F***ing Valentines Day

9 02 2007

Jahan bhee jao, salay bc pakis aik he baat kar rahay hain, Valentines, Valentines, Valentines.

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Shut the Fuck up!

This is such a bitchslap on the face of losers like us. Yaar aakhir hum ko bhee jeenay ka haq hai. to bc aisi discriminating baatain kyun kartay ho ?

The biggest source of this fucking corruption is the Burger oriented FM radio stations and TV Channels who are promoting Enlightened Moderation. They are continously broadcasting the importance of this event and encouraging users to call in or SMS their dedications…

Well, from the above text, one might assume that i am some bearded mulla who is considering valentines day as a day of the devil but it is not true. I am a proud enlightened moderated guy lolz. but i am not getting my share of enlightened moderation. thats why i am opposing. As i have no such "Jugaar" so will celebrate the day with my only love (My Computer) as usual.

So, Would you be my Anti Valentine ? Just Fuck the valentines day , Say NO to chocolate manufacturers, Stick a finger to every announcement that encourages you to say it to your loved one and live a life of FREEDOM!!!!




One response

9 02 2007
M. Fahad Q.

my Both hands up for ya ma Dude.. !!!

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