2006 – The Year’s Review

29 12 2006

Its good to see myself writing another year’s review this december. I remember writing the last one on the 31st of December, 2005 and i was working late at my office. Ahh, how times change and so do the people!.

Ok, today happens to be the 29th of December, 2006. Yet two more days before the year comes to an end but i am writing this review today becuause i am going on a 5 day vacation regarding Eid.

I was hundreds of miles away from my family when the year started, i was working late that night when the fireworks started hence indicating that a new year had started. There was uncertainty in the air about the current job, rumors flying around about the fate of the organization that i used to work for but i persisted to work for a few more months, i got offers from comapnies on Team lead positions but i refused. I discovered and explored the world of Orkut and found new friends and extended relationships (or illusions). Visited my home town thrice January (Bakra Eid), April and October (Eid ul Fitr), Quit my Job in June and joined another company where i sit currently and write this blog..

I found myself emotionally tormented, memories that i try to forget but still can’t. Wasn’t able to chat with close friends that much or i would have felt a lot better. When i joined the new company, i found new pals (actually formed one of the most notorious gangs of all times in that company) to have some good times.

As far as work is concerned, the quality of work detoriated but the quantity increased. I joined this organization for the sake of work, and work i am doing. Ok, i must admit that i was able to learn new things that will help me in the future. but i didn’t get the satisfaction that i disired.. i don’t know when i will ever find satisfaction at work.

I finally found my interest in doing the studies, I attended a 3 month course on ASP.net to keep myself abreast with the technology changes and now attending workshops on the WinFX stuff which i seriously intend to pursue. And another big leap that i took was to take admission in MBA at the VU. Currently the MBA is going along "Dhakka Start" but i am just like "Forrest Gump" who doesn’t know what he is doing but he remains persistant. So, i hope to finish this one day in the future…

Monetary, the year was so so, there was no increase in my earnings, i was able save a few bucks from my commitee savings and used that money to spend on my computer (the used machine that i recently bought).

So, as this year with lots of bad decisions comes to an end, i still hope for a miracle. 2006 was one of the important years of my life (especially my professional and emotional life) as i experienced life the way i hadn’t experienced before. I switched jobs, found new friends and *lost contact* with some people i never wanted to lose. But life has to go, so with this hope i continue to live for the sake of good times and the for the sake of the ones i care for.

Lets see what the new year has to offer… i am keeping my fingers crossed!

Baba-e-Qaum kay mazay

28 12 2006

This 25th december was more *enlightened moderated* then the previous ones as the government decided to assign minorities and *Female cadets* on the tomb of the Father of the Nation.

Yeah chicks! and above all the soldier chicks! Baba jee would never have been so proud of his nation before. Now with the Qaid lying beneath watching those chicks move from below………ooooooooooooooooof what a sight would that be…

i saw that picture in the newspaper with those chicks standing stiff on the gates of the tomb alongwith another one of their male counterpart. What i noticed was that the chick was carrying a sword. Perhaps that sword is used to deal with our filthy minded nation coz since the day ppl heard about female guards, the entrance to the Baba’s tomb surged higher than ever. all the faarig people of surrounding areas considered it their top priority to pay *homage* to the father of the nation.


I suspect that its a marketing plan to raise funds by placing chicks in the tomb so that the nation couldn’t forget their leader…. ūüôā

Till next time, Johnny signs off!

This is an untitled post :)

23 12 2006

ummmmmmmmmm forcing¬† myself to write somethign although i don’t want to write anything..

So, what is new around ? nothing i guess.

But whatever i feel that i should comment should be posted in this blog today..

First i’ll start with the latest crap from my office.

Someone quoted my boss that "We need donkeys to do our work here.."
My Comments: "And donkeys you’ll get". coz human beings have needs that you’re not willing and not able to fulfill.

Another one of our fellow coworkers quit this week. My bosses worked their ass off to persuade him to stay, but the determined dude said NO to their every request.
My Comments: "Fine for him, atleast he is going for a better organization, and besides an employer needs to be proactive and should offer market competetive packages to its employees when hiring instead of begging its employees not to leave when they leave for better packages. Another point that i wanted to make was that when your provide your employees with such a pethatic environment, nothing is gonna stop you from quitting this job".

Our Boss has reiterated to my team lead a few times that Burhan (Yours truly) is always chilling around with others, Employees waste a lot of time in the morning while greeting each other, while they should only wave to each other in the morning and get to work"
My Comments: "Dear Mr Boss, I respect your comments but you can’t keep the water from flowing otherwise it will get stale. If you want me to work to my maximum extent then you should let me do the fun thingy alongwith work. Besides, if one stays at his seat for 8 hours, it doesn’t mean that he is working. He could be staring at his screen doing nothing at all…"





Ok, now getting to some other news,

In the past consecutive weeks, there were two strikes, One was observed by Pathanz and they blocked every single piece of transport causing a shutdown of businesses. The second one was observed by those MotherFu**er Mulla Group (MMA) against the newly presented bill (AKA "The Enlightened Moderation Ordinance"). This new ordinace superseeds the infamous "Hudood" ordinance. Although i am not in favor of any of the ordinace coz one is extremist while the other fully allows the masses to engage in sexual activities without being afraid of being slashed. However, i beleive that the Maulvis are being too childish this time. They declared that each and every one of their party would resign if the bill was passed but then refused to resign after the bill was confirmed by the senate. They are nothing but Power hungry assholes (just like the other parties).

Mushi will be contending for presidency the next year. So, this means that he’ll finally be putting off his "Wardi". finally……..

And in the end, the Bakra Eid is just around the corner. This time , i’ll be spending my time here as my family will be joining me in Karachi. My mom and sis are arriving here tomorrow while Dad and bro will join us the next weekend. During these holidays, i intend to cover up my missed lectures and watch those pornos that i have left for better times…. ūüôā

Yet another party

20 12 2006

Much to the surprise of the office gang, an unexpected party¬†came up when our boss offered the company owned farm house to the gang. the premises was to be supplied by the company while the gang had to arrange other stuff like food, drinks etc…

On the short notice of two days only, ten of the team members agreed to come along (that includes yours truly).

So, we left for farm house after office on Friday 15th of December coz this was one of those weekends that gives us a Saturday as a day off.

Set off on two cars, yours truly was the event manager and had the responsibility of arranging the stuff. it was not until 15 minutes after our departure from the office that we realized that we had forgotten the Biryani of dinner. So, we had to turn back to office and bring it along.

We reached the farm house just before 8 PM and had almost 4 hours at our disposal. As we unpacked the gear, the sight of water was so exotic that it turned us on and almost half of the gang jumped into the pool. One of them actually got so possessed that he jumped in without taking out his wallet and valuables hence soaking his cards, money etc…


After the pool fun, dinner was served. Biryani and Grilled Chicken tikka was the menu of the day and everyone had a load full of meal.

As the food was finished, all was set for a musical entertainment show. Guys showed their skills in music, dancing with a skilled DJ playing the music.


We partied till the stroke of midnight until the party was called off and everyone returned to their homes for the weekend.

Schiller – I Feel you lyrics

12 12 2006
feel you...
in every stone
in every leaf of every tree
you've ever grown
[that you ever might have grown] 
i feel you...
in every thing
in every river that might flow
in every seed you might have sown

i feel you...
in every vein
in every beating of my heart
each breath I take
[in every breath i'll ever take]

i feel you...
in every tear that i might shed
in every word i've never said

i feel you...

The Wild Night Out!

11 12 2006

Ah, its monday again. the bringht sunshine illuminates the whole room where I work and reminding me that its the start of another week. The saturday night was a wild one (infact the whole saturday was a chill one).

The guys had a wonderful lunch at office which was sponsored by a couple of my coworkers and the lunch was so fucking filling that nearly everybody started drowsing in the afternoon. Finally, the moment of liberation arrived and the clock struck 6 – This means that you are ready to shut down the PC and start getting dressed…. A couple of the dudes brought hair Gels and i had brought Glittering powder coz its very dark and illuminating at the Alley.

So, after messing my hair with Gel and glitters, everyone was ready to leave… the ride was supposed to be a nice one as a pal had brought his car to office and the whole gang of 5 hopped in….

Everything went fine initially until a jackass gang member suggested a shorter route and we turned onto a path that took us deeper and deeper into the wilderness and when we realized we had reached the creek… So, everyone started cursing the culprit and turned back towards the main road.

We reached the club an hour late.. the game was just about to begin, so the whole gang occupied a lane and started the "Most Noisy and most vulgar Shugal" of the evening.

After the bowling fun, it was time to fill that tummy and the buffet awaited, more than half a dozen types of cuisine to choose from and the same number of dessert items. It really was a fun filled dinner alongwith live music..

If anyone thought the party was over after the dinner, then they were fucking wrong. coz we deserted the lazy "family type" men and went out to the sea view for a hot cup of coffee and chatting in the cool sea breeze. There we experienced the cheapest display of morality by every one involved including our managers. huh! all pakis are the same when it comes to staring the chicks. ūüôā

Eventually, the night was over and so was the fun, as the clock struck¬†1 AM, the guys returned back home with wide smiles on their faces…
Yet another moment to cherish.. don’t know when is the next one but looking forward for it!


8 12 2006

Ok, my exams are finallly over! The last exam on Computing went as good as ever. would hopefully be securing more than 90% marks.

Today being the Friday will be a Khapa day as we go to a nice place for our lunch every friday. Today is a bit different as a co-worker of mine is throwing up a party over the lunch in cellebration his engagement. So, its supposed to be gooooood (its always good when its Mufta).

And one more thing, tomorrow is going to be another party as we have a get together as Eid-Mai Lun party (the Eid that was gone almost 2 months ago). We have decided to go to the Royal Rodale Club which is considered cool.. Lets hope we find a lot of chicks there.. but the likelyhood is quite small as the club management knows a bunch of losers are coming there way and they would warn the chicks to run for their lives.

I¬†will apply Gel to my newly done hair and would apply glitter on them coz the lighting at the bowling alley makes things to glow…. ūüėõ

So, as i wait for the mufta to be delivered, i bid you farewell once again with a promise that I will be posting again shortly!!!


Welcome Winter

6 12 2006

It rained continously for two days on Sunday and Monday, Jamming all traffic on the main roads (the usual stuff).
The Tuesday morning was bright and sunny – not to mention more chilly than any other day. As i stepped out, i realized that the Winter has finally arrived in Karachi. – Finally.

So, its time to wear your sweaters, jackets, warm socks. Its time to take out your heaters and turn on your geasers. Its time that people start gaterhing around the soup vendors rather than icecream parlors. Its the good time of the year – yet again. But, its not the toughest of winters that i have seen. I have been to more extreme places where the dew would turn to frost in the morning causing a crackling sound when you step on it. I remember the puddles of water¬†on the roadsides would develop a thin layer of ice and the amazing crunchy sound whenever you walk over them. ah… sweet and bitter memories of the past life.

So, moving on… with life and to the current scenario.and the crux of the matter is:¬†Its winter in Karachi and i can feel it in my balls ūüôā

As everything that has a beginning, has an end. My mid term exams are finally coming to an end. Only one exam remains which is of Computers and i can do it without getting prepared at all! Last two papers were as drastic as ever but i will eventually pass them both (i only has to secure 7/35 marks to make it happen). But with the end of these exams, a daunting task awaits me and it requires me to re-schedule my study hours, do lots n lots of studies and get as much marks as possible coz to pass the exam in the final term you need to get an aggregate of 50% marks. So, this month will be the month when i buy my computer and i have some how sorted out where to put it. and the place is not so surprisingly – OPEN AIR. Yeah, i am buying a mobile trolley (like the ones you use to serve goodies to your guests) and will put my whole machine on it. all i need to do is to put it at a relatively less crowded place and plug it in!

As my blog comes to an end as well, i would like to refer to the last day’s decision of the supreme court of Pakistan about the doping scandal of our two ace bowlers. The bowlers were banned for 2 years as they used banned substances during their recovery phase, the Supereme court reverted that decision and allowed them to play. Now, could this give rise to a controversy ? are we not notorious enough in other ways and yet we have allowed our players to use banned stuff ? Just for the lighter side of things, what if my boss thinks that this decision should be applicable to all and forces us to use performance enhancing drugs so that we could work un-tiringly for 20 hours a day ??? Horrible indeed!!

Ok, with these concerning remaks, i bid you farewell once again. Hopefully will come back with new crap to write about.

Till then, CYA!!!!!!!!

Goodbye My Beloved

4 12 2006

As I entered my office today a few minutes before 9, i was all wrapped up in a hooded raincoat (more of a stylish jacket than a raincoat), i was instantly noticed by the office boy who smiled a bit mockingly.

He is probably laughing at the way i am wrapped up, the voice inside of me said.
You don’t get much opportunities to wrap yourself up in winter clothes. So, i am availing every opportunity that i get ; after all, i have a few jackets and sweaters to show off!

So, as i reached my seat, a guy was already there working. I took off my jacket and then my ESPN cap that i bought a couple of years back for Rs. 100. As i sat down and turned on my PC, the guy inside the room yelled at me. WOW!!!……
Ok, he noticed me wearing a jacket as well, i thought.
"Yeah, it was raining when i set off from home, so i decided to wear a waterproof jacket.", i tried to explain.
"No, man. Its your head i am talking about"….

oops… i almost forgot about my head – i realized. and as a response i grinned at him.

Yeah, Yesterday i finally decided to fullfill the promise i made to my mom more than a month ago. and i went to the barber and had a very detailed hair cut …….. ūüė¶

My hair had grown very tall. that they had started to cover my full ear and reached my shoulders. and now, i have those little spiky type of hair cut. Man, i loved my hair but my mama’s persuation and my own hairfall compelled me to take this action. Ah, my head seems so light now. no flying hair to adjust and i look like a totally different man – I look hot!

I don’t think that i’ll be able to grow my hair that big again, so i took a couple of photographs for some memories. and i will post them on this blog shortly.

So, there go my hair again and this time i beleive, that they are gone for good! So, lets start applying Gels and creams to cherish the current moment coz i don’t know whether i have my hair this thick in a year’s time or not. and i’ll also try to apply some olive/mustard oil on my head in anticipation of thickening my hair.

Ok, enough for today.

Till next time, Johnny signs off!