Humiliation is Style

30 10 2006

So, we pakis are out of the ICC champions trophy!!!

Yup, we got busted on Friday when South Africa beat the shit out of that already busted hole.

89 All out said the story for the paki batting side.

Not a word was spoken, no word remains except abusing.

Lyrics: A Love that will never grow old…

30 10 2006

OST from the Brokeback Mountain

Go to sleep, may your sweet dreams come true
Just lay back in my arms for one more night
I’ve this crazy old notion that calls me sometimes
Saying this one’s the love of our lives.

Cause I know a love that will never grow old
And I know a love that will never grow old.
When you wake up the world may have changed
But trust in me, I’ll never falter or fail
Just the smile in your eyes, it can light up the night,
And your laughter’s like wind in my sails.

Lean on me, let our hearts beat in time,
Feel strength from the hands that have held you so long.
Who cares where we go on this rutted old road
In a world that may say that we’re wrong.

Its Eid again

26 10 2006
Today was Eid here in Pakistan (actually the last one of the three separate eids by different ethnic groups).
The day is over and i am writing this blog with heavy eyelids and weary body. Yeah, the past few days have been busy and happening.
i am lying spent here. i have had a wonderful time these last days. totally recharging days  if you know what i mean.
had a lot to See, chat and enjoy. Finally had the opportunity to chat with my best buddy whom i can’t chat in regular days.
and above all, had the opportunity to spend a few days with the solace of my family.
So, one more day and i am off again to karachi where my job awaits and so does the old routine of hanging on the buses and all that.
till that time,
Johnny signs out

Farewell Shumi

23 10 2006
        I am gonna start with the finale of F1 showdown this season.
The Brazilian GP was supposed to start with my hero Micheal Schumacher starting from the 10th place. His team mate Massa was to start from the pole position.
The race’s start was catastrophic as in the early stages, 5 cars were retired. Schumi was trying hard to reduce the gap and he got to 5th position but things got bad. His tyre was punctured due to some debris on the track and he had to return to Pits for a tyre change. but that caused him to recede to the final place in the GP.
From this point started the tale of struggle and achievement that has made schumi the hero of many people like me. He recorded a consecutive sequence of best lap times and gradually reduced the distance.. crossing one car, then another, and another….
until by the half time, he was chasing the 8th position. He didn’t stop here, he pushed and pushed and pushed extra…
till he crossed Kimi Raikonnen at 4th place he almost crossed Button at 3rd place but it was a bit too late…
The final chequered flag for schumacher had been waved. his illusturious career had ended with his final GP being a symbol of his effort … again.
Alonso sealed his championship for this season as well with Massa winning the final race of the season.
So, schumi is now gone, Raikonen will take his place (nah, no one can take his place) and alonso going to Raikonen’s current team.
Lets see what the new season brings us. (will have to wait for a few months though)
Over and out from johnny!

Back home for Eid

22 10 2006
its me again from my home town.
So, i set off yesterday at 6 in the morning and spent a long day at office.
boarded the train at 5 PM and had a touch down at 9 AM the next day.
Well, its good to be back home. already had a busy day and the next few days will be more fun and pleasure.
Will post about it as soon as i get to know about it…
And in the end, a quick update on the F1:
Schumi got busted again– yeah, this time his car broke down during the qualifying session when he was leading. Seems to be a gearbox problem but tomorrow, he will start from 10th position.
I have my fingers crossed, but i’d still love to see him reach the podium.

Holy Smoke

18 10 2006

So, the cricketing season is ON again, and ICC champions trophy has just started.

When we pakis thought that our team seems to be out of the controversy, we never know we were wrong and this time, its doping scandal that has been the hottest gossip in the media.
Apparantely, two of our leading fast bowlers were found positive in their doping test conducted three weeks ago – Performance enhancing drugs seem to be the reason.

So, the two pacers are back in the country and hiding from the prying eyes of media and camera. (actually the team did fairly well last night in their absense by winning against Sri Lanka)

Khair, I heard the newspaper Dawn has an article that claims that some anonymous source saw Shoaib, Waqar (The bowling coach) and Asif smoking Hashish in England in their Hotal at 2 AM. WOW!!!!!! our national heroes are real dopes



Lets see what happens next, 2 year ban over the players is expected (this means that their career is on the verge of ending)


Till next post…. CYA!

Set the Controls towards the Heart of the Sun

14 10 2006

“Mission Control, Mission Control.. This is Commander Johnny from the Space Shuttle A.K.A ‘LOSER’ from Mars. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Commander Johnny. Loud and Clear.” – replied the mission control.

“I have completed the assigned tasks. Please give me the clearance to take off”

“Have you collected the samples?” – Came the crackling sound of Mission Control.

“Roger” – Commander replied.

“Good, and have they been packed into their respective containers?” – Inquired the Mission Control.

“Yes, Examined and packed” – The Commander’s reply was quick.

“Well, seems good enough. Ok, Johnny. You are authorized to fly back to earth this Friday. Over and Out. Sweet journey”


The above excerpt would have been a part of conversation if I had been an astronaut in the outer space. But here I am, a total loser a good for nothing piece of programmer.

So, I invented this fictitious story to be a hero .. hehehe.

Anyways, to cut the crap, I am going home this Friday and I have done all my shopping for myself and my folks back there… All I have to do is to pack them in a bag and head home..

Can’t wait to see them coz its been almost seven months and i anxiously await to meet my family and friends and to recall some good old days.

Mending A broken Heart – From WikiHow

12 10 2006

I know most of this is really a bullshit, but its worth giving a try!!!

Read the full article at WikiHow :


  1. Remember the 2-year rule. It takes 2 years to learn a new job, to get accustomed to a new town and to completely heal a broken heart. If you follow these steps without remembering this first, you will be overly optimistic and disappointed. Real results are obtainable when realistic expectations are set.
  2. Stop arguing with that person or the fantasy voice of that person about how they are wrong and you are right. Everytime you catch yourself arguing your point in your own mind, just say stop and focus on something completely different.
  3. Gather all the memories of that person and put them in a box, with the exception of 1 picture, one item of food, one item of smell association and one related music item. Then on the next ocassion of significance (a Saturday night for example…when you would have normally been having wild monkey sex with your heartbreaker — or imagining to be having wild monkey sex with the lover for whom you are pining away and obviously getting nowhere…put on the music, douse yourself in the scent of memory, eat the special food, turn the lights down low, and cry and rant and wail. You must be at the top of your voice and able to move around the room.
  4. When you regain composure from step 2, put the remainder candy wrappers, music, item of smell memory in the box with the rest of the memory debris. Keep out the picture.
  5. See Tips Section Below
  6. Every day for a week when you walk by the picture of your former beloved, say outloud… Fuck you… or some other suitable invective and then catch yourself arguing with the memory and say stop. Say it out loud, be your filthy angriest self in these mutterings.
  7. Every day for the second week when you walk by the picture of your former beloved, say out loud. I miss you, and then catch yourself arguing with the memory and say stop.
  8. Every day for the third week when you walk by the picture of your former soul mate, say I am sorry out loud to the picture.
  9. Replace the picture of your former dearest, with a picture of yourself. But keep the picture in the same place, just put a picture of you on top of it. Then every day when you walk by the picture, say I am sorry out loud to the picture. Yes you are apologizing to yourself for having gone that far around the bend for someone who didn’t know your value and worth, and who doesn’t matter anymore.
  10. It has been one month now. Go to someplace where you used to go or be near your so-called one-true love and go there with a friend (not alone, this is important). Mention 1 time and 1 time only how you used to drink at this very etc, mention it once only and then have a drink or file some papers, or do what ever you used to do, only now with a different person, preferably a comfortable friend who can smile knowingly then move the conversation forward.
  11. Practice being honest to yourself every day.
  12. Read a book every night before you go to sleep. You might never have read books, but nothing moves you outside of yourself better than a book, not a movie, not a music video, read a book. It will help you heal.
  13. You can start dating other people again and not be a raving lunatic after about 2 months.


  • Tip #1, when working steps 4 through 8, do not go on any dates with the person from whom you are trying to heal. This is not productive and will not lead to healing. There is no more closure. There is only healing.
  • Tip #2, when trying to heal do not accept phone calls and exchange flirty emails with the former object of your desire. This is also not productive and will only prolong the healing process.
  • Tip #3, more important then all the rest. You are not healing from the broken heart to become more attractive to that person or to win that person back. In no way is anything you are doing targeted to get that person back. There is no getting back. The point is to get forward.
  • Also important. Tell your friends once about your heartbreaking loss. If you cannot confine the discussion with your friends to one instance, confine the time spent discussing the gory details of how you caught him or her in bed with so and so to no more than 1 hour actual time. You will need your friends later (see step 8), so best to not wear out your welcome with them.

Tech News Snippets

12 10 2006

Below are a few recent tech news that have interested me lately…


A Brazilian court has ordered Google to provide the data of Brazilians who are involved in illegal activities over its Service “Orkut”.

Google has provided data in response to 30 court orders, the search giant said in documents filed in Sao Paolo on Thursday related to a lawsuit filed Aug. 22. It alleges that Brazilians are using Orkut to distribute child pornography.

Google, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and the parent of Google Brazil, is providing the data from its servers, which are based in the United States, the company said.

Google faces a fine of more than $23,000 a day or the shutting of its Brazilian office if it fails to comply with court orders in Brazil.

Most of Orkut’s members–more than 60 percent–are in Brazil. The company recently removed members from the service, as it routinely does, if they are found to be violating the terms of service.


An Indian Court has accused Google to Spread Hatred in India. (Orkut again named as the culprit)

"The Aurangabad bench of Bombay High Court has directed the Maharashtra government to issue notice to Google for the alleged spread of hatred about India by its social network service ‘Orkut,’" the article says. "A picture of burning the national tricolour, bearing anti-India message, has been put on and a community ‘We Hate India’ has been created on the site, the petition said."

Google’s representative said:

"Problems such as this are complicated, however, because we have to be careful not to affect users around the world by making changes to a global product based on the law in one country. There may be future instances, for example, when we will want to avoid making changes that would affect Indian users based on the laws in a different country. The Internet is an international phenomenon and while technology can bring great opportunity and access to information globally, it can also present unique challenges for complying with differing laws around the world."


Being a Pakistani, I wonder who “else” could have done this ??? ISI may be. huh ??


Google is buying for $1.6Bn

YouTube has a 45 percent share of the online video market, which is more than its top four competitors combined, according to market trackers at Hitwise. It has mainstream cachet, as page one stories about the impending Google deal in both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal aptly demonstrated. And, not even two years old, it has a start-up momentum unheard of in any Internet company not named Google.


China Unblocks WikiPedia.

The online interactive reference site Wikipedia announced Tuesday that the site had apparently been made accessible in China, after being blocked for just over a year by the country’s government.
Wikipedia reported on its site that it had received word from multiple users in the country on that the site had been restored. The most recent blocking was the third such outage reported by Wikipedia.

Mainland Chinese form a significant portion of the Chinese Wikipedia community (46% of all users in March 2005), a long-term block could severely stunt the growth of Wikipedia similar to the block in June 2004. The 2004 block referred to came allegedly in response to an article posted on the site as the country approached the 25th anniversary of the Tienneman Square massacre. The country subsequently initiated a mass edit of political articles on the site.


My Vedic Profile

9 10 2006
Recently visited for fun and found out that they offer a lot of astrology services. One of them was the Vedic horoscope.
So, just for fun, i entered my date of birth to obtain my vedic profile and ended up with the following text. Dunno what this all means, but thats me folks:

Your Moon Nakshatra is Mrigashira

Mrigashira means deer’s head.

Mrigashira is the searching star. Mrigashira is ruled by Mars, which shows you have an active, bold, and restless nature. There is a searching, naïve, and creative quality that keeps you seeking the idyllic vision of beauty in your heart.

Mythologically, Soma is the deity of Mrigashira. Soma is the god of the immortal nectar. The gods would drink Soma in order to become intoxicated, drunk with divine bliss. Soma refers both to the drink and the experience itself. In Mrigashira’s myth, Prajapati, the creator, chases after his daughter Rohini, in order to create the most beautiful beings to populate the Earth. Prajapati’s illusions become shattered later on when the other gods conspire to bring him down. However, divine bliss and divine possibility compel Prajapati forward in the nakshatra of Mrigashira. His courage and innocence, in spite of the consequences, are revealed here.

Strengths: You have the courage to pursue your heart’s desire and the innocence to continue to do so even after life’s disappointments threaten to shatter your illusions. You have a very creative mind and finely tuned perceptions as well as persuasive speech and communication abilities. Your main motivation is freedom yet you will seek it in a soft and tender way. You have a multitude of creative gifts, including creating wealth, comfort, and love for yourself and others.

Shadow issues: You may be fickle, unfocused, and prone to the "Jack of all trades, master of none" syndrome. You may spend too much time indulging creative idyllic fantasies, yet become frustrated when faced with reality. Be careful of overtaxing your delicate nervous system – you may be easily overwhelmed. An underlying hostile and angry nature is also present should your frustrations become too great.


Any idea ?