Flushing the JUNK!

19 02 2007

Ah, i feel like the burden is lifted…. It has been a long time since i felt the feeling of getting free from the exams. I can’t fucking beleive that one fourth of my MBA is finally finished.. (with the exception of the Accounting exam that i don’t expect to clear :$)……

What started as a simple gamble with my life has engulfed me totally in it. A gamble or not, I am now willing to get over with it and if everything goes fine, i will be done with the course by the end of next year, still a long way to go…

The exams were very very ordinary. I hadn’t got the opportunity to prepare primarily because of my own carelessness and i realized that i should be doing much much more that what i am currently doing for my studies. So, the next semester’s resolution has been prepared and it says:

"Work Hard, Work Hard, take your lessons on time and PRACTICE!"

I already have ordered for my courses and will hopefully submit and pay for the semester by the end of the week. and yeah, i haven’t forgotten the Accounting Exam that need to prepare coz i don’t think that i am gonna pass that anyways, so this semester demands more as i may have 7 courses to clear… oh fuck! just the thought of it causes my spine to shiver…. burrrrrrr

The weekend after the exams was spent in thinking about what to do during the weekend and i tried to watch a movie by using my brand new DVD burner that i gifted to my only love – My Computer … lolz  [Oh, and if you are a chick, don’t be jealous. i still have vacant space for one (or many) of you!] but the movie that i decided to watch was indeed a shit of a movie. It was supposed to be a sci-fi techno horror movie but that proved to be a low budget crap. I gave up after 15 minutes but during that time, i disovered an interesting dialog that said:

"Our relation has been limited to text messages only" – said a chick while playing with her cell phone…..

so, the rest of the time was spent in watching the Wrong type of movies and reading the e-book version of "Men are From Mars, the Women are from Venus" which seems to be a philosophical and interesting way to explain the battle of sexes. While reading the first few lines of the book, I imagined myself to be a relationship guru who would offer consultation to the broken hearted. huh! a relationship GURU who himself is as alone as the goddamn moon. Damn! i don’t know what am i going to do with my life.. where am i going and would i ever be at some respectable place in life ? God Knows.. I remember a quote form somebody that said:

"I am an opportunist. I don’t know where I am going, but i am on my way"

Well, that leaves me out coz i don’t think that i am that much of an opportunist. as i look back at the missed opportunities and just couldn’t help cursing myself.

Well, this seems to be it… i am tired to typing and gotta hold off. Lets see what happens next…




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