More rain? No, Thank you!

23 07 2009

Its been a week since the rains began.  The first drops fell on Friday evening…. then it really poured over the whole weekend.

Since monday, its been a game of hide n seek between sun and clouds, but no significant rainfall.


Today they say a reinforced system of rains is going to start again… and will continue to pound the city by the sea till Sunday…grrrrr!

But we can’t afford any more rains… We have already had enough this season. For a city like Karachi, (which ironically happen to be a port city but doesn’t seem it was planned to be a city where rains come often) rains bring more misery than blessings.
The rains that we experienced past weekend have killed 30+ people. Some places are still partly submerged (the only way that water can go away is drying as there are no working sewerage systems in action), and the already overburdened electricity system has experienced major setbacks during the storm.

Well, as a witness of all this misery, I wish that it doesn’t rain this season again.


I’m going to Mars!

16 07 2009
 Actually its my name thats going there 🙂

The New Cyber Crime Ordinance

13 07 2009

Wellll, the government got so pissed off from the ever growing number of funny SMS’s about the president, prime minister et al. that it issued a new ordinance that will entitle the government of Pakistan to apprehend any person (local or abroad) that is involved in the publishing of derogatory SMS or emails. The suggested punishment for such a hideous act is 14 years in prison (plus being raped by the jail guards/other frustrated prisoners as a bonus).

Well, my take on the widespread usage of sending those so-called offensive text messages is that people just don’t make fun of you just because your name sounds funny, they make fun of you because you gave them every chance to make fun of you. Naming those reasons would make myself a prime suspect of being disappearing into a maximum security prison, so zip zipppppp.

Here is the loss of another civil liberty, and ironically its not the fucking taliban that are stealing our liberty this time… its the government (in the name of “protect the leaders’ dignity” act). This reminds me of old school days when a bunch of kids used to mock any poor kid and that kid out of frustration would either start crying and reach the teacher or would bring his parents/elder siblings to school…. the only difference with the current situation is that the kid you have mocked is the bully of the school, and he is gonna get you … big time!  Thats one frustrated bunch of high ranking officials 🙂

Where will the next axe fall???? I believe the TV channels… the political satire shows like ‘Ham sab Umeed se Hain’, ‘4Man show’, ‘News Views and Confused’ etc have gained enough popularity and controversial status that the government will do anything to ban these shows or to screen the contents of the shows.

I would like to conclude this post by saying that ‘to earn respect, one must know how to respect others’

Lets see how the game continues…


Murtaza’s Valima – A writeup

12 07 2009

Last Friday, my friend Murtaza invited us in his Valima Ceremony. I had totally forgotten about the date/time of the event until i received a SMS from him ‘formally’ telling us about the event at their community center. Wow! i thought, How could i not get the idea of formally inviting people via SMS? though i occasionally use SMS as a reminder tool 🙂

He had strictly told us to be there on time as their ceremonies are quite unlike the valima ceremonies thrown by our folk.

Me n dAs coordinated and he picked me up from my place at 9:30 PM (we had to be at his community hall by 9:45). After messing around for a little while we reached the place almost five minutes after the deadline time. At the community hall, we two seemed the odd ones out as we were dressed in our respective colorful clothing and the rest of his community men were clad in their traditional white sherwani and pajama…. while we were wondering like idiots on how to start and where to go, we were approached by a guy who was set in place by the Dulha bhai to look for us. He guided us to the groom. After formal pleasantries, we were seated at our designated place (remember, that the seating arrangement was in small groups right on the floor). We were told that the dinner is served as soon as the size of group reaches 6 or 8.

The dinner had already started (the most punctual wedding arrangement that I ever remember). in 10 minutes or so, our group acquired the desired number and we were briskly approached by a guy who placed a big platter in the middle, on the platter were wrapped items which turned out to be steamed beef, chicken malai boti, a few desserts, salads. We quickly learnt the code of eating, every item was taken out of its wrapping and placed on the platter which served as one big plate for everyone. Once we started, the servers brought Biryani and it too was treated the similar way.

Another nice thing about the occasion was that the drinks were not the routine carbonated soft drinks, but a traditional lemonade in black pepper and black salt… om nom nom (i am drooling even as i write this). Once we were finished with the dinner and dessert, it was time to go. We got up, caught the groom and co. who was just starting his dinner, and he spared a few precious moments to have his photographs taken with us.

Thats the beaming groom 🙂


Yours truly with dulha bhai.

dAs with his new look and our groom


so, within an hour from entering the hall, we were out. with our tummies full and the night still ahead of us. Had it been a wedding from our folks, we might not even have reached the gathering as dinner at such places is served no later than midnight (if you are lucky – 1:00 AM being the average time).

Thank your Murtaza, for inviting us to such a unique experience. I wish other people could follow a similar custom of pitying on the attendees while they marry. The food was very unique and tasty, the occasion was simple yet awesome… I wish you and your wife have a long and prosperous life ahead of you.


My Favorite Movie – A different story

10 07 2009

My favorite movie.. The Lord of the Rings (LOTR)… in a different way… (though the end is the same)

Busy day begins (again)

3 07 2009

Its just past midnight… Damn, another busy day for yours truly 😦

Have two meetings at work

Have a farewell lunch to attend

Have a meeting at my parent company at 6

Have a wedding reception to attend at 9:30


Damn, I am wasted… and none of the event is to be missed.  What if the meeting at 6 extends longer than expected?  ahhhhh the thought of missing my friend’s wedding reception makes me feel sick 😦

Pussy Saves a Six

1 07 2009

I think our cricket team needs more of such fielders…