A few good things about Plexus

21 06 2007
I will go today. I have informed my supervisors and i have signed the Knowledge Transfer document too. So, it ends for me today.
On the twilight of my employment at Plexus, I thought it would be nice to mention a few things which I liked at this place.
So, here it goes:
  • The biggest factor that made me stay for this much time was that they paid you On Time. Yeah. On the last day of the month, your salary used to be transferred to your bank account and it continued to happen for the whole tenure I stayed here.
  • Our immediate supervisor was a jolly fellow. So, we were always in a comfortable frame of mind when talking.
  • The peers were really really friendly. My stay at Plexus was certainly the party season of my career. Theater trips, Pool parties, BBQ Parties, Beach picnics were all included. Not to mention occasional dinners or lunches when folks were working late.
  • I made some great friends here. The types of friends which I wasn’t able to make in my earlier jobs. People who will always remain with me as sweet memories.
  • Now getting to professional advantages, they gave you all the space to experiment as long as you let them inform about your plans of what you intend to do. So a lot of learning took place here.
  • The training sessions at Plexus were something that i would miss. I personally conducted a lot of training sessions and attended numerous ones.
  • The view of the city from the windows was excellent. The whole seaside was visible from a distance. You were also able to see a good deal of Shahra Faisal, Railway station, Korangi Creek, The high rise buildings of II Chundrigar Road etc…

I don’t expect anything lush at the new place, but anything matching this would be appreciated.

And one more thing:

THAT Mr. SHIFT + DELETE Has Blocked Access to My Blog… This is insane. This is a total violation of freedom of expression. He thinks he is like fucking Musharraf who can block as many channels or newspapers. As you can’t fight Gods here, this happens to be my last post here.

Till next time, i might see you somewhere, with new things to write about and new life to cover. Till then, Johnny goes on Haitus.

Good bye.


Backup of Old Orkut Profile

20 06 2007

Today, i changed my orkut profile again.

So, i backed up the old profile and pasted it here…. (For archival purposes)

This is where you can take a look at my orkut profile:



Let me tell you about my life,
Let me tell you about my dreams,
Let me tell you about the things that happen, all is real to me.
Let me tell you of my hope, of my need to reach the sky,
Let me take you on an awkward journey, let me tell you why.
Let me tell you why….
(Iron Maiden)
Hmmm. seems like you have decided to read the profile of a pethatic struggling loser, who has done nothing significant in his life except dreaming 24/7 and who surely knows How to bore somebody.
Yeah its a long story but let me briefly tell you how it began and how is it going…
Born on the Darkest day for this human race, I was named Burhan by my parents. But i’ve been known by differnt names to differnt groups of people for example:
‘Tu-Tu’ by some close relatives,
‘Bee’ by some of my school pals,
‘Johnny’ by some old time colleagues.

Since my childhood, i have been shy and not very much talkative but this attitude is changing with the passage of time. Now, I seem to have a bigger mouth and seem to be more popular among the people than i used to be.
I had dreams from the very first day my defunct mind started its rusty machinery. Small dreams which started like ‘a new toy car’ and have evolved to ‘a brand new Ferrari’ with the passage of time.
I had dreams about my career, initially i wanted to be a fighter pilot and fly one F-16 (the very F-16 that the Pakistani Govermnent is still begging from the US) but the airforce had other plans and they didn’t take me in, Ok no offence.
then i tried to be an engineer.. but you need to have good digits to become one (these digits are either your marks in your exams or the amount in your bank account), If you don’t have digits in your life, then its good luck and "Happy Hunting" 🙂

So, you always don’t seem to get what you ask for and thats why the word ‘Struggle’ was introduced into the dictionary. so, I tried to stick with that word to be somebody,
To cut it short, i tried to escape this world around me and managed to become a computer programmer and have been loving it.

I think, i am a jolly and an honest fellow who thinks that Orkut is a piece of shit but i still keep on coming back to it to get in touch with my chums. I seek good people who in turn could expect goodies from me.

My Message to the Public: "Jawano, Morcha nahi Chorna!!! Agar chor do gay to koi aur Qabza kar lay ga"

And finally, a quick shout to all those chicks who have constantly ignored me (well, that includes all the chicks of this world).
"To hell with all of you…. I damn care whether you jump off the cliff or bump your head against an incoming train. Go to hell (I’ll see you there)………. I am alone and i seem to love it"

You’ll know more about me in the other sections of my profile. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate and contact me. Ask me what you seek and i might tell.

happy scrapping!


the final blogs…

19 06 2007

No no no no.. this is not the final blog but it surely is one of the final ones that i am writing from my current office.

2 days. just two more days


just the same way as my boss’s plans of completion of knowledge transfer before my last 15 days went in smoke, so did my plan to clear my computer and secure any data that i needed to secure.

Now two more days… and nothing is done.


So, its time for the good old fire fighting thingy and blah blah blah..


Today i wrote a text file and saved it on my D:\ drive (the one which was nto formatted when i joined) and i hope that it will stay the same even after i leave.

The file says some meloncoholic things like..


How ironic ?
isn’t it?

I was here one day and today, i am not.
Do you ever know about the person who used to sit here before you did ?
Perhaps you don’t need to know. don’t you ?

Ok, have fun. but keep remembering that Johnny was once here. (just like everyone else) and this is how it goes. Its life. One day you are here, the next day you’re not. but life doesn’t stop, it goes on and on. One day, there will be someone else sitting here on this very machine and you will be no where near to be found.

Ah, thats all i have to say.

interesting isn’t it ????

I wish some hottie chicky sits on my place… :p

The past few days

18 06 2007

The last few days have been very eventful.

I got sick, the fever running as high as 102.5 so i took a day off last thursday.

I was scheduled an interview with the client of my new employer on Friday, and dispite of my sickness, i managed to appear for that interview and performed so and so… After finishing with the interview, i went back to my office with my nose leaking like anything and my sneezes as frequest as breathing… That was the day i should have avoided people and that was the very day that i met more people than i usually do in an average day.


So, the breakup party’s plan was ruined. No party as yet and i  suspect we might actually end up having no get together at all.

Then we had a long weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I prepared my Organizational Behavior Report and finalized it. I am ready to submit it in a day or so. I now also have to start final preparation for my exams which are starting early next month.

Last night was the US GP for the F1 season and McLaren showed their true colors again. Poor Ferrari, they can’t match the sheer perfection of McLaren cars. Lewis hamilton won the second consecutive race of the season but the race was terrific (with Alonso competing against Hamilton and Kimi against Massa).

Now, today….

Murti is gone. I miss him.

My head is pounding. .. The aftermath of my illness.

The office seems so hostile and lonely… My last week here

and above all, i don’t want to work.. bahhhhhhh


So, time to go back to something else.

Breakup party this Friday

13 06 2007

The gang’s breakup party will take place this friday evening. This party will take place on the eve of departure of Murti who was there when i joined the office. So, Murti leaves this friday followed by Me and dAs the next week.

We have decided to celebrate the evening in living memories of those gang members who spent some good time in the gang and couldn’t make it to the party. We intend to go to go to Bowling, followed by a dinner. But that is not all, Whole friday is going to be festive. We will have a great lunch as well.


So, thats all for now. I will surely blog about the proceedings of the evening.

On black flags and broken legs

11 06 2007

Last night was the Canadian GP of the current F1 season, Lewis Hamilton started from the first position followed by Alonso and Hiedfield.

The race was a dramatic one, with three safety cars during the race, two black flags and a serious looking accident which left Robert Kubica with a broken leg.

Alonso, seemed to be losing his temper as he over sped and forgot to turn hence he lost spots and ended up securing 7th place. Massa was given a black flag (disqualification) as he tried to escape the pit lane while the signal was red. Fisichella was penalized the same.

Hamilton kept on speeding and eventually crossed the finish line amid a very serious accident but Rober Kubica survived the accident with a broken leg. Pity on him.

So, all eyes for the American GP next weekend. Lets see whether Ferrari has a chance to jump back in ? I don’t think so as Mc Laren cars are way too good. Sorry schumi, your analysis won’t do good.

More on F1 at : www.formula1.com

A tiring Day indeed

7 06 2007

Today, i am feeling tired.

There are numerious reasons, starting early today when i jerked off ;).

Then after coming to office, i heard that my next seat neighbor has been fired on desciplinary grounds.

and during the day, i was involved in boring designing work like tweaking with the layout, adding images, modifying CSS. Also, i wrote a few code classes that i am going to use on the Admin section of the newly deoployed project.

Now only 13 days to go before i quit this job, hiring and firing is on the extreme. 😀

I heard that tomorrow will bring two new faces to our office, and one of them is a MS guy from LUMS. I wonder how could our company have hired this guy, perhaps he was a relative of the CEO and the Chief lured the poor guy into this job, another possibility is that the guy was really a total loser and needed a job desperately, the last possibility is that the company offered him an extravagent package (which they usually don’t offer to infidels like us). Whatever the reason may be, i don’t think that he could stick here long, coz the type of work they do here can only suit infidels like us – total losers who are looking for their break or whatever….

Yesterday, i heard from someone that the company where i am moving to has more restrictions on their network than this place. Yeah, what a way to demoralize someone. So, it means that the few moments that i extract here for using internet or MSN will be lost. I am badly needing to change my accomodition so that i could get a cable internet connection. I don’t know when could that happen. 😦

Also, my Mid term result has been announced. Except two subjects, i secured 75% or more in the exams. So this is somewhat encouraging.

The details of my marks (as displayed on the university website) are:

  Course Total Marks %age
1 ECO401 – Economics 40 30.5 76%
2 ENG301 – Business Communication 35 28 80%
3 MGT201 – Financial Management 40 23.5 59%
4 MGT402 – Cost Accounting 40 16.5 41%
5 MGT502 – Organizational Behavior 40 28 70%
6 MGT603 – Strategic Management 40 30 75%


Yup, that accounting thingy is up my ass again. and its quite painful too :p

So, i need to be practicing more (or stop practicing them altoghther so that i could prepare them during the summer session)

Anyways, lets see what tomorrow brings us.

2 papay

6 06 2007

one thing that i learned at this company was the word ‘Papa’. (not the papa that means daddy, but the one with chai papay A.K.A Rusk)

So, what exctly is a papa ? the friend who started using it referred it to Chicks, There were different types of papay according to him (and us).

  • Papa – An average chick, the type you stare at and move ahead.
  • Makhan Papa – A more stylish looking chick, the one you turn your head around and stare
  • Malai Papa – A slutty chick, the one which makes you drool.
  • Rusk – Total "Burger" papa. The height of slutty attitude. :p

So, whenever the gang is out for bhoondy, we openly use this word to whatever chick we find.


Now coming to the real matter, Our office has inducted 2 papay. Yeah… First time in the known history of Plexus, we have not one but two papay here. Guys are really excited. I saw my manager wearing better than avarage clothes with cuff-links on his shirt. I myself shaved (which i usually don’t).
The other changes that the papay brought to office are:

  • Guys have gotten relatively quite. The biggest impact was on me as I was yelling and being abusive all the time. Now i am using decent words. and being more polite.
  • No more direct offenses, now indirect (dual meaning) words are being used in our conversations.
  • Guys are being ‘over’ cooperative with the papay.
  • Even the bosses are visiting the work area more often.. ahhh bhookay log :p

The papay that we got to us are Type – 1 (Normal) papay. I wonder when there will be a promotion in the standards of the company. I don’t think there will be such a possibility as the company is a software company and the papay that work as programmers or similar tasks are nerdy ones who usually don’t focus more on the slut side of their personality. But its good for a change.

Our beloved Mad General

6 06 2007

Its official, Mushi’s mad.

He has now lost his sanity.

He is totally bewildered.

He has antagonized the People, the judiciary, the media, the opposition parties and now the allies

Now, he has blocked TV channels who were broadcasting live transmission and have passed a PEMRA ordinance that will prohabit any channel to broadcast candid expressions to the public. ah, such a dictatorship!

He has taken things head-on,  For how long is he gonna survive ????

Before i close this post, i have something else to say. Last day, I saw a hilarious as well as a mocking clip to Musharraf. Its wordings are explicit but one should see it.

The link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WE_c2vYNXc

(Remember, there is an underscore character ‘_’ between ‘E’ and ‘c’.

Surf’s up

6 06 2007

Today, as i gazed accross the city towards the ocean, i was able to see the surf even that my office is miles away from the sea. Usually i am not able to see the ocean, just the dark blue colored water but today is different, the moving white surf can be seen from the miles and the waves are moving fast towards the shore.

As i was seeing the view, i remembered about the storm warning. A cyclone is moving in the region and we may expect stormy rains during the next 24 hours. This means that the warning was true and we might actually be seeing some rain. Just the thought of rain caused shivers in my spine and i can expect the aftermath of the rain, electricity outage, flooded roads – a total mess.

So, with my fingers crossed i pray that the rain should stay away especially heavy rains as we can’t bear it.