What goes on in the mind of a ….

29 11 2007
3:00 PM on a moderately hot Thursday afternoon in late November.
I am at my office pretending to concentrate on the screen (NO WORK FOR ALMOST 10 DAYS!!!! Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)
I am all drained today…………
Partly because I am currently recovering from a very agonizing chest infection that got hold of me over the weekend.
and partly because I had an exam earlier in the day that kept me moving for four hours. But, its over now. The main spree of my exams is over only one remains which is a ‘thund’ paper and i have five days to prepare for it. But damn, it is only the mid term. It is still two more agonizing months before i finish this semester.

So, what now ?
hmmm.. i will do no studies today.
Might as well watch a movie in the evening, and install some program on my computer that was pending for a long time.

Man, I am now half way into my MBA and i feel stuck. I need to run… fly away but i can’t until i say goodbye to MBA or finish it (which still seems to be atleast a year away)

Mushi Strips

28 11 2007
So, breaking news today – "Musharraf Strips"
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Musharraf takes off his wardi on National TV. Never seen before….

Damn, I missed it 😦
I love to see Live strip shows.

Another news that just came in was: When mushi stripped, he finally remained with an underwear that said ‘Missile-e-Pakistan’.   What does mushi wants to portray by this kind of statement ???? hmmm makes me wonder…

Now, when i was going to lunch, i saw a poster on the wall from some movement "Thereek Himayat-e-Askari" that begged musharraf not to take off his wardi. and the passer-by people stopping to read it and yelling at Musharraf calling hin some SOB and more colorful words.

Well, whatever happened has happened, and now we will have to look ahead into what is going to be the fate of this country and above all the fate of Musharraf.

Big Time Screwup!

26 11 2007
I had an exam today for Money and Banking.
Its not that paper that will screw me. Its the one that will follow tomorrow – Marketing Management.

With less than a day to prepare and yours truly still at office due to a DB crash, I am not going to be able to complete my review. So, its going to be a tough day tomorrow. 😦
But, one thought brings me relief, that the subject is one of the choroo type. So, i can use my WILDDDD imagination to write and not all of that will be incorrect 😉

Will get back with more thoughts on that performance.

Till that time, its over and out… gotta get back to work

The 4 C’s of ‘The Life Mix’

24 11 2007
I have been reading about the four P’s of the Marketing Mix. A few moments ago, a thought struck me, Well, I have been revolving around the four C’s ….
Let me call it ‘My Life Mix’.
So, My life revolves around the four C’s namely:

  • Computers
  • Cricket
  • Chicks
  • Ciggys

The Last ‘C’ (the cigerette) came to my life just recently but have seem to become a part of me since then….

So, My life evolves as the relevancy of each one of these factor changes.

Planning ahead!

21 11 2007
Its been two days and the database server for our development environment is still down.
The guys from network say that the hardware fault is going to be resolved by the vendor and may take two more days.. So, its been relaxing two days 😉

I had an exam today and i nearly screwed it. but in the end i will manage to grab a little more than passing marks. phew….

Since this sunday, i have joined the continuing education program at SSUET for Project management training course. The course will last 3 months and will cost me a fortune of 8000 bucks! I hope that it is worth it and i hope to get some better job…. and then …… (you know my wicked plans, don’t you heheheheh )

A moment of silence for the warriors

17 11 2007
Silence please….
Ok, if its one minute, continue reading or move to top till you are silent for a whole minute.
Last night the mighty mushi finally closed the coffin for the two greatest rivals of his policies. I mean Geo Tv and ARY One World.  May these channels rest in peace in our memories..
Since the Early March, the news channels have constantly been a pain in the ass of his highness, so he proved his authority by suspending their transmission for Pakistan, and then forcing the Govt. of UAE to block the transmission in the Middle east as well.
This certainly has not been a great news for the ‘pro enlightened moderated’ people of the country as they think this to be a slap in the face of freedom of expression.
THis action would not only prove to be a deadly blow for the revenues fo the TV channels but also a relief for the government as people won’t be ‘entertained’ by the channels on the internet. Since the introduction to emergency earlier this month, there has been no reports of any terror attacks in the country. Why ? perhaps the eyes that used to capture them for us and the tongues that used to narrate the condition of people have been blinded and silenced simultaneously.
The government’s pandora box ‘PTV’ is braodcasting things like ‘Sab Acha hai’, ‘Mulk main amn o khush-hali ka daur dora hai’ , ‘mulk tarraqi ki rahon par gamzan hai’. blah blah.
So, after this… what else ?
People will lose their jobs and thats the worst part i despise 😦
by the way, where will all those hotties from AAG or GEO go ? 😛 
Enlightened moderated has just struck back. Mushi has once again proved that he is in power and will do anything to own this country.

Sundown at Sea view

12 11 2007

"…I can feel it in the water, I can smell it in the air" — Prologue: LotR the Movie

and i was able to smell it as soon as we crossed the 3 talwar chowrangi.
"The air- Its salty", my companion yelled amidst the howling of the rickshaw that we were riding. I smiled back and nodded.

Our journey had just begun…




Its been a long time since i went to the beach just to see the sea.
Today i got that opportunity.

A friend was visiting the city and today we both spared some time from our busy lives to have spend some time of our own. The obvious choice was to visit the sea. I reached his guest house at around 3 PM and we left for the beach an hour later. I stopped the rickshaw at Hot n Spicy and let him taste the famous delicacy of the City (Well, its the memories that remain in the end).

The beach was crowded. saray uncle, auntian, un kay bachay aur hot babes bhee 🙂

We strolled down the sandy beach as none of us opted to go into the water. The evening was just starting. The sun was streaking low into the horizon. We sat down on the bench and started talking on different issues – (different issues about girls). He narrated his past endeavors with chicks which he could remember and I told him mine (I wonder besides calling me a ‘Loser’, what else could he have thought about me when i said that after all these years in Karachi, I have yet to open an account).

After listening to a long lecture on relationships which he concluded by saying ‘You have no motive in this life, Get married! Its your only escape’, we took a break in our discussion. The sun was setting. …

Shortly after sunset, we headed back. Walked till we reached old clifton and then walked towards Park Towers. Then got a bus to Boat Basin where i had decided to treat my friend with Arabic Shwarma. The food was just great and then we decided to get back home and i dropped him to his place before reaching mine.

This is just a narration of what we did during the afternoon/evening. I have yet to narrate the most amazing part of our outing. and that was watching the sunset at the beach. That was a site i will cherish for a long time to come. Not because it was beautiful but it brought me into a discussion with my inner self about what i have been doing thus far…. So, it goes like….

The sun was setting. and i was watching it like i was under the influence of a drug. WOW! what a great sight it was! An orange orb kissing the face of sea, with scattered fishing boats and a big cargo ship all around. For a moment, I found myself beyond the boundries of space and time, Somewhere where I was floating around among the boats and the setting sun was beckoning to me. It wasn’t long before the sun disappeared somewhere beyond the horizon and i was brought back to the cruel reality of this world – this prison.  As i took a look around, i saw lots of couples sitting on benches – hands in hands, busy in their gossips, busy in splashing sea water, busy in removing sand from their feet etc…. I found something stirring in me – A lovable gentle human. Maybe inside of me there still lives a man who wants to love and wants to be loved. Who misses someone sitting besides himself on one such sunset, who misses the grip on someone’s hand – who misses and longs somebody. ah! perhaps not in this lifetime. I smiled to myself.

So, till the time i find myself in company with that unknown person i should focus on my exams that start next week, and yeah to continue living the life of a metal head (by the way, I downloaded a few tracks from the internet just yesterday and i am currently listening to ‘A burial at Ornans’ by ‘disEmbowelment’.).

‘…not all those who wander are lost’ – The thoughts of a wanderer.

9 11 2007

I wandered down the roads of my neighborhood last night after 11 PM. I walked to Rashid Minhas Road to have a Paratha and Tea for dinner, and devoured a couple of ciggy during the process. A few thoughts that wandered my mind were: (they are totally random, and should make no sense)

  • That was a very interesting match. Those Pakis have shown some promising form against the Indian Team. They have given them a bitter gift for Diwali.
  • Ah, the streets are deserted. but i feel free as i have left my wallet and cellphone back home and am carrying just enough cash to fulfill my dinner needs (50 rupees). Wow! I love being anonymous and free. You don’t fear any cellphone snatcher and suddenly life seems a party 🙂
  • Tomorrow is a well deserved holiday. Man, All we now remember about Allama Iqbal is the fact that his birthday is celebrated as a National Holiday. Lets see for how long.
  • How many wanderers do these streets see every day ? i wonder what could have been running through their heads. what dark secrets would they be hiding in their heads, what hopes would they carry in their hearts. What would have become of those wanderers ? were they successful in achieving their dreams, or were they lost in oblivion while pursuing them ?
  • Do I have any dreams to pursue ? why am i wandering. ?
  • oh shit, the ciggy’s shop is left behind, i gotta change my route to the next shop to get a ciggy.
  • Now the project is finished, what would i be facing the on coming week ? How many days do i have to spend here ?
  • Haha, Mushi has banned the sale of Dish Antenna and Decoders. He has totally gone insane and really insists that the people should obtain the information from the Govt. of PakFuckistan’s official channel – PTV. hmmmm Now what will he do next ? conduct raids on houses to apprehend those who have installed Dish Antenna and Decoders. ?
  • Man, this paratha is as chewy as a rubber, my temples are aching like they have been beaten by a club.
  • gotta have another ciggy to soothe my nerves.
  • Ok, its time to download ‘3:10 to Yuma’ and see what it offers me.

Now, am I lost ?

Bad DB Server, No donut for you!

8 11 2007

This is absolutely agonizing!

Its almost quarter to 7 PM and I am almost 2 hours late and still at office!

The reason being the drastically slow performance of the database server that is causing our queries to run toooooo slow!

I have removed joins and tried to execute the queries stand alone but I am still getting no where. The procedure that i wrote takes 8 minutes to finish and it is not doing anything out of the box, just some business rules and no complex queries 😦

Damn, I think the DB needs to be fine tuned. I will talk to the DBA guys the day after tomorrow. (tomorrow being a holiday due to Iqbal day)

So, i am logging off! going home and will hopefully be watching a movie alongwith studies.



Mujhe Emergency aa gai hai….

6 11 2007

Two days back, our mighty Lord Mushi declared a state of emergency in the land of the pure. The reason was cited as the ‘continuous interfering of the supreme court in the matters of Government’, and in his address to the ‘loyal subjects’, his highness must have yelped similar stuff as he always does …. ‘Mera Pakistan hai….’,
‘Mera khoon kholta hai….’,
‘Dil khoon ke ansoo rota hai…’,

blah blah!

So, for all those days, we are now living in an information black out. The access to cable news stations have been denied. Though we can listen to Geo’s audio on the internet but denying access to news is one crime against society.

This calls for an opportunity for the good old PTV. The very channel which was dumped by the Pakistani people in favor of private and more well managed television channels is the one which is still transmitting just because it transmits what the Mush and co. wants it to transmit. So, the people are forced to stick to the funny looking logo of the PTV which i had almost forgotten that it ever existed.

Another news that i read was that people are now turning towards Dish Antenna and Decoders again so that they could watch the channels. Lets see when the government bans the sales of Dish Antenna and Digital receivers… :D… Man o Man, this President is sooo desperate!

Now, one thing that greatly concerns me is the economic impact. This is the only factor that the working class is concerned about. Moody has set the status of the country to negative hence we could see a downfall in the economic growth soon enough!

God bless this country!