Feasts and Feasts….

29 09 2007

As i prepare to leave for home for another weekend in ramazan, i realized that this week has been a very hectic one (in terms of eating out).

In the past seven days, i have had two eating orgies with my friends and one with the family. and after every one, my tummy felt like one erupting volcano ready to blow!

I would only recall two of them (the one with friends) as they were more fun and more WILD!

Sunday, 23rd of September:

An unexpected call from Danish to get together over the iftari made me excited as ever, The venue was Pizza hut as they had "All you can eat" deal, and the nature of treat was to go dutch. The deal was supposed to cost us 400 bucks but we had made the plan. The feast started at Iftari time with Traditional Khujoors and drinks and after fifteen minutes, dinner was served! and boy O boy, it was a havoc. People yelling, waiters running, mouths watering and drinks spilling. We ate and ate… I smoked too! The deal contained salads, drinks and a variety of pizzas. It was nothing but total torture on one’s self. After half the eating, my stomach started to beg me to stop but it wasn’t until a few more slices of pizzas that i stopped. As a matter of fact, i gave up – I succumbed to the delicacy of pizza. However, Danish didn’t stop and continued to eat to get every single penny’s worth of his spending. ooooh.

After the orgy was over, i walked back home.


Friday, 28th of September:

We were trying to get hold of Murti as he had done a remarkable job by getting engaged! He agreed to accomodate us on any working day as he is not available on weekends. I asked danish and he reluctantly agreed. This time the spot was Murti’s place (Sindhi Muslim) where there are lots of food spots including Nando’s, KFC, Pizza Experts, Eaton and a few other spots. Despite my struggle to convince murti to let us into Nando’s, he didn’t agree and said that we shall visit nando’s after the prayers. When we got there, the place was crowded and the waiters didn’t let us in… another slap!

Then we moved to Pizza Experts and the place was crowded too but we decided to wait half an hour before proceeding. The items were the same as the ones in the earlier feast – All you can Eat. We started devouring the appetizers until the main course was served and we devoured it and devoured it again and again. I was the first one to give up as usual. Damn what has happened to me. I wasn’t like this at all. I was the guy who used to get up in the very end but look at me, I am totally ruined!
So, after the eating was over, we had cold coffee and then presented Murti with a deodorant.

This feast had a worse impact on me, and i was having a tummy ache when i got back. I had to wake up at midnight to take two hajmolas and a little Chooran to get myself into the groove and i had to skip sehri and had to rely on the youghurt to start the day.

All you can eat deals are just a torture to one’s tummy. Its a short cut way to spend huge amount of money for a very little period of joy and certainly an easy way to gain cholestrol and weight.

Feeling thirsty in Ramadan ?

27 09 2007

jab bhi ramazan main apko pias lagay to ye parhain 5 martaba.
La haula wala pepsi cola
wala coca cola
wala fanta cola
wala pakola ila bila dew ul azeem.ameen


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Halo 3: Released

27 09 2007

Halo 3 is the final episode of the Halo trilogy. I remember people yelling Halo Halo Halo when the part 1 was released way back. and now i see the same enthusiasm among the people.

Halo 3 is considered to be the biggest release and the most anticipated release in the gaming industry ever! and guess what ? who is the publisher ??? none other than Micro$oft itself. MS decided to get into this gaming stuff and have succeeded in it.

Halo3 is currently available only for the XBox 360 platform and it will take some time before it is released on the PC platform.

but wait, who the hell am I to talk this ??? I am no gaming expert nor am i an enthusiast. I am just a lamer who knows nothing about Halo. I haven’t even played Halo 1 coz i don’t own a XBox and my PC is too fucked up to run Halo. 🙂

But i like games. just the same way i like babes… :p  hahahah.

hmmmm Microsoft Marketing guys say that they intend to sweep the market by the end of this year, and with the mega response they have received, they might just be right.

BB has plans for AQ

27 09 2007


The latest bitch of Mushi and the ex-corrupt prime minister of the land of the pure BB (A.K.A. Big Bitch) says that once she is selected as the Prime minister of Pakistan, she will hand over Dr. A.Q Khan to the UN for interrogation.

This is just a slap to the public of this already fucked up nation as AQ is considered as a savior for the nation even though he admitted to sell nukes to Iran and N.Korea. but Mushi did it right to quarantine AQ Khan from the vultures of the IAEA but the bitch wants to sell him.

She is such a beyatch that she would even deny Zulfiqar Bhutto as his father, She would even deny my ‘relationship’ with herself (ok, Ok, i don’t wanna get into the details of this colorful history ),

So bitch, Who is your daddy ???

Daddy wanna spank you ! do you love daddy ????





Who is your daddy bitch ???

Eid is drawing nearer…

27 09 2007


The roadside vendors are growing in number day by day…

The card shops are getting more and more illuminated…

The tailors are open almost full night…

Soon, the bangles and mehndi and artificial jewellery will be in the list of sold items too…


…. Its time to prepare for EID.

We are now 10 days into the Ramadan and every day brings us nearer to the big day. However, this time the occasion will not be celebrated as it was celebrated the year back and the year prior to that. The reason being the recent death of my Grandfather, So in remembrance of his demise, i am not preparing any new clothes this year. Though, we folks might go out for feasts during the month of ramadan but thats a totally different issue.

I wonder what this year’s eid holds for me???

The journey of a thousand certifications…

27 09 2007

Oh, i just forgot to tell you that i got certified…. this monday

Yeah baby, finally i decided to commit what i used to consider a sin. Well, call it an attempt under pressure as my "dignity" or "manhood" was under suspicion as lame kids were getting themselves certified and a 5 year old veteran like me wasn’t . So, i appeared in the exam and secured 965/1000.

The exam was Microsoft Technology Specialist for Web based Client applications. (Code named: 70-528)

Now i wish to complete the .NET framework App Development Foundation exam as well to get the full MCTS track. I intend to apply in the next month. All i lack is a credit card because the registration is only applicable via a credit card.

Anyways, i am attaching my logo with the blog:

Lets see where this race of weapons (i mean certifications take me). Will I be consumed by the lust of more certifications ??? I guess so, but only time and my wallet will tell where i end up!

Cricket team gets screwed again….

26 09 2007

"They played hard to reach the finals………. and screwed it at the very end!"

This line perhaps best describes the performance of the Pakistani cricket team in the T20 world cup.

They met arch-rivals India in the final and did well to restrict them to less than 8 runs/over rate. But, as we have seen that the pakis have trouble chasing anything over 7 runs/over and thats what they did.

The batting order didn’t do as well as they had to do, Hafeez, Younis, Afridi all falling cheaply. Imran, Shoaib and Misbah did something to give support but didn’t capitalize on the opportunity.

With 4 overs to spare, the required run rate had hit the 13 runs/over mark and 2 wickets remained, Misbah did a wonderful job and started hitting sixes around the park. Soon with 1 over remaining, they needed 12 runs and one wicket.

The first ball was hit for a six, Now 6 on 5 balls, Misbah came to strike and tried a sneaky shot over the wicket keeper and short fine leg but ended up being caught at the short fine leg. The world cup was over with india winning by 5 runs.

Though the fans were enraged but they had a little drop of hope of winning the crunch game but the pakistani team is just like the government – Hopeless!

Later at night, i received this amazing vulgar SMS that highlights the team. Its in Punjabi so, i hope you are going to understand it:

9 Punjabi, 2 pathan
Lun Jiteya Pakistan.

Gandoo Openers tey Phuddar Kaptan
Lun Jiteya Pakistan

Harami Selectors, Dalla Kaptan
Lun Jiteya Pakistan

Woolmer mar gaya, hoya bada nuqsaan
Lun Jiteya Pakistan

Yaway Malik tey maa di phuddi wich wade Younis Khan
Lun Jiteya Pakistan

Phuddi da Hafeez tey Kutti da Imran
Lun Jiteya Pakistan

Umer Gul di bhein nu Lun tay bhain chod Kamran
Lun Jiteya Pakistan

HBL nay kita Elaan
Lun Jiteya Pakistan…!

Chak de India!



Amazing stuff! Isn’t it ???

Celebrating 2 years of blogging

25 09 2007

So, today i celebrate 2 years of blogging.

The writing thing that i started just for fun ended up being my fav. past time. I have blogged about my life, my thoughts, my friends, parties, office, chicks and games….

I have fallen in love with blogging and would continue to do so.

I dedicate this day to my Blog! May it live long and may people keep on reading it!

Yet another scary movie

23 09 2007
Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children…. only dolls
and if you see her in your dreams
be sure you never ever scream!


I just finished watching ‘Dead Silence’ a few moments ago, that surely is a scary flick. Nearly Scared the shit out of me!!!


Really spooky stuff especially when you are in a dark room at 2 in the morning 🙂

22 09 2007

One day President Musharraf was traveling by his car for his campaign to a village. Suddenly a puppy came before the car. The driver couldn’t hit the brake at the right time and unfortunately the baby dog was killed in the accident.

At the sight Mushi was deeply moved and felt very upset. He called the driver and said,
‘Jiska ye kutta hai mein usko compensation dena chahta hoon.  Usko dhund ke lao’.

Hearing this the driver went to the nearest village and came back after some time wearing a fine new suit on his body, garlands and Mala around his neck and lots of money in his hands!!!

Mushi was surprised. He asked his driver,
‘Mein ne tumko kaha tha ke uss aadmi ko laiye aao, aur tum aise wapas aaye ho! Baat kya hai?’

The driver replied ‘ I told them about the incident. Hearing it they were rejoiced, they gave me new suit and put garlands on me, then danced for some time and gave this money.’
Mushi then asked him
‘Tum ne unko exactly kya bola tha?’

The driver replied:
‘*Main bola, mein General Pervez Musharraf ka driver hoon, maine kuttay  ke bachhe ko mar dala hai……….’


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