will be swarmed by orcs that will feast on the flesh of any mortal that wanders in the hallways of facebook.

So, they want us to boycott facebook… right, ok!



With all these emails spawning from each others and all these facebook status(es) and pages growing like mushrooms, i am getting worried that all of this pathetic nation will be shutting down routine business on facebook which might cause serious panic among the sysadmins of facebook and would cause severe financial loss to the online empire… hence causing it to go bankrupt and eventually shut down…… Victory for the pious, isn’t it?

Another thought that really scares the living hell out of me is that almost nine months later (around 20th Feb, 2011 plus/minus one week) lots of hospitals will be getting exceptionally high ratio of female patients ready to give birth… all thanks to one free day that people got from facebook.

But i believe that this event is a global event, so why facebook is getting the burnt of your ‘emotions’ ? what if people draw their versions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and upload it via twitter? so are you gonna boycott it too? but since its a global event, what else would you boycott? the whole internet, your work, TV, radio, …. the life itself?
Why dont you all folks go to some main road or a ground and setup a protest sit-up. may be frog jump to the next destination so that the world sees how determined you are in boycotting facebook… and when you think you are doing good, you can proceed with burning tyres on the road, burning a few passenger buses… and perhaps any major market as well. Its all the part of the package, isn’t it? 

So, it seems like facebook is gonna be a lonely place on 20th of May coz all of you f**ktards wont be around… ‘boycotting’ an essential part of your miserable lives… eh??? heyyyy!!! just wondering, who will feed your lousy pigs on farmville? and who is gonna be the superhero to kill all these gangstas on Mafia Wars?

As a second thought, whether it is draw Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) day or not, do yourself a favor and take a day off from facebook and see what the life has to offer you. Think with a cool head and start accepting the reality instead of participating in useless boycotts which would only result in your own loss.


Phattu Sala….

13 05 2010

“Maybe all we can hope to do is end up with the right regrets.”

Opportunities bring their respective dilemmas.

I face one of those dilemmas now a days. Since my past blog posts might have explained pretty clearly that how my work has gotten onto my nerves and i was planning a sweet escape from it…. So, on one weak moment, i sent out my resumes to various employers, and it seems like one of them was looking for somebody just like me.

So, an interview call came, i went for it as if nothing is gonna happen out of it, but something did came out of it… and that something was called ‘an offer’.

Now, I have an offer from a wonderful company… and a turmoil in my head whether should i accept it or not… and how do i proceed with the news which might come as my current employer has also some plans for me.

The decision- if there ever was- has already been taken and i will go for that offer.

The question is how do i ever muster up courage to inform my two managers…..

I know, its gonna be a regretful decisions, but someday i gotta take it… so why not now?

But i gotta be brave enough and approach him for what i have decided…. and eventually be man enough to suffer the consequences.

Tomorrow, is a big day!