Here comes the Weekend JUNK

23 02 2007

Friday-     the day when our gang gets a longer lunch break and goes to a decent (I mean, relatively expensive) place for lunch. As usual, Eaton is the destination of the day and DEAL 3 is the item we’re gonna eat… followed by pastries from Hobnob’s .. yummmy

This friday is the start of the LONG weekend that comes once in a fortnight. These five days have been very mind blowing… I was finished with my exams and wanted to study a few divesified things and i started with ‘Men are From mars, Women are from Venus’ but am not yet able to finish the first chapter… huh! so much for diversified studies… At office i am assigned some diverse task of doing the architectural stuff on a new project and beleive me this architecture thing is one kick ass crap especially when you don’t know much about the technologies and haven’t done this sort of job before. I am writing documents and flowcharts for the proposed system and am having meetings with the chief Architect.

This Monday we were given our self assessment form which is an attempt by the company to obtain user feedback for their performance appraisal program and on the following day, I was called in for the appraisal interview which lasted for more than 40 minutes. My PM and Tech Mgr gave me a description of what qualities they found in me and certainly they didn’t forget what i lacked 😉

The final showdown is gonna happen within the coming week when our CEO calls us one by one and informs us about the preformance impact on our compensation. It had better be good or …. 😉

Now for the coming weekend, i have brought the DVD featuring ‘Flag of Our Fathers’, a movie by the Great ‘Clint Eastwood’. This movie is on WWII when US troops were having a final battle in Japan and the battle that took place in IWO JIMA. Eastwood made a Japanese movie along with this movie. The japanese version is named ‘Letters form IWO JIMA’ which expresses the japanese perspective of the same battle. This movie is nominated for best movie for Oscars and is one of the front runners. Another front runner movie is ‘The Departed’ and beleive me, its one KICK ASS movie. An amazing movie that will keep you engulfed in its intense drama for the two hours…. A MUST SEE!!!

Another news that i heard was the returning of my friend Maddy.. so, this means that we could be together for a day or so and eventually the long pending ‘Nandos Dinner’ could eventually be a reality… Listen Maddy, if  you read this keep informed that i haven’t yet set my food inside Nandos since i promised you (its been1 and a half year dude) and patiently waited till you returned.

"Abay itni Tabay-daar to tujh ko Biwi bhee nahi mile gi jitna committed main raha hoon!"

So, i am looking forward to my upcoming weekend… hope its good!

See ya after the weekend!




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