Exams and Birthdays

7 02 2007

Finally, my exams have started and my first paper went along calmly. Although it wasn’t that good but much better than i had anticipated.

There was relatively less threatening problems from the probability theory and i expect to clear this exam securing around 60% marks (on the lower end)…. So, with this exam ends a big tension that possessed me for the past two weeks while i was preparing for Statistics. Now the next exam is on Computers which i expect to solve without any big effort. (sometimes it seems like a blessing that i am a software engineer ūüėÄ )

Last evening was my grand father’s 81st birthday.Although he was standing tall¬†and smiling during the ceremony , he had been through a lot during this past year – being hospitilazied in critical condition for three times and taking medicine¬†24/7.
The eveing¬†was organized mutually with me bringing the¬†cake (Man o Man, i have¬†never¬†spent¬†THAT much on a¬†freaky cake in my life). It was a chocolate Log cake of 2 Lbs. but the taste was awesome! YUMMMY!!!! One of my aunts gave him a wrist watch while another cousin brought him a Shirt. The dinner featured Biryani and Chicken Achar…¬†certainly a meal that i would have loved to eat…

So, with my lavish cake already dumped into the toilet РI have to  leave you here. Until next time, Johnny wishes all of you very best of luck.



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