sniff.. snort.. cough… cough… sniffff snort… !

28 09 2005
Yeah I have been feeling sick for a couple of days. (just seasonal flu)
Today when I got up, I was feeling bad, so I went to the doctor and got a load of medicine (ah… another burden on my wallet)
I hope  that I will feel fine next day!

Doing something for today

28 09 2005
After being bored for a long tome, i decided to learn something so I chose to learn a topic that was bugging me, so I started to learn how to implement RSS feeds.
hmmmmmmm interesting stuff!

boooooooring dayyyyyyyy

28 09 2005


so what to do?

Music:  nayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,

browsing: no way, forget it!

bidding: out of leads… :[

No credit in the mobile, so no miss calls to friends


Lets hope the weekend is fun…


Maniac MONDAY , @*#$%@!

26 09 2005
Ok, here i am back on monday. Time is 5:36 PM PST.
Yesterday, I visited the marketplace and bought myself a novel ‘Angels and Demons’ by ‘Dan Brown’.
His novel ‘The DaVinci Code’ was very good, so I wasted no time in purchasing this book. The start of the book is pretty impressive and I had to force myself to get away from it and get prepared for the office.
Can’t hardly wait to get back and read further!


24 09 2005

9:07 PM PST,

 yes, saturday night has begun, i am sitting in front of my computer, guessing what to do! .

downloaded new course from microsoft *FREE* Learning (thanks to uncle bill, he cares about those programmers who are broke). Hoping to read a couple of articles till 11 PM (the time I will be leaving for home {yes, thats the place I sleep})

so long, this might be the last entry for this weekend. lets see when i post my new entry!



yet another weekend :(

24 09 2005
ok, another weekend
I am wondering that I should keep on adding entries to this blog
ah weekend, lonely saturday night with me and my FM radio whose headphones have stopped working
another expense to my already empty wallet!
Its 4:23 PM here
well its a long day ahead of me till I take my leave at 11 PM
lets see what happens!