For that angry green man

30 06 2008

Most of the folks at my work place love Hulk.

We just came to the realization just last week at lunch when we had a lively discussion on Hulk and his adventures. As the Hulk 2 movie was being the latest hit in the cinemas worldwide, we decided to join the party this weekend and went to Capri Cinema in Saddar to watch the show.

The show was to start at 4:00 PM and we reached there well before that, so in order to kill time we started posing in front of other posters and posed as we were a part of the cast. That act caught a lot of attention among the few other visitors as they smiled and laughed at those ‘few crazy dudes’. We photographed while grabbing Meera in the poster, not to forget hugging Sana. Yours truly even posed as he stuck a cigarette in front of Meera’s mouth.. 🙂

The movie itself was just plain ordinary. The Hulk looked rather smart (thanks to advancement in Technology), the cast was totally changed. The action sequences were not that crazy as we had expected. But, the great part was that we killed that boredom by shouting out real crazy and vulgar comments as and when the scene demanded. The only people in the whole gallery who actually laughed out loud were us.

The crowd was very few in number. Almost half of the gallery was empty. I guess Hulk is not one of the popular movies among the masses.

Popular or not, we folks had a great afternoon…. We’ll have a lot to talk about tomorrow at office and a few colorful photos to share too 🙂


Time to unleash that big angry green man………….. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

A sign of worry!

28 06 2008

My mid term result is out, and as expected the result is not good… not good at all.

In one of my exams I am on the verge of getting screwed up big time. 34% in Project Management.

So, better start taking that course REAL seriously, because I won’t like to be taking a serious load in my last semester 😦

My Latest Outing

26 06 2008

The past Sunday, I really needed to go out….

…. to break away from the monotonous life,

…. to find something of interest besides my computer and LAN,

…. to meet friends and to eat something different.

Murti had long been requesting a reunion but nobody seemed to have time. However, the past weekend seemed like it. I never wanted this chance to get away, Thats why when one of the regular dudes bailed out at the last moment, Me and Murti decided to go on with the plan (after all it was Murti’s birthday we had to celebrate)

I met him at his place around 7:00 PM and we set off on his car almost instantly. First Destination: Cafe Clifton (his choice) for a steaming cup of tea. The tea was just Ok – in contrast to his routine persuasion about how good the tea was. After sipping down the tea, we got down to the beach. The sun was setting down and scores of people were already leaving the beach as we arrived (thats my regular affect – people leave as i arrive).

We walked on the sand, searched and stared at the babes but couldn’t find much of them. As the shadows and twilight turned to darkness, we decided to move on. Got back on the car and decided to take a long drive before we get to some eating place. The road we chose to drive was the newly built wide road that takes you from ‘The Village’ to the newly developed sectors (read: elite sectors of Beach residential areas). The roads were deserted and wind was strong. We seemed like the odd ones on that road as a few others cars we crossed had couples sitting in them (for obvious reasons). After spending nearly half an hour on the road, we got back to the bustling beach where we discovered another dirt track where suspicious cars and bikes were coming and going, we took that track. That track turned out to be rather fruitful as we spotted lots of dudes n chicks. but we were getting late and decided to explore that place at some later time.

Next stop was Some eating place, Murti suggested Indulge but found it closed. Soon afterwards, we found ourselves seated at Damascus where we ordered Shwarma and Sheesha. That cost us 400 but the open atmosphere was great. We sat there for quite some time after dinner and chatted about here and there.

Since it was getting late, we got back, where i tried to find a decent bakery but all of them were closed. So, i was unable to buy him a cake. With these failed attempts, he dropped me off at my place. Thus bringing the great evening to an end. 

Well, that seemed to be the best that we could have got under the circumstances but I am glad that we actually did. Coz i dont think i could have made it in the upcoming two weeks or so.

Until next time. Bye

A (not so) un-expected observation.

23 06 2008

First of all, hats off to the great software called DC++ that has made my life a lot easier on the LAN. Since I installed that software, I have never bought any DVD, all I have to do is to connect to that software and browse any user’s shared stuff where I usually find the movies of my choice. I have explored more music than I ever had to (I was surprised to find some real metal heads in my LAN community where majority were lame bollywood music listeners).

Now, in order to download stuff, you need to share some stuff too (Every DC++ hub has a pre-defined limit, mine had 10GB). So, i shared all my music collection and a lot of great documents. Then I shared my P*rn collection.

For months, i enjoyed while i downloaded stuff (including maal masala) and people uploaded stuff from my machine. Until a few days back, i bothered to look at the statistics of my DC++ client and I discovered that approximately 93% of uploads from my machine were pornos. No one gave a shit to the documents and some decent ones uploaded some music and games.

Well, that makes up the level of mentality of this nation. Every single douchebag wants porn (that includes me) and they get it for free on the LAN.

On Karzai’s latest ‘ranting’

16 06 2008

Karzai Says He will send his AFGHAN troops to Pakistan to apprehend the Taliban
But the picture that is displayed at CNN under this story says the otherwise….

See for yourself. — Don’t you think he is rather talking about his embarrasingly small SIZE ????
What do you say ? 2 inch ? or may be 3 inch ?
Also, check a little comment on


PK, HK, KK – the newly emerging jargon!

14 06 2008

I want to share with you some of the slang and acronyms that we use at my current deployment. I will try to post the origin and the scenarios when we use this slang.

Note: According to my knowledge, these terms are used only in the current department, but together we can help them spread. because they are not vulgar slang. (routine innocent stuff) coz I am an angel. (with thorns)

1 – HK

Acronym for Haram Khor – See the urbandictionary listing []

Origin: They were the initials of a guy working at that office. The said guy used to be the biggest office bunker and never did any work (such type of people are known as Haram Khor in local language). Interestingly, it was observed that his initials and the initials of the word Haram Khor were the same – H.K  (you can figure out the rest)

Used At: To call some guy who is a total Haram Khor. Either doesn’t come to work or when he bothers to come, does everything but work.

2 – PK

Acronym for P0rn King

Origin: One of our office boy uses the computer of one of our associates. One Monday morning, when that friend of mine started his computer, he noticed some search results mentioning hardcore sites and anal sites…. upon further investigation, it was revealed that on Saturday afternoon when the staff had left, the office boy had enjoyed some private moments of pleasure 😉 – Thus, the term PK was born as a close circle of friends started calling him PK <HIS NAME HERE>.

Used At: To call some guy who is either watching p*rn (not necessarily traditional porn – anything that could seem gender offensive would do), or spreading mails among the staff that contains offensive material. Anybody engaged in such activities is titled PK and such activities are termed as ‘Doing the PK’.

3 – KK

Acronym for Kachra King

Origin: My friend at my office had that bad habit of spreading trash (literal meaning). He used to throw away wrappers of biscuits, sweets or any other paper stuff on his desk and on other’s persons’ cubicles. So, we started calling him KK.

Used At: To call some guy who is making a mess at his and other people’s work places.

4 – Chutti Singh

Used in conjunction with HK (see above)

Origin: A friend at my office had an amazing track record of bunking at least one day a week (average 4/5 days a month). Thus on one fun filled evening, we jokingly called him chutti singh which became his nick name and then continued among the guys.

Used At: To call some guy who is regularly bunking office.

a Welcome break.

7 06 2008

Today my majority of exams are over, only two remain with whom i will struggle on the 12th.

so, I will take a break from work on 12th and will spend the time in the university.


The rest of the stuff, hmmmm……….. its pretty much the same except….

  • The electricity is kicking our ass everyday – a new style every new day.
  • We have successfully created a party gang at my current working place (thanks to some really bullshit ‘self proclaimed’ managers). Now, we have set up plans for joint lunch and a yet to follow cinema trip.
  • Yours truly will be moving to a new team for a "short-term" project – Hah! i know what short term means over there (three months, perhaps longer)
  • My mom arrived from Multan just today, so i expect to get something organized in my current life style. 🙂

The rest is just the same.


SO, tonight i am going to catch up with some movies and will study too.

Eve of Mid-term exams

3 06 2008

Though the university officially started its exams from the 23rd of last month, my exams will start tomorrow. and what worse to start the exams with the mighty Knowledge management. Man, I must tell you, I took this course because I thought this course was interesting but interest is the only thing I have not found here.

I will have a busy week till Saturday, where I have exams on Friday and Saturday as well. Then its a four day gap followed by two papers on the same day.

So, I have no other choice but to start studying, and a major contribution has to be played by the office computer as due to load-shedding carnival, I am unable to study full time at home.


So, signing off for a few days. Will see you on the other side of exams.


Ta ta.