Yes baby, Now I am REALLY online!

31 01 2008

Today my cable Internet connection has been configured and I am writing this blog from my home.

So, my internet consumption at my office will reduce drastically 🙂


Let the downloading begin!!!

Sale Sale Sale… Loot Sale!

31 01 2008
Its the sale season in the city. Every major outlet in the apparel industry is wrapping up their winder season with discounts on its garments (mostly winter ones).
I got the news while some of my aunts went to shopping and bought some sweaters, shoes and jackets…. woha! within the next 24 hours, half a dozen of my cousins and other aunts had grabbed some for themselves.

Yours truly checked his wallet, ummm no good! not much money at the end of the month…. Magar hamari mardangi par harf aata agar hum sale se shopping na karte…
So, i went to Dolmen mall and wandered around still making up my mind whether to buy something or not… Checked out Hangten, Cambridge, Dockers, Levi’s and Califord to find something that makes me decide, but to no avail.
I moved upstairs, i found Gap with a poster ‘Shirts on Sale – 399 only’. I went inside, the sale was on shirts and they looked pretty decent. 400 on a shirt was not too much as compared to other outlets. I decided to explore a more feminist side of my personality and picked up more colorful (read: cheesy) shirts. Now, i had to choose from colors like ‘purple’, ‘yellow’, ‘pink’ and similar ones, i decided to buy one with light purple color. Then, i bought a maroon shirt for my brother who is a bigger loser than I am. and headed home with an almost empty wallet and quite a few days before i get my salary transfered to my bank account.

Tough days, coming towards us.

Picking up the pieces — a shocker!

31 01 2008

Bye Jackets!

29 01 2008
IT HAS SUDDENLY HOT!!! (I mean the weather)
its about time to say bye to jackets!

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FW: How glasses affect our personality!!!

29 01 2008


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… Paranoia is all that I got

21 01 2008

On the Friday evening, I missed the usual transport back
home and left my office an hour late (just because of my own stupidity). Now, I
had to wait for quite some time before realizing that direct buses to my
destination were not operative. I decided to jump on to an indirect route to my
home. While on the second leg of my journey, I was undergoing with a lot of
paranoid thoughts. Every man I traveled with was an assassin in my eyes. I met
two suspected suicide bombers on my way home, one was a middle aged man who was
sitting with me in a drowsy way covering him with a jacket and then cloaked
with a shawl. When I sat down, I looked at him and he looked at me with his
reddish eyes. Those eyes were menacing, I just prayed that he doesn’t intend to
blow himself up in this very bus, and he didn’t. Soon the bus got overcrowded
(as usual), and I surrendered my seat to an elderly person (as usual).

I found a vacant standing place a few paces ahead and took
it. I looked around, majority of my co-travelers were probably returning from
their work but the guy who caught my eye was a bit different. He was seated
just facing me and engulfed in some thoughts. A youngster standing beside me
asked him to hold his bag for him (another usual thing), but he pretended not
to listen.
“Why is he not doing him a favor?” I asked myself. “Has he something wicked
going on in his head ?”, “Look at his accomplice, he is a young pathan guy and
the way his is clutching his shawl to cover himself as if removing it would
reveal something important – probably a bomb tied to himself… ”, “Oh my God!
What have I gotten myself into?”; “Perhaps these two are partners… Yeah they
ought to be, though they are not talking to each other but they must be!”. “But
who is the guy I left behind? Is he independent or is he another one of the
gang who is sitting behind strategically?”….

With these thoughts and of course with prays of safety… I
reached my destination and didn’t waste a moment to hop out of the bus. Thanked
God that those two didn’t play their dirty game in the same bus I was traveling


Now, just as I sit in the safety of my house… I think I was
acting a bit more than just being a paranoid. Those people whom I suspected
where perhaps just ordinary home going people with very ordinary lives (the
ones who usually get wasted in a bomb blast) and I feel apologetic towards them
and pitiful towards myself – But God knows better!


The purpose of sharing these thoughts was not to let you
know that I am a suicidal paranoid who loves death/doom type of music (most of
you probably already know this). My purpose was to let you know about the now
strong plant of terror whose seed was planted perhaps long before I was even
born. By nurturing the seed with bombs and killings, the resulting plant is now
visible enough to be taken seriously. The primary purpose of terrorism is to
spread terror among the people and those terrorists (whether Al-Qaeda or CIA or
RAW or Musad or whoever – God knows better) have succeeded in their objectives.
They have guided this country towards the drain with 140 million people acting
like paranoids. Congratulations!

The last Man (read: loser) standing

14 01 2008
So, I am the Last standing *LOSER* among the gang!
Congratulations to me – I have won! (really, have i ?)

I will have nothing more to add on this topic.

During a blackout of mind

10 01 2008
This is really annoying.
I haven’t had an idea to blog about since the
year started. My mind has totally blacked out. So, just to fill the space, i
will have to put on a little something on the blog. So, here is some absolute
un-correlated stuff.
The rainy season seems to have ended for the time being.
The sky is bright and blue and the chilly wind that was blowing till yesterday
has subsided. I am back to my office in my formal dress rather than jeans and
joggers. During the rainy days, i have been reading paper books as my computer
was at risk of getting an electricity shock which has already cost me more than
2000 over the past months. I finished reading ‘Cruel and Unusual’ by Patricia
Cornwell and now i am feasting on ‘Hannibal’ by ‘Thomas Harris’.
I also watched lots of movies in the past weeks. Some of them very
interesting indeed. Stuff like ‘Shooter’, ‘Americal Pie (Beta House)’, ‘No
country for old men’, ‘A mighty heart’ etc. Still a few are stacked on my table
which include ‘Beowulf’, ‘The Kite Runner’, ‘Hitman’ and some others that i
can’t remember right now.
Studies are going smooth, my mid term results so far have shown promising
results with result awaited for two subjects.
Work has nothing much in it. It is more of a routine job of going to
office and coming back early in the evening.
No social gathering for quite some time now.
and yeah a new arrival to the family. A baby girl born to a cousin of mine,
haven’t got a chance to see her though.
Just now, i remembered that i should copy/paste something that i read
recently. the book is called ‘A survival guide for working with Bad Bosses –
Dealing with Bullies, Idiots, Back-stabbers, And Other Managers from Hell’
(WOW! What a title).
It starts with a dedication: ‘Dedicated to: All the bad
bosses I and others have had—without whom this book wouldn’t have been
It explains some type of bosses which i am going to summarize:
1 – "No-Boss" boss. This is the opposite of the overly aggressive,
controlling, or micromanaging boss. It’s the boss who manages by not managing;
the leader who leads by not leading. He’s a boss who often does not know what is
going on and depends on subordinates to know.
2 – "Pass-the-buck" boss. This boss is in over his head but has one
or more competent employees to take up the slack. The employees don’t get the
credit and often feel resentful.
3 – "Clueless but Connected". A person put in charge by his family
who own the business, but he is totally clueless about how to run things and
doesn’t know it
4 – "Scatterboss". is the boss who doesn’t follow up enough, or who
gives an enthusiastic go-ahead but loses track of or interest in the project,
resulting in unnecessary work for employees.
5 – "Critically Clueless". They may have the best of intentions, yet
be clueless about why their plans aren’t working, and they don’t want to hear
why. They are in a state of denial. They don’t want to admit that they are doing
anything wrong, so they can continue doing what they feel comfortable doing.
It’s their way of protecting themselves from having to make changes they don’t
want to make.
6 – "The Dishonest Genius". The top management think your boss is a
genius, but his underlings know the boss is deceptive and dishonest, yet they
are demoralized and unorganized themselves, so they don’t say anything. Such a
situation is more likely to occur in a rigidly hierarchical organization, where
the boss is the only one who has contact with higher management.
Interesting ???
You are likely to find these characters everywhere.
So, with these notes, i am signing off with a hope that i have something
meaningful to write the next time.

2007 – Annual Review

3 01 2008

The fireworks and firing had already started for the past
fifteen minutes when the clock struck the sound of midnight. Just like that,
the new year had begun – 2007 had gone down in history books as the year of violence.

I suddenly got into motion and moved upstairs on the roof.
It was time to fulfill the Resolution # 1 for the new year and that was to
“Light a cigarette”.

I inhaled deeply and let the smoke escape from my lungs. As
I watched the smoke dissipate into the darkness of the night, I wondered whether
my upcoming days would dissolve into the darkness of void ? or would there be
hope ?. I looked back and found that 1st of January of the past year
seemed just a blink of an eye away. Time really flew.

What did I achieve ? What did I lose ? Was the year worth
living ? Will it be worth living ? were the questions that I was pondering my
ass into. So, for the third consecutive year, I present you with a year’s round


Last new year’s eve was the eve of GTs, my family had come
to Karachi to
celebrate Eid which was to be held on the first of January. I was filled with
hopes. The eid came and went, my frustration grew. And 2007 was the year when I
found myself more lost than ever, more looking for shelter than ever and more
uncertain of my intentions than ever. But, desparity is not the only thing that
featured for me. I found some good moments too. 2007 proved to be the year of
family losses as my Nana passed away followed by ever detoriating health of My
Dada. I visited my home only twice once in January and then in December – The longest
gap since I moved to Karachi.


Professional Life:

2007 proved to be yet another year when I had to switch a
job. Started the year at Plexus but eventually in the first three months, I had
had enough of my labor there and I planned to leave. Got an opportunity at
Clarus and switched to there (ofcourse at a higher salary) in June. Since then,
I have been deployed at UBL and working as a consultant. The work load seems
very much less intense and I hope to continue this job in the year (but you
never know what awaits you!)

Mostly work done during the year was on .NET 2.0 and .NET
3.0 with SQL, Access and Oracle. My latter part of year included a project
which let me prove my solution building and architectural skills to launch a
banking solution which seems to be working good (oddly enough :p)


Educational Life:

2007 started with me in the first semester of MBA, though I
completed it with a GPA of 3.2, then I proceeded to take another semester but
eventually found it to be too much to ask, so I cut down my courses and took
exams of only four fo them hence improved my GPA to 3.4 at the end of semester.
Now, I am halfway into my third semester where I have taken five of the
courses, GPA is likely to improve further.

2007 had another impact on me when I started a course on
Project Management. Though appearing in exam is perhaps not likely but I intend
to utilize the knowledge in my career.

In September, I appeared in MCP exam and passed it with
965/1000 marks.


Love Life:

Oh, don’t bother to ask. It was a blast! Hehehe. No luck as

Though, I regret for what I have done previously.


Friends and Socialization:

Never been better. I eventually hooked up with the right
kind of people with the right kind of attitude to make the get togethers a
memorable events. I participated in amazing events like Farmhouse parties, beach
extravaganzas, bowling orgies, khapa programs and other in-office parties.
Cheers to my friends, you know who you are.


Monetary Situation:

Both the inflow and expenses during the year increased. I
have been spending a significant portion of my expenses on lunches (and
dinners). Was able to contribute to family as well.


Family matters:

I must admit, I have never been involved in family matters.
I try to run away from family by putting on my headphones and imagining myself
in a fantasy world full of chicks. But, since the demise of my Nana, I started
to take interest in the matters of my the family members I lived with. Have
started to contribute in some matters but still a lot needs to be done and lots
to improve.

My parents have been here to meet me atlease four times the
past year so never got that lonely feeling to frustrate myself. My brother
joined me here in Karachi
so, have to answer my mom’s questions about him too. 🙂
We had a cousin’s wedding this April in which I acted like a total asshole.
Don’t wanna talk about it at all.


Movies n Music:

The ratio of movies and music increased this year. Watched
lots of great movies and listened to some kick a$$ music. My radius of music
genres didn’t increase that much but have been listening to diversified
metal/rock stuff. As far as maal masala is concerned, I  got a great deal of the stuff this year but
in the early months, so I had to rely on the old stuff.



Yeah, the topic that I love to discuss all the time 😉

This year has been good as far as papay are concerned. Never
been in the greater bunch of papay in my whole loserish life than this year.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Another reason to make me stick at this
current job.



-Started smoking after a gap of more than seven years. I
Don’t intend to quit atleast this year.
-Started GYM and Quit.
-Continued blogging with the same passion as I always do.
-Won a pack of two CDs from a FM radio staton on sending the best activity
description on valentie’s day (isn’t it an irony of itself  ? that a total loser like me could win on
Valentines day)
-Purchased a USB disk 80GB that holds the maal masala and other data.
-Bought a DVD writer too that I used to burn maal masala and distributed to
-Had funny road adventures that are one of its own during the Eid holidays while
going home and during the tension filled days of BB’s assassination.


2008 – The good old New year’s Resolutions

1 01 2008
  • Start
    the year with ‘What I have done’ by ‘Linkin Park’.

  • As the
    clock strikes 12, light a ciggy!

  • By the
    end of 2008, I would like to see myself in the final semester of my MBA.

  • Perhaps,
    I might try to switch a job in the latter half of the year. (I said
    perhaps, so don’t get bright ideas out of it!)

  • Complete
    atleast one more professional course. This includes trying to learn any
    new technologies.

  • Learn
    to drive.

  • Get
    more certifications. Atleast two of them.

  • Be a
    more reasonable, responsible human being and a better member of the

  • Be
    more organized.

  • Take
    control of this bitch of a life.

  • Stay
    connected with old pals and to make new ones.

  • Keep
    regretting on what I already have lost. – 

  • Buy a

  • Re-join
    the broken schedule of Gym.

  • Initiate
    the process of getting out of this cursed land.


God bless me, my family, my
friends and this country.