Here comes the rain

29 07 2008

Good news or bad news for Karachi. It has started raining…

and from the looks of it i can imaging that it will be a typical monsoon rain

BBC weather forecast has already warned of three days of heavy showers. So, we must brace ourselves for hard days up ahead with mud, water puddles, reckless drivers splashing water+mud on the pedestrians and me… going to II Chundrigar road where it feels like some lousy mudhole.


My computer is at risk too…. and i expect my power supply to blow up as my computer is exposed to the moisture out there. 😦

Time to fall sick

23 07 2008

Since I left office this evening, I have been feeling that same old sensation in my eyes and nose that i feel when i am about to fall sick.

Seems like the coming week is going to be a tough one for me. I’d better get some medicine before things get worse…

So, mom is gone… now what ?

23 07 2008


This evening I waved goodbye to the train that took my mom back to Multan. That brought an end to her a month and a half long visit to Karachi….

Its only been a few hours since she left but i feel lonely already… I know i will have to force myself to get up for office as she won’t be there to call my name when I am sleeping like a drunk.
Have to get back to old routine of eating out in the morning as i don’t have the courage nor the time to make sandwiches in the morning.. (unless my routine gets standardized)


… and now the more disturbing part:

Early in the morning, i tried to write a couple of cheques to her but she returned it back to me saying something strange…

‘You need to save it….after all you need to get married’

I was blank… totally blank

‘Haven’t you thought over it…’

‘Umm. No mama!’.

‘You have to!’

during this conversation, i was thinking: "no no no mom! not now … dammit!"


So, the bomb has been dropped on my civilian dreams. Its time for damage control. and to make my defenses that impenetrable that no other bombs could infiltrate my dreams unless I want them to… and this is not the time.

A war that will consume everything…

22 07 2008

Read this and you’ll know….

Back ?

So, ?

This is just one of the cases (a large number still remains unknown because their victims were not on TV).

I remember a movie called ‘Stop/Loss’ that perhaps covers the same concept (Though, i haven’t been able to see that movie in full)…. Also, this reminds me of ColdPlay’s recent song called ‘Violet Hill’ which presents a lesson to every society that is suffering some loser’s decisions:

When the future’s architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You’d better lie low


"I don’t want to be a soldier
With the captain of some sinking ship
Would stow far below"

Who wants to fight for a lie?? Who wants to fight for someone who will only stab you in the back?. I am utterly saddened. Perhaps the guy didn’t deserve this but there is always a ‘scapegoat’ for a bigger cause… right ?

I’m home today

22 07 2008

I had thought that i would make this month a holiday-free month, but i was wrong 🙂

Today the transporters have called a strike against ever rising prices of fuel and no public transport is available on the street (besides taxis and rickshaws). Yours truly decided to stay home and have some time with my mom who will leave for home this evening.

So, a day ahead of me … and a load of studies to complete…. I’m off to it 🙂

A little vacation away from ‘Iraq’

17 07 2008

This is yet another day that i am writing with a blank mind. This blogging blackout has been occurring to me for a long time now. I just don’t feel like writing or blogging at all. No innovating idea comes to my mind (they never crossed my mind earlier either).

Since my deployment to the relatively calm station from the bloody proceedings in Iraq (we have nicknamed our ever going project as ‘Iraq’), i have been sparing lots of time for myself. I run away at precisely 5:00 PM to catch one of the contract buses for my ride home. Though expensive, they drop you at your stop at 6:00 with a whole evening ahead of me… and the evening that i usually waste while I should be studying.   It has been around ten days since I was deputed here but it will be over soon (expected by the end of this month) and then I will be back in Iraq to face the living hell.

I frequently meet my soldiers from project ‘Iraq’ on lunch but here I have old friends to hand out with… Though i can see an end coming to my fun, but as long as I am here, I will have a party 😛

Pakistan vs Afghanistan (on Google Zeitgeist)

10 07 2008


Google Zeitgeist is an analytical publication of Google that publishes the search patterns of the whole world and countries on yearly and monthly basis.

The search patterns of Two neighboring countries for May 2008 includes the following surprises (nahhhh, that was expected)

(click on the image to see full size)


The original source can be found at: