Bidding adieu to Ramadan…. Saying Hi to Hometown

29 09 2008

Today is the 27th day of Ramadan. Last night, every mosque in the country had their annual khatam-e-Quraan ceremony and Muslims prayed all night long for forgiveness…. Yours truly did bother to get courage and bowed to the Ultimate Lord – Allah – the creator.

Well, with the passing of 27th night of Ramadan, its time to finally bid farewell to the holy month. In two days, the mullahs will sit on some high rise building and will decide whether we get to celebrate our Eid or do we still need to have one more roza. And on that evening I will be Insha Allah on the train back home.

Yeah….. finally I got time to pay a visit back to my hometown. I haven’t been there since last December and i can’t wait to be there. This eid will bring hordes of relatives to my home as everyone has decided to get together to meet my ailing grand father. Besides, relatives, I will look forward to meet some friends too if schedules permit us.

So, I got two more days of work and then it will be time for king johnny to catch a train home.

Multaaannnnnnnnnnnn! I am coming to town to kick some … :p

So, whats the plan ladies ????

Johnny Learns to drive

25 09 2008

Its been five classes thus far and four more to go.

Learning to drive was one of the long list of pending things that I needed to finish this year. (one of my lousy so called new year’s resolution). So, being a shorter working day in Ramadan, I decided to bring that idea to life and enrolled at a neighborhood driving school.

The class structure consists of nine practical classes and three theory classes. The instructor takes me out on various roads and we wander around with me in the driving seat and driving extra cautiously in 2nd or 3rd gear.

So, after this step is finished… I will start my next level…. i.e. to think about buying a car .

ahhhh……………. what misery this frail soul of mine has to pass through ūüė¶

Will I be ashamed of being sober ?

24 09 2008

Ever since I have grown up, I have found more and more people not fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. (they are called Roza Khor in local lingo and even khojay baaz). What really is the reason for this ? Is it the ever growing enlightened moderation that is causing people to ignore the third most important pillar of the religion ? or may be it is the hot weather that is filtering out the tough ones from the not-so-tough-ones ? or perhaps its the sheer ignorance on behalf of people and lack of belief that let them become a roza khor… ? well thats something that needs lots of discussion.

Now, considering the example of my own office. we have a reasonable number of individuals who don’t fast because their religious sect doesn’t enforce it (well, I am talking about Muslims here). Ok, we can’t blame the religious beliefs here but whats the excuse for those whose sects don’t exempt them from fasting ? guys just don’t even bother hiding the fact that they are not fasting. They would just pop up and offer cigerettes to other non-fasting guys and would go to open grounds to smoke. This certianly is very disturbing for a person who fasts just because he thinks he is fit enough to fast.

So, instead of being ashamed of not fasting… they proudly claim that they are not fasting… and that they usually don’t.¬† Well yeah, times… they are a changin’ and soon a day will come when i will feel ashamed that I am fasting, and who knows I might even join them ?

And now a word of truth: why the fuck am I writing all this shit ? What am I ? Some goddamn saint ? Hell no… Though I fast, but that can only be considered as abstaining from food. My mind remains as corrupt as ever… my thoughts are as dirty as they were a month back.¬† I celebrate… yes "celebrate" the holy month as a festival of iftar parties and short working days. I don’t bother giving back to the society…

So, I should as well shut up.

Eat all you can at Pizza Hut

21 09 2008

Ramadan brings with it those eating deals that rich hungry people could enjoy. Every restaurant and hotel has its own menu and they serve their respective target markets.

Pizza Hut is no n00b in this game. They have been offering their All-you-can-stuff-up-your-arse (A.K.A Eat All you can) deals for quite many years where hungry greedy people (Like myself) go and eat the best junk food in town.

So, if the all you can eat deal is in the town.. how could I miss it ? So, here I was with friends planning about when to go and which outlet to go to- the¬†factors to consider for decision¬†were: Service response, distance from our residences and the type of gentry (Read: babes) that come to the place. After ‘careful’ consideration, we decided to go to Shaheed-e-Millat Road outlet and thus 10th of September was the decided day to meet.
I reached there first, and reserved the place. Just by looking at my appearance, the waiter knew that I am one hungry looking jerk who is here to eat and to cast his dirty eyes onto the pure and fresh looking babes who come there to have some good time, this he sent me off to one damn corner of the hall so that me and the gang could be as less a hurdle to their service as possible.

The service started by offering salads and drinks to break our fast, we filled the offered bowl upto the hilt and started stuffing it. The eating resumed to main course after the prayer break and the waiters started serving pizzas. The flavors that were offered were Chicken Tikka and¬†Chicken Fajita (Main items) while you can also ask for Chicken Green tikka, and supremo. The food as usual was just normal. the downgraded quality was expected as such deals offer you with lower grade of food… not much of a topping but lots of cheese and bread. So, we have devised our way of dealing with this crap… we just eat topping and half the bread. The outer edge of the slice is left to waste (I feel so fucking guilty by this act – but this is how you get the most out of your money). The eating jihad continued…… till we unanimously decided its time to leave.

In the next few days, I was involved again in another eating orgy at Pizza Hut – this time with new people and at a new venue. The outlet this time was on the same road (Shaheed e Millat Road) but the ‘other’ outlet (the one besides Arizona Grill). The place was relatively less crowded than the previous one and a hell large number of chicks to feast on :)…. the service was better as well – I guess having lots of chicks in menu (ahem… restaurant) makes the servers efficient :p.¬†¬† The eating continued with the same zeal and zest as before and yours truly ended up eating the same number of pizza slices as before (thats 7).

The reasons to go to pizza hut over any other places are that they let you eat all you want to eat and are relatively cheaper than any other place offering a buffet (Rs. 450 – All inclusive)

So, eating and drinking for more than the hour resulted in extra heavy bellies and a loss of urge to have sehri the next day.

Man, I feel so guilty and gross after all that. I seriously think that i should skip the next such party and feed some 10 or so people with the money that i save. Lets hope i get this courage.

And finally, if you are reading this… Thank God for what you are getting …. coz there are people who don’t have just the basic food to feed themselves or their family…. One should think something about the society… I won’t say any thing further as it would sound hypocritical as¬†I myself am not doing much.

Good bye… CYA Later¬†

Catching up on Supernatural

17 09 2008

A few months back, a friend of mine recommended TV Series "Supernatural" to me and said that its the type of show you would love to watch. I took that advice a bit lightly as i was busy in watching Heroes that time.

Time passed, I finished two seasons of Heroes and then got busy in studies and now in this month i remembered those long forgotten words and finally decided to watch a few episodes…

I downloaded the pilot episode from the media server of our LAN and couldn’t help myself but to watch it. In the past 10 days, I have watched one complete season of that series and today I started my second season.

My friend was right, the show IS great! Just the type of stuff I like watching. Its about two brothers (Dean and Sam)¬†who are ‘hunters’ of supernatural activities or objects. The story started as some demon killed their mom twenty years back and they kids grew up chasing that demon and others like it. The show features heavily on urban legends and famous childhood monsters and the attitude of the brothers make the viewing a wonderful experience….

Great show! Highly recommended. I am glad that I finally got some time to watch that show.

Hot weather in Ramadan

14 09 2008

The past week has been a really hot one in terms of weather (the work environment is as cold as ever). In the month of Ramadan, I have seen such hot weather for the first time in my fasting life (I remember fasting when they used to occur in March).
The weather had been pretty hot (low 40’s) in Karachi for the past week. Though I come from Multan where 40 is considered to be a moderate temperature, I was never this desperate to drink water than I was today’s afternoon.

This very much sums up what we might be experiencing in the next few years of fasting as they are going to get into more hotter months…. Perhaps this is what the true essence of Ramadan is all about, the concept of self control – to stay away from the luxuries and to forbid on oneself the temptation of relaxation that a cold glass of water could bring to¬†a thirsty throat.

I hope that the rest of the holy month is bearable.

The pieces might already be falling into place

14 09 2008

Seems like my one and a quarter year diversified experience at my current client is finally screeching to a halt. Perhaps this month could be my last one at this location unless the client re-negotiates the contract.

After being ‘sent off’ on some separate project, the managers of mine are now reluctant to call me back to my original project. The reason could be that they have already hired a lot of their own team members and an outsourced consultant who himself is a major burden on their resources is now considered useless.

ahhhhh… i can sense some turbulent waters coming my way…. Lets see how I am gonna cope with it… and most importantly, how long till I jump ship.

On Blogosphere…. 3 years and counting!

6 09 2008

September, 2005…. till this day.

I have been active on blogosphere for the past three years. Below is a summary of my posts per month.

Month/Year Total Posts
Sep-05 6
Oct-05 13
Nov-05 9
Dec-05 9
Jan-06 2
Feb-06 2
Mar-06 5
Apr-06 6
May-06 6
Jun-06 4
Jul-06 4
Aug-06 4
Sep-06 4
Oct-06 12
Nov-06 11
Dec-06 9
Jan-07 10
Feb-07 11
Mar-07 19
Apr-07 18
May-07 20
Jun-07 12
Jul-07 11
Aug-07 18
Sep-07 19
Oct-07 14
Nov-07 14
Dec-07 9
Jan-08 12
Feb-08 11
Mar-08 16
Apr-08 11
May-08 6
Jun-08 8
Jul-08 9
Aug-08 7
Total Posts: 361


* These stats are based upon my Windows Live Blog (my oldest)

Back to business

2 09 2008

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sunshine!


I’m back after my struggle with my exams. They just finished today and i had to take a day off from work.

Today, I had two exams but i decided to miss one as my midterm exam result was pretty messed up and i didn’t want to get a D and live with it. So, i skipped it…. The rest of them were pretty much avarage. May be 3 C’s and a B would suffice. ūüôā

SO, its the holy month of Ramadan among us…. and its our opportunity to be sober .. like an angel ūüôā

I have lots of plan this month about learning new things, reading new books and chilling out. So, lets see where my ambitions take me too…. Also, its time for get togethers and "All You Can Stuff In Your Tummy" parties. And I am looking forward for a few of them this month :p


Ok, will post new stuff shortly. time to go ……………