grrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

26 05 2008

Today, I feel angry and frustrated. grrrrrrrrrrr!

No, its not related with any salary issues.

Perhaps its the fucking heat that has gotten on my nerves and have driven me mad. grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

There have been other small factors that accumulated to contribute to the current growling.  I feel like banging my head on the wall.

I have to study for my exams.. and then i would try to watch a movie too. (atleast some part of it)


Bye… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

My Bold (read: stupid) decision.

20 05 2008

Today I made one decision.

Yeah, making decisions is one of the most confusing things I ever come across. whether its about buying something or doing something or just making a choice. In fact, some people say that i am constantly dueling myself before making a decision hence wasting precious time.

So, as i was saying… I made a decision today – sounds funny, isn’t it ?

I have been working at this Client’s location for almost a year. Despite getting indirect offers from various supervisors, I got another one almost a week back from the VP himself. This time, he was very to the point and he said that i want you in my team and you have to decide in a day or two. Today, he called me again and asked about my choice. I gulped down a big glob of saliva and said "I am sorry, I cannot join".

The discussion that followed this sentence is irrelevant, but when i stood up after the discussion, i knew i blew it. I was forced to say no because of a reason of one of a decision from long gone past and i am paying for it.

But, the final self-assuring excuse that i provided myself that i must first finish my MBA before making a choice. But, i suspect it as soon enough, I will be forced to take a bitter decision again – The one about moving on…

The decision that i made today might as well be the most controversial (read: stupidest) decision of my professional career in the years to come.


But, this is how a loser proves himself.

To my priceless mom

11 05 2008

A 2 lb cake: Rs. 400
A bouquet of Flowers: Rs. 200
Shipping and Handling: Rs. 200
Total Cost for mom’s gift : Rs. 800

Hearing your mother’s joyfully shocked voice when she receives the above items: PRICELESS.

Well, today was the mother’s day and I did my little effort this time to send some tangible item besides just text wishes. and man o man, that worked well, so much well.

I had booked the package for almost a week and today was the payoff day.

I cannot help but realize the result of that little action when i received her phone call around 1 PM today, she sounded happy. ahhh I wish i was there, but in that case it would have been me who had taken the cake to her.

Anyway, mom! I can buy the whole fucking universe just to make you happy. For the time being, lets contain with the cake 🙂


and finally another bundle of thanks from me for what you have done to me thus far. Your pampering, caring and over trusting me has made me into the loser I am today. But you don’t believe the fact that your pampered son is a loser to the world. Thats mothers for you!

I just need your everlasting love and prayers. I can simply rule the world.

Luv ya mama, once again.

No Genuine Post for Quite some time

6 05 2008

I know I haven’t written anything genuine (read: new) for quite some time. (I don’t consider any status report a blog post). The reason being that I haven’t been able to spare some time to write it. Though, I have some good ideas lined up for writing something, but they might take a week or so to materialize.

Today, I booked an order at TCS for my Mom to be delivered on Mother’s day. I am also trying to get hold of my studies as mid term exams are drawing nearer. I also have developed interest in movie series, I have found myself getting attracted towards South Park and Heroes, South Park being a series, can been seen without a sequence but it is not the case with Heroes, I am struggling to gather the episodes of Season 1. So, I have just one episode (# 7) to watch today. The rest are in P2P Queue and the host of the items is absent from the network for a couple of days.

Ok, time to post this again. Lets hope I get back into my groove to write something interesting again.

One newly discovered track…

1 05 2008
Since i discovered this track a few hours ago, i have been continously listening to this.
Its a brand new track from one of my favorite bands – Anathema and its called ‘Angels walk among us’.
Can be searched on youtube as well. The lyrics are pasted below…
Enjoy listening.
 (only you can heal inside,
only you can heal your life)

it must have been an angel
who counted out the time
yes it must have been an angel
who raised a knowing smile
and i just couldn’t reach you
no matter how i tried
no i just couldn’t reach you
so instead i ran to hide

(only you can heal inside,
only you can heal your life)

mother can you hear me?
can you tell me, are you there?
father can you help me?
cos i know that you care
and i dont have to fight it anymore
for all those years i was dreaming
and i don’t have to worry anymore
cos i found my belief in…
mother can you hear me?
can you tell me are you there?
father can you help me?
cos i know that you care

(only you can heal inside,
only you can heal your life)

My May Day

1 05 2008

Today was the May day. The day of the workers who work hard and burn their blood to earn nickels and in the process help the fucking capitalists make more money. Even in these harsh times, its the workers who make things happen for all of us whether it is the construction of the greatest high rise apartment building, or the restoration of electricity or telephone lines after a thunderstorm. The workers deliver.

I got a break from work today and i spent the most of the day in front of the computer either watching movies, listening to the music or chatting with friends on the IM. I had to study something but i didn’t do it much. I have to get back to studies ASAP or i am losing my tempo before the mid term which start by the last 10 days of the May.

Now, i must post this blog and go out to have a snack.