Its Work…. again!

30 03 2007

Man! I was so proud to say yesterday that i had no work this week but i was wrong as the boss phoned me and asked me to finish ‘this n that’ by friday’s end. So here i am, its half past 7 in the evening and i am working… and putting those final touches to the project.. ūüė¶

Lets see what happens tomorrow when i am finally presenting my stuff to my boss.

it could be "Takht" or "Takhta" tomorrow. I’ll write about it tomorrow.

till then, i have nothing more to write.

Bloggin’ over a cup of tea…

29 03 2007

Here I am back at work. Half of the week is already gone and so far, this week has been a pretty calm one. Not much work burden on myself. I have already hung out with my friends but it didn’t go as i had planned it to be… Darn!

And as I stare at the clock while sipping that tasteless, odourless tea (Yeah, the tea at our office is one of the worst tea that i have ever drunk if not THE WORST).

The world cup has already moved into the super 8 phase with Pakistan and India already out of the competition. Last night i saw how South Africa barely survived the onslaught of the Srilankan bowler "Malinga" who took 4 wickets out of 4 balls and made an easy lunch a hard one for the south africans.

We were supposed to go out to the Hawke’s bay this weekend but that plans seems to be in jeapordy as one of the key players is pulling out of the party due to family commitments. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it ? yeah it does. but i won’t speak of it.

So, it seems like i have to stay at home and focus on my studies… heheheh.

A pal of mine gave me a bag full of Tamil (i guess it was Tamil or Bangla or Telegu) porno¬†flicks (Damn, what kind of sick bastard calls them porno).¬†They are total crap. I guess our Pushto porno flicks are better than those sick ass movies. They are a total toture to watch.. ūüôā

So, my tea is finished. and so is this blog. But before i leave, i will post a little question that presents a scenario only found in movies and it goes like:

"Why does a honest police officer is gunned down just a couple of days before he is supposed to retire ? and why does a complex crime case is solved only by a cop who has been suspended from his duty ?"

You keep on pondering, I will leave you here.

Our New Employee Cards

26 03 2007

The company gave us new employee ID cards for flashing whenever we are going outside. They had a photo session a month ago and now our photos are back alongwith the cards.

The folks call it "Kuttay Ka Patta" lightly. Below is a picture that they have pasted on mine:


Man, I look nice in this one!

Time Flew This weekend

26 03 2007

The three day weekend finished with a whiz.

I had planned to do a lot but eventually ended up doing half of those tasks.

I planned to do some shopping, do my laundry, complete my lectures and then finish doing my assignments, but what did i eventually end up doing ?


Shopping : partially done

Lectures :  nopes РThe MOST important task that i HAD to do was left un-touched. This gives you an idea what a good planner I am. Man, whenever i start studying, i get drowsy! So, i watched a couple of movies during this time.

Laundry:¬† DONE… hahahah! Man, my most of the undergarments were as filthy as shit. So, i had no other choice but to wash them at my earliest.

Assignments: done three of them. Two were remained untouched. Those three finished assignments were due today and i uploaded them finally.

Ok, coming to the movies that i watched during these three days. I was planning to watch four of them during this time but ended up watching only two of them and yeah a couple of pornos as well ūüėČ

The first one was called ‘300’.¬† Man!!!! that one is a fucking awesome movie! A MUST SEE Movie! It is about the fight of Spartans and Persians and what a wonderful way to present that movie. Truly an amazing movie to wartch.

The second one was called ’88 minutes’. Its a pretty decent thriller starring Al-pacino. Not as good as the 300 movie, but pretty much enjoyable.

Yesterday, i spent a nice evening with my best buddy Hammad. He has just arrived after completing his MS and will stay for¬†2 more days. So, I went to his place and spent the time chatting and getting involved in total bullshit gupshup. ūüėõ


So, here I am today at my work place and typing my ass off. I have to leave on time this evening as i have a dinner with my friend. One more of our old pals may join as he is flying in from Quetta this afternoon. So, i am looking forward to this reunion.

Till then, I disappear!

First of All, Thanks to ….

22 03 2007

"First of all, thanks to…"

"Boys played well"


These two sentenses had become a part of our cricketing life. In every post-match speech, our team’s captain Inzi used to say these words and our whole nation used to make fun of him.

Now the great Inzi has left the building. He played his last match yesterday against Zimbabwe and got into tears as he left the arena for one last time. We always criticized him for his performance and during our thrashing, we always forgot that this AALOO gave 17 years of his life to the Pakistan Cricket team. He made us feel proud on a number of occasion. What an end to his career… !

Anyways. If there is another inzi who could come forth to serve the country. He should come forward right now coz the team greatly need one to support the middle order of the batting.

God Bless you Inzi! Thanks for all those years.

Time to build your ark

20 03 2007

Today i updated my resume after more than four months. It needed a lot of tuning. I added my latest venture of MBA into the educational section, updated my current employment section and added the description of projects that i have recently worked on. and updated some other sections.
Last night was enough and while i worked all alone till 10:30 PM, i beleive that factor alone was decisive in the way that it helped me in identifying the new goal for my career (and it says "Dump this company") .

As the title says, its time for me to start packing things up. Time to repair my escape ship and get it ready for the launch.

Why work for a company who doesn’t care for its employees ?

I’ll start sending out my resumes to appropriate job openings form today…

Time to moon my boss and find a new haven.

Holy shit! I just can’t beleive it really happened!

19 03 2007

Man, i just can’t beleive it really happned. I am back after just a weekend and i have a huge pile of things that i will take out.. Yeah, Its all about cricket and more cricket and then a few final lines on the F1.

So, the headlines in the issue are:

  1. The BLACK DAY for Pakistan’s cricket
  2. Bengal Strikes Again
  3. The Man of Honor
  4. Kimi Celebrates

I had a working saturday the past weekend, i worked till half past 6 in the evening and when i arrived home an hour later, the match between Pakistan and Ireland was about to begin, Pakistani Coach Woolmer had already said that the match could be a tough one despit the fact that Irish team was playing their First Ever world cup. Pakis started their innings and got things going from the very beginning when they lost 2 quick wickets. but they never had a big partnership and the whole fucking team collapsed at 132.
I (alongwith 16 Crore Pakistani Awaam) was disappointed, but i knew that our bowlers could turn the tables and the Irish rookies would eventually end up on the losing side. Things looked as i had predicted when Ireland started losing wickets at regular intervals too. But, the losers show their colors again and they let the match slip away to the Irish. Pakistan lost the match by 3 wickets. March 17th, 2006 would certainly be named as the Black Day for the Pakistan Cricket as they showed us what they are capable of.
As expected, there was an uproar among the masses, people thrashed their curses by whatever medium they could get hands to, Phone, SMS, emails, blogs… The Pakis were being cursed everywhere. The leader of the fucked up losers "Maulana Inzimam Ul Haq Multani" blamed his incompetency on¬†the fate. The crowd is waiting for the team to arrive home so that they could get even.

On the lighter side, this should be taken as a blessing.
Hay Irish, I am talkiing to you this time:
"Pakistan has been the biggest mentor for new cricketing nations than any other country in the world. They have lost to Zimbabwe when The Zimbabwe needed it, they lost to Bangladesh so that Bangladesh could get their big break into the International Cricket, and now its Ireland’s turn. Welcome to the International Arena, Ireland. Dont’ forget that Pakistan was the country that provided you with your Big Break"


On the same night, another upset was going to happen. This time, it was the turn of the Indian Team to be shocked as they played the Bangladesh cricket team. Indian Team fell apart in their innings and posted a modest total of 209 which the Bangladesh chased relatively easily. Indeed, i can imagine what the indian fans would be thinking but it certainly has been far lesser grief than what the fans in Pakistan are going through.


Pakistani Coach, Bob Woolmer,¬† who was totally thrashed by the local media and public, couldn’t bear the disgrace and suffered a heart attack to which he later succumbed to. Ah, whether good or bad, he was a tender person and may his sould rests in peace. I certainly would consider him a man of honor as he preferred death over the life of disgrace. So, Inzi! whats your plan ? are you going to die a good death in Jamica or do you want to die in a suicide bombing attack when you arrive home ? coz, i know that people are totally disgusted.


Ok, enough of the cricket! The F1 season officially started yesterday with the Australian GP. I woke up at 8 in the morning just to see that race. With Kimi Raikonnen starting from the pole position and Alonso right besides him, it was expected to be a tough encounter. Kimi pushed the accelerator from the starting line and didn’t take off his foot until he crossed the chequired flag a well 7+ second ahead of Alonso. Massa started from the pits but managed to secure 6th position. Man, Massa is certianly going to be a world champion driver. I am strong faith in him.

Well, that seems to be it. A long hateful blog for the fucked up pakistani team comes to an end. No matter how much hatered i use for them, they deserve even more. Its just like being stabbed on the back by your beloved. Now, i gotta get back to work. Coz i am already behind schedule.

Till next time, Its bye bye from the enlightened moderated monarchy of Johnny-land.

The Rose – Lyrics

17 03 2007

Some say Love it is a river,
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say Love it is a razor,
that leaves the soul to bleed.
Some say Love it is a hunger,
an endless, aching need.
I say Love it is a flower,
and you it’s only seed.

It’s the heart, afraid of breaking,
that never learns to dance.
It’s the dream, afraid of waking,
that never takes a chance.
It’s the one who won’t be taken,
who cannot seem to give.
And the soul, afraid of dyin’,
that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely,
and the road has been too long,
and you think that Love is only,
for the lucky and the strong,
just remember in the winter,
far beneath the bitter snow,
lies a seed that with the sun’s Love,
in the spring becomes the rose

Kimi Starts with a BANG!

17 03 2007

The F1 season officially starts tomorrow with the Australian GP. Today was the qualifying session and the Newly inducted Ferrari driver Kimi Raikonen secured the pole position. Alonso will start from the second position. I was surprised to see Massa at the 15th position but i guess his car broke down (i wasn’t able to see the qualifying session so i am just assuming that his car broke down)

So, all set for the big race tomorrow and i ‘ll be getting up early tomorrow to catch the live action. The race starts 8:00 AM local time.

I am and probably always be with the Red Devils (The Ferrari Team) and i am and always miss Schumi from the track as he was a personal favourite.

(Dis)Obey Thy Master

16 03 2007

"Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man’s original virtue. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made." –Oscar Wilde

I read this quote early in the morning when my mind was full of rebellion… And it took me over the edge. Since that time, my mood is really irritated.¬†I have had rebellion thoughts, i was involved in nearly abusive discussions and above all i messed up my work.

Yeah, i worked till 9 yesterday and i guess i will be working till 9 today as well. and that jerk manager of mine says that we’re on schedule. Yes, he’s right. If i keep on working like a fucking dog, we’ll always remain on schedule but you will remain on schedule only when i remain there, if my boss keeps on imposing these Non-Realistic deadline, then i will be goine before this shit of a project is finished. Yeah, he thinks that by giving me a raise, he has obtianed full access to my resources but i have made it clear to myself that i MUST not stay here to get another raise which is not expected before early next year. I’ll would love to be long gone till then.. ūüėČ

Today, i wore jeans, T-Shirt and Joggers at office. And the fucker at the admin spotted it. he instead invented a fucked up policy and sent to every staff member which said that w.e.f Monday, 19th march, all staff must appear in office in formal clothing…………

¬†MOTHERFUCKERS!!! I exclaimed… I was about to write "Lick my fucking balls dry" in the reply mail but the "shareef¬†BuzDill insaan" inside of me prevented me not to do it.. So, i wrote a polite mail to the gentleman (ahem, THAT SONOFABITCH) and asked him to formulate these policies and have it distributed to employees instead of inventing them on the fly and narrating them…

THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS CAN’T LET ME QUIT THESE CASUAL DRESS! In order to let us wear formal clothing, they must design a formal job. You would not fucking expect me to wear ties and black leather shoes while working alone at 10 in the night ? huh ? KISS MY ASS FOR THAT!

Yeah, its the rebel lion that speaks¬†today! i am proud of myself. I am going closer to the edge…




But Who am I fighting against ? I don’t have the balls to stand against my manager and convey him my worries and issues.. YEAH I HAVE ISSUES YOU MOTHERFUCKER SONOFABITCH! Who am i fighting against ?

I guess i am pissing agaist the wind. .. I am blaming myself and perhaps the God for whatever the situation I am in… the voice inside of me says only one word..


ah,………………….. all for now.. gotta go now and back to the dungeon called cubicle.