8 02 2007

I stare at the blade with hatred
Thoughts go whirling round my head,
What was it that had led me to this moment?
To be willing to take my life without a second’s hesitation,
To be able to slip into nothingness
To allow the black that had plagued my life for so long
To finally dominate.

Had it been God’s laugh at my expense?
Had it been his mocking placement of you into my life,
Only to rip my heart in two?
Had it been my sheer hatred of the life I was forced to live?
I didn’t know.

But I knew it had to end.
Would anyone notice?
I poise the blade to my wrist.
Such a curious thing.
If I was going to die eventually,
Why not now?

I tear the blade across my flawless skin.
I’m dying.
I’m pouring
Crimson freedom.
I know I am free.
I’m dying.
Yet praying.
And Screaming.

My wounds cry for the grave.
My soul cries
Will I be denied?
Will I be thrown back into the life I am so eager to leave?
I pray I am too lost to be saved.
Am I too lost?

I am holding my last breath.
Safe inside my cage,
Are all my thoughts of you
Sweet ruptured light,
it ends here tonight.


Exams and Birthdays

7 02 2007

Finally, my exams have started and my first paper went along calmly. Although it wasn’t that good but much better than i had anticipated.

There was relatively less threatening problems from the probability theory and i expect to clear this exam securing around 60% marks (on the lower end)…. So, with this exam ends a big tension that possessed me for the past two weeks while i was preparing for Statistics. Now the next exam is on Computers which i expect to solve without any big effort. (sometimes it seems like a blessing that i am a software engineer 😀 )

Last evening was my grand father’s 81st birthday.Although he was standing tall and smiling during the ceremony , he had been through a lot during this past year – being hospitilazied in critical condition for three times and taking medicine 24/7.
The eveing was organized mutually with me bringing the cake (Man o Man, i have never spent THAT much on a freaky cake in my life). It was a chocolate Log cake of 2 Lbs. but the taste was awesome! YUMMMY!!!! One of my aunts gave him a wrist watch while another cousin brought him a Shirt. The dinner featured Biryani and Chicken Achar… certainly a meal that i would have loved to eat…

So, with my lavish cake already dumped into the toilet – I have to  leave you here. Until next time, Johnny wishes all of you very best of luck.

Burger Chicks – A class of its own

6 02 2007

But this post is not all about burger chicks. its a narration of my past two days that i spent at home.

This saturday evening, a friend invited me to his place in Clifton. he is an old school buddy and wanted me to visit him. I decided to pay him a visit to share some good times. While i reached SeaView to wait for him, i had the opportunity to look around to see the sea and the "Jal Pari" chicks around the sea side. hmmmm, the defence and clifton chicks are really stirring things around.
Anyways, after roaming around with the friend and enjoying the lavish hospitality by him, i came out to find my way back to the bus stop. During this itme, i experienced again the uniqueness of the burger lot. chicks and their dudes moving around in their big fast cars for the weekend night. hmmmmmmm.. Truly stunning and mind fuck scene it was. Man, I wish i was one of those burger lots with chicks around here and there… 😛

So, the semester’s final showdown will begin tomorrow as my exams will roll into action. This time, the scene is tough. its my Statistics paper tomorrow and i feel like lost in the woods. magar ab kia faida, kehtay hain na "Yeh waqt nahi hai ronay ka… "

And finally, the company was sending two of its guys for a time management seminar and my request to participate was rejected on the following grounds: "He is the most punctual guy in the office. Why should he be sent on one ?"

Now, shall i dance with joy ? or shall I cry with grief ?

With these words, i leave you here.


I Want My BiGG Apple

6 02 2007

Yesterday, as we walked along Shahra Faisal to our lunch place, one of us exclaimed, Oh F**k the billboard is gone…

We all looked at his the way he was pointing and we realized that one of our most beloved billboard was indeed missing.

The billboard was about a carbonated apple drink called “BiGG Apple” and featured a babe with juicy red lips and equally good looking “BiGG Apples”…

All of our gang used to walk past that very billboard by paying homage to that slut either by commenting on her *overflowing* beauty or by saluting her “hitler” style.

But now, its gone … the chick and her One and Only “BiGG Apple” are replaced by a rusty steel wall that awaits some other marketing campaign..

Ah……….Now I realize why elders emphasize so much about the importance of APPLES in life “An Apple a Day, keeps the doctor Away”

Yeah definitely true! Coz if I could get my hands on apples like the ones carried by that chick, who needs Viagra?

So, Mr. Brand Manager of “BiGG Apple”, I must congratulate you on such a sensual campaign. I am not sure about the drink, but the chick surely turned us on!

But, the recent action of you taking off that billboard saddens us deeply. We would definitely have liked you to keep that billboard the way it was.

Please please…Please, Give me my BiGG Apple back!