So, what next?

5 01 2011

Call it resolutions, call it ambitions, call it fantasies.
This year, the list is a small one. but I will explain why I need to achieve it… and what makes me think i can achieve it… and whether it justifies the SMART (Simple, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) criteria.

So, here goes the list:

1 – Buy a car:
This item tops my list of to-do items for the year. I have never needed a car this badly… ever.
Simple:  I know exactly what i need to buy.
Measurable: Well yeah, I can measure it with the parameters of finances, availability of desired car and availability of will to buy one.
Attainable: I think i have the necessary finances, now i need to explore the market and ride one back home.
Realistic: Absofuckinglutely
Time-bound: Although i got a whole year to buy one, but buying one within the first four months is what i seek.

2 – Pass a Certification Exam: 
I have been trying to finish this one for the past two years, I am going to make this happen this year…. for sure! 
Simple:  Yup, appear in a certification exam and pass it too. 
Measurable: I can measure it with the parameters of training, finances, and time.
Attainable: With necessary training (and hands on practice – if needed) I will be able to get it done.
Realistic: as real as me writing this shit 
Time-bound: Expecting to start my training no later than Q2, and finish in Q4 this year.

3 – Change my goddamn cellphone: 
Need to buy something that has GPRS, WiFi, Music Support and preferably a QWERTY keyboard. Not looking for something fancy, but my desirable gadget is currently available under 15K tag.
Simple:  Cellphone is a single object. No complex set of prerequisites needed to get it in your pocket. 
Measurable: Measurable within the parameters of finances.
Attainable: I am likely to get some extra income from one of the projects i did last year. So, am gonna use that money to buy myself a cellphone. 
Realistic: very much… as long as i get the promised shit from the project.
Time-bound: Q1 this year.

4 – Hit a Gym and get in some decent shape: 
You know you need to smarten up when you are in a photo-shoot and the photographer winks at you and gestures you to flatten that belly of yours so that the photograph could look decent. and the worst part?  you are the guest of honor!

No need to use the stupid SMART criteria to justify this. its a matter of honor. So, gym in the winter and additional activity of swimming pool in the summer. with serious intention of learning to swim, not just splash around like i did the past year.

5 – Feed one hungry a day (at the least)  
That makes it feeding 365 hungry a year. Not a big number but it has to start from somewhere. I intend to estimate cost of a meal that might be sufficient to feed one normal person. my estimate is something around Rs. 35-40 (though breakfasts are more cheaper). This types of initiatives are needed badly as current inflation has affected the laborer class the worst.  
Simple: Its only one time meal a day. and you dont need to serve it to the person. just pay it to a decent charity of neighborhood diner.
Measurable: Measurable easily as i intend to pay on weekly basis. i.e. pay for seven people once a week.
Attainable: very much attainable, with some strong will and greed of eternal reward, I WILL DO IT!
Realistic: sounds ambitious, but once i get started, i can make it happen.
Time-bound: Full year – broken into weekly tasks

6 – Learn something new – non techy thingy  
May be its the half a decade long desire to own and learn to play a guitar. or may be learning to speak a foreign language. the possibilities are unlimited, but it is not the case with my will.

7 – Spend some time with family.   
I know they look forward to seeing me on the dinner table, it is me – the ignorant son-  who always let them down. Perhaps it is time now to pay back the favor – to have the honor of their company. not to eat outside unless i have no other choice and actually spend some time talking to them.

8 – For the love of god, solve this Rubick cube of mine  
I wanna do this for myself.. and myself only.

9 – Recurring tasks   
Watch new movies, explore new music genres, bang my head hard listening to heavy metal, read more books,  dream about more $$$, keep blogging, keep tweeting…. etc


I wonder i start tracking all this stuff in MS-Project and treat it as a set of project…and publish periodic progress about these. Agreeing to this would mean more work 😦