I can has cookingness

27 01 2010

Today I decided to confront another one of my inner demon and rolled up my sleeves to be a chef. With the ‘mix vegetable’ (powered by Knorr masala), I joined the big list of men who claim to cook by themselves.

So, here is how i did it:

I went to my doctor and got free in a short while. While returning home i finally decided to take the next step which i had been planning to take for quite a few months. So i stopped by the grocery store and bought a vegetable masala by Knorr. Then i stopped by the vegetable vendor and bought a few potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and peas. Came home, pealed the potatoes and peas and cut the carrots and cauliflower to small pieces.

Then dialled my mom and asked her how she cooks similar food, noted down her instructions and started following them.

Took 4 table spoons of cooking oil in a pan, let it warm a bit and poured the vegetables in it. Then added 1 cup of water and kept it to cook on medium flame for nearly 10 minutes. Then i poured in the vegetable masala (it has everything added) and stirred the mixture. then kept it again for cooking for the next 10 minutes.

When i thought the food was done, i tasted a little, and it tasted quite ok… So i ran out to get some Roti to eat it with.

ummmm, I must admit that the food was quite nice… very well cooked indeed ( and I am saying it without any bias).

So, with this little succes… I think i can go ahead with some chicken the next time 🙂


RIP my precious disk

17 01 2010

I cannot fucking believe that a person who spends a good part of his time on a computer could be so naive when it comes to a simple task as plugging-in a goddamn USB stick.

The first person that comes to your mind will be …… a woman! and you guessed it right.

Meet my cousin; In her 20s, University educated, married with a kid. and spends her day either watching Star Plus or using a computer on which she talks to her folks via MSN, SKYPE and God knows what else. When she is not talking on a messenger, she is busy facebookin’ with her folks with most of the time is spent on growing vegetables and feeding hungry chicken on Farmville™.

A couple of days back, she came to me and asked if i could copy the pictures of her daughter’s birthday to her computer so that she could upload it to … You guessed it right, “Facebook”. And i had no objection, so i took my USB and copied the pictures to it. I gave her the stick and told her to return it to me once its done.

Five minutes passed, then ten minutes… and even fifteen (she was visiting her mother who lives just downstairs)… I got a bit worried and and decided to go check on her myself. As i got in her computer room , she spotted me and exclaimed, “Ah, there you are! I plugged in the disk but can’t see it in ‘My Computer’”. I decided to take a look.
First step was to see if the disk was plugged in correctly or not, as i neared the box i noticed something strange, “oh wait, there is no USB port where the monitor’s cable is plugged”.

As i realized what i was seeing, i couldn’t believe it had actually happened to me… “YOU DUMB ASS!”, I thought, “WHAT HAVE YOU MESSED UP HERE?”….


The USB stick was “SHOVED” – Yeah, I repeat “SHOVED” into the COM port of the computer instead of a lousy USB port. That dumb woman didn’t even know where a USB stick goes.


I pulled the USB stick out of the COM port, that stick was so forcefully shoved in the port (a male COM port with pins) that i had to ease it out carefully. and gave her the most fierce look i had ever given to a woman for quite some time. All that time, that stupid cousin of mine was like “Kya hua??? yeh kyun nahi chal rahi ?” (what happened, why is this USB not working here?). Then with a beating heart, i plugged it in a USB port….. nothing.  I plugged it in another vacant port, still nothing…. i ran upstairs continuously praying that her USB port was non-functional and my disk was just OK

I plugged in the disk at my own machine from which i copied the images not more than half an hour ago….. to confirm my worst of fears, the disk showed no sign of life.


FFFFFUUUUUUUUUU! those pins of COM port must have damaged the stick’s interface… now my disk is DEAD!!!!

As I write these lines with a heavy heart (i feel more sorrow for the data i had kept there) I wish that these naive computer users can get a life! go losers, get a basic course in using a computer so that yours and others’ equipment is not harmed…. RIP my precious disk, a companionship of more than three years came to an end not the way I had imagined.



New year, no new hopes

7 01 2010

The folks of my team have been busy on the other side of the hall and i thought about publishing a quick post.

Its been a few days since my last update, since then, the new year has already started. I intended to post a year’s review and new year’s resolutions but decided not to. There is nothing much that i want to review except slow job, crappy situation, worries, tension, more worries and a few good times. I made no new resolution except the one that “I will try to fulfill my last year’s resolutions which i failed to fulfill in the past year”.

What a lousy life i have been living. I just wish i wanna be the one who matches the ‘Been there, Done that!’ for every idea of party and fun.   but since it is never gonna happen, its time to return to real life and to finish that complex flow chart so that i can go home for the evening….