End of the Leap day!

29 02 2008

Today the leap day (29th of Feb) has passed.

Which means, Tomorrow is the start of march and the month when i am going to undergo some stress of the upcoming exams.

My one month at the new department is almost over and so far, i have not done anything significant. I have just gone there, wasted time by chatting with folks, trying to get the idea of the product that i was hired for and then eventually have come after smoking a few ciggies and having a long lunch. Well thats life for us at a big organization. Let us all hope that we eventually end up in such a thund type of job 🙂

WTF ? Not now… No No No!

26 02 2008

I am trying to connect with hotmail and MSN messenger and all i am getting is that stupid "service unavailable" message. Darn!

Is it really a technical issue from the end of MSN or is it another one of the dirty tricks by the Mush Inc. to block our internet access.

Heard that the Paki Rulers blocked the access of the nation to YouTube last day but were forced to open it. The reason cited by the state was due to the availability of ‘blasphemous’ stuff. What i can infer is tha the blasphemous stuff was not on the religion (such a stuff has been on YouTube for ages) but on the Government itself. There were videos of vote rigging apparently by the once Govt. ally MQM.

Whatever the truth be. Allah knows better.


The access to the service is still not available 😦

The Polling Weekend.

18 02 2008

So, we are nearing the end of the long weekend that hosted one of the most important effort towards stable democracy for this country in the past few years. We had nation-wide polls held earlier today and by this time the polling is over and counting is underway.

No major incident of law and order was reported throughout the country so we expect that tomorrow will be a normal working day.

I worked my ass off during these two days to finish my e-commerce project and now i am nearing an end to that project as well. Thanks God!

My exams will start from the 5th and with no holiday for Marketing Management. I am already deficient in that course and seems like I am likely to get a D. (A ‘D’ is the last thing I need for the already busted MBA). Seems like i have to start focusing on it from tomorrow after i submit my assignment.


Ok, as it is polling season, I am going to post a few SMSs that I received over the weeks on Musharraf and democracy:

  1. Musharraf’s wife angrily asked Musharraf, "You haven’t fucked me since 12-Oct-1999".
    Musharraf replied: "Sab se Pehlay Pakistan!".
  2. 10 saal pehlay tak candle-lit dinner sirf Ameer log hi karte they. Magar thanks to power outage, ab pooray mulk ki awaam ko yeh sahoolat haasil hai,
    Farq to padna hi tha.
  3. 1999: Dulha jahez main Car, AC, DVD mangta tha…
    2008: Dulha nay jahez main Aata aur Electric Generator mang lia.
    Farq to padha hi tha.
  4. A man goes for fishing, catches a big fish and brings it back home.
    Asks his wife to cook it.
    Wife angrily said: "There is no gas, no aata, no cooking oil… How can i cook it ?"
    The man was dejected and he took the fish and put it back in the river.
    The fish jumped out of the water and yelled in joy:
  5. 7 saal pehlay tak mujhe bachi chodnay kay liye jagah dhoondni padti thi,
    Ab to road par kahdi gaadi main chod deta hoon.
    Farq to padna hi hai.

back to radioblogclub

16 02 2008

yuppie, i visited radioblogclub.com and it seems to be working again.

So, i am back to online listening….. woof!

Time stands still

13 02 2008

The phrase seems to be true to me. Today is the Valentine’s eve. (an event which is not an event in reality but hyped about by our sick media and chocolate sellers). I remember last year same day i wrote about my loneliness and suddenly with the blink of an eye one year has gone by. I am still alone. No breath of fresh air has ever touched my face during those pitiful 365 days.

SO, I am still at the place where i was a year back.

Hence proving the phrase that ‘Time Stands Still’. Man! i gotta win a Nobel Prize for proving that phrase, I never knew i was such a genius 🙂

All i can say now that ‘you love birds can have fun’ while you can ‘let my black heart bleed…’


Today, i received a funny SMS, the text is:

Valentine’s Special: Newton’s First Law of Ishq (Love)

"A boy in love with a gal will remain in love with a gal until an external agent (girl’s father or brother) comes into play and breaks his legs"


I’ll see you after valentine’s day (hopefully as lonely as I am today)

20 minutes of agony

12 02 2008

Today, i had one of the most agonizing moments of recent years.

While going to my office on the bus, i just had a spasm of pain in my stomach. The pain started slowly as a hollow ball which moved up towards my chest and i was observing it with patience. The pain grew that much that i was trembling like a fish out of water. I couldn’t but wait on my seat. I would feel my heartbeat fading and could feel cold sweat running down my forehead. Just for a moment, i thought that i was having a heart attack, but i was not ready to believe it.

Somehow, i managed to get off my bus stop at my office building and dragged myself into the building. I was longing to sit down on the footpath and never cared what the people would say a finely suited gentleman sitting down like beggars. but i resisted the temptation and moved on.

Reaching the lobby, i faced the daunting task of climbing to the first floor to reach my office suite and i gave up at that moment. I waited in front of the elevators by leaning against the wall and watched as the people walked past me and climbed the stairs and the elevators. I stayed in this condition for around five minutes with so much pain that those five minutes seemed like an eternity.

Suddenly, just as the pain had begun, the pain seemed to vaporize. In the next couple of minutes i could lift my head and see how i looked, i looked pathetic.  I collected myself and this time, i managed to climb up the stairs and sunk into my chair and taking deep breaths.

During this time, i analyzed the situation and what i had just gone through. Was it really a heart ache ? i doubted that thought. Ok, i have been having a tense time over the past couple of weeks but i have been through tougher times and they were never able to break me, so this could not have been the heart related thing. I have been smoking (another reason of cardiac arrests), but not for long and never too much cigarettes in a day. I thought, but couldn’t reach a decision. May be it was a heart burn that was caused due to problems with my digestions but THAT sure was painful!

Though the pain lasted only for 20 minutes, but I wish i don’t have these problems again.

RadioBlogClub.com is down, but still a lot to explore on youtube.com

8 02 2008

So, my favourite online music site www.radioblogclub.com has been closed due to some maintenence reasons… 😦

Now, i have to rely on youtube to feed the lust.

Last night, i discovered some covers by a guy. That guy covered Nightwish in an amazing way! I have subscribed to him and will listen to him periodically.

But right now, i have to complete my quota of lectures that i have to revise today. Still three more to go… So, i gotta go too.

Its damn Cold!

6 02 2008

It was damn cold today, but seems to have subsided in the evening.

They say that the weather will break the records of the past 30 years. The weather department expects to see a temperature of -4 C on Thursday.

Though, i doubt their prediction but one thing is for sure, its damn cold.

brrrr…. and that dinner out.

6 02 2008

Just today me, das and murti got together first time since Ramadan. We just planned hastily and decided to go out for dinner.

We set off at 8:30 and picked murti along the way, the weather seemed a bit calm and decided to go to Boat Basin for some food. Along the way, we talked about here and there, about babes, about work, about personal lives etc…

As we reached there, the wind picked up and though i was clad in jeans and a canvas jacket, i was shivering. Boat basin is a flat area and the wind was coming down fast. It was impossible to stand out waiting for the dinner hall to clear so we ordered and rushed back to the car and turned on the heater. That soothed it a bit.


Soon the dinner was served and the waiter guided us to the dinner hall (under normal circumstances, we would have preferred the open air dining but today was exceptional). The items that were ordered were ‘Chicken Boneless Makhani Handi’ and ‘Chicken Boneless Paneer Handi’ (despite of the raising concern over Bird Flu). The food was great and we ate it like pigs.

To finish the dinner we had coffee with "Captain black" cigars.

Its almost midnight and i reached back 10 minutes back.


Well, that was the summary of the event. I am posting this blog, turning off my computer (which happens to be in the open terrace) and going to the warm shelter of blankets. (this is going to be another tough night for the homeless. I pray to God that He eases their suffering and let me and my family have a comfortable life-Amen).



Tasks for an idle dude!

5 02 2008

This week has been eventful so far…

Today being 5th of February is a public holiday in memory of the Kashmir day and i have loads of things to do before i call it a day. The list for me includes:

  • Finish some deliverable for a project.
  • Prepare material for my E-Commerce presentation.
  • Complete my Financial Management Lectures.
  • Repair the emergency light plug.
  • Buy a cellphone.

The things that i have already done so for today is:

  • Withdraw money from ATM
  • Pay monthly payments.

Today i am also mourning the obituary of my cellphone (Motorolla C115) that died due to functional failure (not dead yet but on last breaths), Also had a lousy experience with ATM machine when i was rejected a transaction and money was debited from my account. So, i had to run to my bank and fill out the form. I hope that they process my claim in 10 days or so. ufff. another tension in the days when  you have not much money left in your accounts 😦

So, gotta get back to work. CYA!