The best of 2010

31 12 2010

The year 2010 wasn’t a very productive blogging year for me. It saw me transform from a personal blogger to a more ‘general’ blogger influenced by things that were happening around me. Although i cherish each post that i wrote, the following list take the cake.

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Closure – 2010

29 12 2010

Coming to an end of 2010, its time to look back what has been accomplished, what was abandoned, what needs to be done in the days to come. Here is my review of my year in my own words:

The year 2010, another ummmm interesting year is almost coming to an end. The year saw me start my transformation into a ‘family-man’. Though, me – being the cloud natured wanderer of the interwebs didn’t like it at first, but thinking deeply would leave me no other choice but to face the reality and to resign to my fate.

I started this year with a sense of hopelessness. Life didn’t seem to have a purpose except going to work, wasting time on the internet and tweeting my miseries. Though it hasn’t changed much, but there had been some good moments which need to be acknowledged.

The year primarily was focused towards work. Since the beginning, i had been putting extra hours due to tough deadlines, egoistic management and general workaholicism. However, around the mid of the year, i decided to change my job and after much extra work and failed negotiations, managed to join my current job. So, I changed my status from ‘the guy in the spotlight’ to a ‘nemo’ at a big company. I now live in the shadows, tend to work and scratch myself at the same time. The work hours have been relatively flexible but they still are long. The good part: I get to enjoy Saturdays as a non-working day.

In monetary terms, the year hasn’t been a great one. I spent almost the same as i earned. Thanks to past savings, which came in handy and saved my ass. I switched job just because i could get some extra cash and be a little more stable, but <BEEP> this life, <BEEEP> this <BEEEEEP> inflation… i don’t <BEEEEP> even know where my earnings go. No extra projects this year (at least no money from extra projects) so all i had to rely on was the income from my day job.

Family.. To cut it short, my family now lives in Karachi – with me. Dad got sick and decided to take some rest to heal himself. Living back there made no sense and by earlier December, we finally wrapped up our matters from the city of saints and moved south to the city by the sea. Renting a house (first, finding a house which ‘matched’ the choosy habits of my aging parents) was a challenge in itself but we managed to get that sorted out too. So, I write these lines from the comfort of my own bed in my very own room. My sick parents are on their way to recovery and i expect them to be in a better shape in the months to come.

No studies ever conducted this year, no proper course taken (except a training offered by my company) and nobody is to blame except my sluggish attitude. However due to changed nature of job, somethings were learnt by me which are quite a decent addition to my profile as well.

and yeah, in the end… the wild horse was caught in a noose set by my family… and on 20th of December, I got on my knees and handed over an engagement ring to Sarah – A topic which needs to be written in a separate blog post with a separate state of mind.

So, with a mixed set of feelings, i am closing this year with hopes that the last two days remain as un-eventful that i dont need to write an amended blog post. Meanwhile, I will prepare my new year resolutions, and there will be quite a few ambitious statements there…

P.S: Thanks to mum & dad for giving me rays of hope and being a source of motivation to work hard.

P.P.S: Thanks to my close circle of friends who lent me their shoulders to cry on and their faces to yell at. God bless you all.