31 10 2005
void main(){
While (!EndOfWeekEnd());
//So after the weekend, I am back.
//Below is some code of my self constructed language to explain what i did in the gap.
//I am explaining everything in the comments.
me.SetOfficeHours(1500,2300);   //My Office timings are 1500 hrs to 2300 hrs PST.
BunchOfGuys bunch = Guys.PlannedToHangOut();    //a bunch of guys planned to hang out on saturday night;
Me.Joined(bunch);                //I joined the buch.
      me.PlayOnlineGames();          //I played online games till everyone got spared from their work
Clock.strike(0100);      //It was 1 in the morning before they were out.
bunch.HeadedForMall();   //we went to the shopping mall. Millenium Mall
MilleniumMall.BhoondyStatus(100);     //The bhoondy was great at the mall. lots of fun.!!!
bunch.GotTired();       //got tired at 3 AM
Array guys = bunch.Split();
me.ReturnedHome();       //I entered home at 4:00 in the morning
//—————————- END OF SATURDAY———————
//Now came the Sunday!!
Clock.Strike(1230);      //Clock was striking half past 12 in the noon.
me.WentOut("Tariq Road");    //Got out to Tariq Road for shopping;
me.WalletAmount(200);   //Not much amount, so not interested in buying.
while (!Iftari())
me.WentToMillenium();   //Went to Millenium again, this time with a cousin.
me.HadSheesha(); //smoked the sheesha, which is the flavoured tobacco.
//don’t remember anything as the program ended up in an endless loop and hung up the system

Back at my box

29 10 2005
Yo dudes!
After a few hours’ break, i m back at my good ol’ seat @ my office.
Same box, a more sleepy me dressed in jeans and T-shirt which needs severe washing.
Man last night was some night. and as soon as i got back home, i encountered some violent thrashing from everyone i met, and the motive of conversation was just the same..
"Where the F*** where you last night.?"
From the above sentence, i remember a song by Nirvana, and it goes like:
My Love, My Love, Dont’ lie to me, Tell me where did you sleep last night?
In the pines, in the pines, where the sun does never shines, I’ll shiver the whole night through…
talking of songs, another song is repeating and repeating and repeating in my mouth, i wish i had it recorded in audio on my space, but at this moment, i can only narrate whatever i remember of it:
Singer/Band: Nickelback
Song: This is how you remind me
Never made it as a wise man
 couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing
Tired of living like a blind man
I’m sick of sight without a sense of feeling
And this is how you remind me
This is how you remind me
Of what I really am
This is how you remind me
Of what I really am
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! its a weekend. The last weekend before EID, I hope the passing week flies like smooth and without any bad incident a.k.a a disaster or terror attack because this nation has had its share already!
I wish i get a few holidays and i fly back home to my family and friends and share some happy moments there. but, you never know, i might be writing my blog on Eid Day as well 😉

Night owl!

29 10 2005
Yo All!
Its 5:15 AM.
I spent last night at office.
For no reason, just to chill out.
but, still i feel that i can still work for a day or so.

Chillout at Timeout!

28 10 2005
Our department decided to have an iftar out. The location was decided (after much concerns and discussions) to be TimeOut at "The Forum- Clifton".
The Forum is an elegant shopping mall in the posh area of Karachi. We all gathered up at our department and went to the place just before iftar. After some rash driving by Fahd Qureshi, we managed to reach there in time (at aazaan time).
I found that TimeOut offered buffet at iftar for Rs. 300
"MAN!  ALL YOU CAN EAT FOR Rs. 300!", I yelled in surprise because i had anticipated the opposite. I knew, I was in luck as Buffet at this price was like playing at your home ground!
Man I am really a menace when it comes to eating.
I had my plate filled with all sorts of stuff, PIZZA, CHINESE stuff (Beef Chilli, Fried rice, Menchurian), Prawns and every one was literally surprised.
"Trust Me!", I said. "This is just the beginning".
I finished one serving, and then i devoured some different stuff like Nehari, Chicken Handi, Biryani, Naan.
Drinks were also flowing all the time… Rooh Afza A.K.A "Laal Sharbat" and "Pepsi".
After round two of eating, I was much filled up till the throat, but its not the Johnny way to quit like this!
This time i went for the desserts, all of my colleagues were already finished and were unable to move. I ate Gulab Jamans, Shaahi Tukray, Jalebi before retiring to the chair. I was finding it difficult to move….
Then, it was awara gardi time at the Forum. We window shopped every shop over there and then came back to office where i decided to share it with you people.
Thats all folks

All Covered up in…

24 10 2005
Saturday Night!
"Yea baby its the weekend, atleast i don’t have to worry about going to work tomorrow…"
These were my thoughts when i got out of my office this saturday.
I came to the busy main road and waited for the road to clear (we pakis don’t have signals to let us know when to walk or when not to walk. We rather wait a relatively calmer road to cross it).
A mini bus was coming my way, and behind it i could see the darkness.
"hmmmm… seems like a vacant road. Let the bus pass and i’ll cross the road". I thought.
As the buss whizzed past, i took a step forward towards the road. It was then i felt something being poured on my shirt…
"What the F***, Who the F***", I thought as I saw what i was all covered up in…
"PEEK", I yelled

Peek is a local word for the scum that is producted when people eat a local tobacco made material called ‘PAAN’. It is a special leaf, which is filled with tobacco, and some other stuff which, on chewing, creates a red colored liquid inside the mouch which needs to be spit out regularly.
 So, someone spat on my shirt with a mouthfull of peek. I forgot about crossing the road, the time seemed irrelevant to me. I became totally numb. Somehow, i took out a tissue paper (I usually keep none in my pockets) and wiped off my shirt for a few minutes.
Then, i came home and threw the shirt in the washing machine and started it….
(the rest of the process is bullshit so i won’t explain it)
"Whey did someone spit on me?", I questioned my self.
"You DESERVE it! @$$H0L3", A sound from inside of me answered.
"Yes, Probably I Deserve to be spit, I do"

How to Timepass?

20 10 2005
Its 4:20 PM in PST. The fast will be broken at 6:05 PM and I am already feeling awful
Those lousy chicks in my room have nothing to talk except their tailors and different clothing patterns and market. I wish I could join them but can’t help it out. I have to bear their girly talk…..
Man! I am gonna freak out!
Sometimes it happens, that some music keeps on repeating and repeating (similar to the case when a CD gets stuck in the player and same snippet repeats itself). Today is one such day!
Well, I have nothing else to do so, i’ll take it out on this blog. I am writing the lyrics (as i remember them)
maybe someday in a few years time, i might come back to this page and enjoy what i had written. Thats what the blogs are basically for to bring back those good and bad times.
The song is called ‘When I am gone’ by ‘3 Doors Down’.
There’s another world inside of me that you may never see.
There’s secrets in this life that I can’t hide.
Somewhere in this darkness there’s a life that I can’t find.
Maybe it’s too far away… or maybe I’m just blind!.
So hold me when I’m here right me when I’m wrong.
Hold me when I’m scared and love me when I’m gone.
Everything I am and everything in me
Wants to be the one you wanted me to be.
I’ll never let you down even if I could.
I’d give up everything if only for your good.
So hold me when I’m here right me when I’m wrong.
You can hold me when I’m scared but you won’t always be there,
So love me when I’m gone, love me when I’m gone
(the song doesn’t ends here but that all i could remember……… DUH!)
Enough for the day.

The pack of dogs I belong to…

13 10 2005


They say we Pakis are as faithful as a dog to President Bush.

This comment caused uproar among the masses.

Well, this past week was one tough exam for this nation, and the way the nation (and politicians) united for a common cause was very encouraging- the cause was to help those in peril.

Yes, this faithfulness and selfless devotion refers to only one animal "The Dog".

So, we really are dogs who have worked in unison to make sure that the needy people get the aid.


I have never been much proud of this pack of dogs people call ‘Pakis’.

If we are dogs, then I am a PROUD MEMBER!


Long live Unity; long live this Pack of Dogs I belong to!


Shock and Awe…

10 10 2005
8th Of October, 2005.
8:51 AM PST:
It started to rumble gradually…
People woke up from their sleeps…
There was one violent shock followed by another…
and with a huge crash, their own roof closed down on them…
Then there was silence …. only rustling death….
9:00 AM PST:
First news of the great earthquake started to emerge as "BREAKING NEWS" on various news channels.
People from un-affected areas got their first insight of the drama that was going to unfold on this weekend (drama? or human catastrophe?)
10:40 AM PST:
I was forced to wake up from my slumber by the deafening sound of TV.
I was still drowsy and wanted to sleep, but the loud sound from the TV kept me away from falling back into the valley of sleep.
I focused my eyes on the rotating choppers of the fan high above the ceiling while i focused my ears on the audible sound of the TV. The channel was GEO (I could have recognized the newscaster’s voice from millions) and he was saying like ‘… rescuers are being pulled out from the rubble of the collapsed Islamabad building..’
WHAT.???? I jumped up from my bed and rushed to the TV room…
What I saw was just the beginning of what we are still experiencing two days later.
12:50 PM PST:
The death toll is expected to be 2000.
20000 confirmed deaths…
I said, still counting!
It is still counting.
No access to hundreds of remote villages in Northern parts where whole population of these villages have perished. Not even the media teams have arrived due to road blocks.
Every rescue effort is being done in Islamabad where death toll couldn’t be more than one hundred.
We all could wait and do nothing as living souls trapped underneath the rubble of their own sweet homes take their last breaths and drown into the eternal sleep.
Who will help these helpless souls? me? musharraf? or the angel of death?. The last choice seems realistic.
I just wonder whether 50000 expected deaths is a realistic estimate? do you think?

Just after iftar of 2nd fast

7 10 2005
Due to my timings at the office, I am having my iftar at the office. today was the second fast and i just had iftar.
The first iftar was supplied by the office but this one was arranged by ourselves.
there is still fruit chat left.

So it started…

5 10 2005
Happy Ramazan to all of you.
The month of blessings and forgiveness is now officially underway.
Tomorrow, I have to get early morning to have sehri (oh I simply hate to get up THAT early!) and to fast the full day.
After the fast, there will be a feast! and feast we shall have.
May the blessings of Ramazan be upon all of us, including me. AMEN!