On Pillow Fights

28 03 2008

I just came to know that 22nd of March is celebrated as a Pillow Fight Day. http://www.pillowfightday.com/

WOwww! People do have enough time to do this publicly. I envy them :@

Now, pillow fight has some vague but funny memories associated with me. Though considered to be a girly activity I once loved pillow fights. (i guess that’s why i am such a pussy) Me and my brother used to pillow fight when i was a kid- around 17-18 years back :), that once-harmless pillow fight would soon turn into a full fledged physical battle and one of my parents had to come forth and intervene by his/her supreme authority to finish that *game* of ours.

Now, After so many years of dormant existence, the word ‘pillow fight’ has once again woken up. I suddenly feel the urge to grab a pillow and beat the hell out of somebody.

I think pillow fight is a very good activity. Under the supervision of parents, it could be a very fun-filling physical exercise for young kids. They would have all the liberty of swinging their arms and legs and be engaged in a physical activity which has very little risk of getting an injury. Now, as the above mentioned site states about organizing pillow fight activities in public, this gets more fun. Imagine a whole army of adults banging their pillows on total strangers and everyone is giggling, happy.. No fear of being blown to pieces by some fucking terrorist. The grass is suddenly greener and sky blue.

sounds nice, isn’t it ???? keep reading, the more fun part is yet to begin…

How many of you fantasize yourself (in your boxers) with a bunch of chicks in their lingerie, engaged in a fierce pillow fight on a water bed ????

yeahhhhhhhhhhh Me too… I want my pillow fight !!! :p

Suddenly, i can hear a voice…. and the voice says….






maybe next year 🙂


Today’s proceeding – Quick n Dirty

27 03 2008

So, as another day comes to an end, I must share my experiences of my so called busy day with you. If you read my yesterday’s blog, you would have known that I had three interviews to conduct and today whizzed past just like a blink of an eye.

While i fixed bugs, I evaluated two people for their suitability for the organization. (the third one didn’t show up). I recommended one of them, the other one was turned down.

During lunch time, my inner hidden (partial) superman stirred but i won’t express his feelings as it would be too much to ask for for a short blog post.

So, tomorrow, I have no interview to take and I will focus on fixing bugs that currently remain open in my list.

I have taken my allergy pills and my eyes are already getting heavier. So, I am going offline to iron the shirt i am supposed to wear for tomorrow. and then its the sweet sleep fairy who will accompany me to the valleys of forgetfulness.


Hectic day tomorrow…. pufffff

25 03 2008

Tomorrow, Yours truly has three interviews to conduct. All three of them experienced folks.

Lets see what becomes of my wretched schedule tomorrow 😦

Your pal in need

24 03 2008

Today around 7:00 PM, when i was ready to leave the office the desk phone rang. I picked it up just to prove that i was here. On the other side of the line was @#$@.

Dammit, I thought, What the hell is he doing. I had thought he had left already for the day. He sounded worried. What followed afterwords was an important activity that i performed in my stay thus far in this department.

He asked me to turn on the computer and to do as he asked me to do. I asked and he said that the live server is having some problems and i was the only guy around to fix that.

He instructed me to start/stop services, to remove files and to continuously test the running services. After around half an hour, the process was successful. He thanked me and the call was disconnected.

So, I did some important thing (the first one) in my stay here. Lets see what tomorrow brings me.

A copy of my Orkut Profile …

24 03 2008

I just decided to change the ‘About Me’ section of my orkut profile, so i am posting the previous profile here, so that it is kept in documentation.

The new ‘About Me’ section is pretty simple. No long text 🙂

This may well be my last profile update at Orkut.



I am the man,
I am the one.

I am nothing but perfeKt. numero uno!

Last night was great, I walked down the stage and the crowd went wild……
"Johnny!…. Johnny!…… Johnny!", they were yelling in a trance like chorus.
There was something special about this crowd. They were all chicks. White chicks, black chicks, brown chicks, tall chicks, short chicks, big chicks, skinny chicks, cold chicks, nympho chicks, asian chicks, african chicks, and nothing but chicks. I waved and the crowd went Wiiiiild once again (yeah i have charms).

So, the concert began. I was good, very good. Johnny ‘The Rock King’, Johnny ‘the Metal g0d’ showed his true colors and the night was turned on.
And soon, it was time to play my final tune, this was supposed to be so heavy that i could bring people from the dead. I took a deep breath and played…


ah oh, this is no guitar sound, i thought..


and i stirred…. am i hearing things ? or the amplifiers have done somthing negative to my ears ??? As i opened my eyes, the vision died.

the chicks are replaced by the off-white curtains of my bedroom and the beeping sound is actually of my alarm clock that means its 7:00 in the morning and its time to drag your l0Ser Ass out of the bed and prepare for office.

Going to office is one heck of an exercise itself. One has to clean up, get dressed and then wait for the right bus so that you could get enough hanging space in the doorway of the bus.

And office, ah… a big hall full of cubicles. In one of those semi-lit dungeons, i pretend to work… staring at the screens that say things like ‘210 compilation errors’, ‘exception occured at Line 392’, ‘Urgent Message From Boss: Please come over…’ blah blah…

Well, thats life for me. A simple one indeed. You wake up from a dream and keep working your ass out for the whole day to make your life a dream life …….. and eventually fall back to sleep and dream of chicks.

So, thats what I am all about. A loser, a dreamer, a total no one. So, while you dig what i am all about, i gotta get back to my dream.
[NOTE: If you really have faltoo time to waste on me, then visit my blog at http://burhanz.spaces.live.com and see what i am upto… WARNING: the blog is rated R and contains writing of explicit nature. parental guidence is advised]

More Adventures of the (Partial) Superman…

22 03 2008

Refer to my post: I am the (Partial) Superman to get the background information before reading this one.

Last Monday;

It lunch time in the afternoon and yours truly, accompanied by two more friends finished lunch at a local dhaba and set off to office. The day was windy, In fact it was so windy that I was having trouble walking straight, as I neared the turn of NBP head office, I saw someone….
The instant I saw her, my sixth sense told me that my dessert time has just begun. Suddenly, with a stirring; my dormant (Partial) Superman woke up. and by using his inborn x-ray vision abilities scanned her from head to toe.

The numbers flashed before my eyes and the display said something like:


Subject Name:  Unknown
Age: 24-27 years (approx)
Height: 5′ 6"
Built: Skinny
Complexion: Wheatish
More Description: The subject of mine was wearing a long kurta (probably made of lawn) with a silky trouser (the tight pant style) , sans dupatta (the industry norm) 

By the time finished the scanning, we had already turned towards the office building with me and two of my friends following the couple (not intentionally though), ……………… suddenly the wind blows, hair fly, kurta flutters and my frustrated (partial) superman is presented with the *dessert*. (a rather skinny dessert but better than getting nothin’). :p

Now, the fun part…. The subject of mine was absolutely aware of what the wind is doing to her slutty outfit, but she should have thought about it before she came out in the public with that thing on. Now, the public was getting the best value for their money. She had to take a decision to avoid further embarrassment, she had two choices: * Cover the front, * Cover the back.
She opted for the former choice and with fists she pulled the fabric down to where it should be but the back fabric was out of control and our good luck, we were following the couple. 🙂

So, after 30 or so seconds of the heavenly sight, the entrance of my building came and a friend of mine literally dragged me in from the car exit gate (not usually used by us) 🙂

The scene as seen was shared to the other public at our office (and now to the general public)

This brings an end to another one of the adventure of the (partial) superman. Hope you guys enjoyed it. More posts yet to come.

The Carefree weekend

21 03 2008

I envy those who are enjoying a long long weekend.

Today is the "Eid-Milad-un-Nabi" and its a public holiday (Friday).
Lots of people are having a holiday on Staruday and then on Sunday. (lucky folks)

Some more lucky bastards who work for MNCs have a holiday on Monday too (Easter holiday).


and here I am, ready to go to office tomorrow where I will pretend to work for some hours and then will have to conduct an interview as well.

Last night I watched StarDust, and I liked it. Good to watch a mild movie after watching movies like Rambo 4 and similar gore movies.

My exams are over, the last one on E-Commerce which was supposed to be my key to GPA improvement proved to be unfruitful. They asked all sort of business related questions but no technical questions. arghhhhh.

So, what now ? lets watch movies and have fun till the next semester starts in 10 days time.

and yeah, I bought coupons of pizzas yesterday and distributed amongst three guys. So, The prophecy of me being a pizza junkie is true.

woof woof.

So, i am publishing this post now. CYA!