Life on MSN Spaces…

22 01 2006
For a long time , i have been exploring the MSN Spaces. browsing through people’s profiles, picture galleries, blogs etc..
I find simplicity… I find small things… I find common people – like myself… I find LIFE!
We think that the world is mean, cruel, blah blah…
I must admit that its true but i have another point of view..
Why are they cruel ? I don’t know as i ain’ t not a philosopher or a researcher.
What i know is that everyone is pre-occupied with things like his familiy, job , friends etc..
so any un-related person means insignificant to them.
When you see through the eys of the others, you see that they care about their family, their loved ones etc.
The evidence can be found on their spaces, their blogs, their photos.
You’ll find things about love, troubles within their lives, their worries….
This is what i call life.
A very beautiful blend of love, worries, struggle and expectations.
and what i have found on these spaces is that the people are vary caring from inside, their core is soft from within.
Just they can’t escape their bonds to express their softness to others.
See the worlds from their eys and discover life from someone’s perspective…

Catching up on stuff

22 01 2006
Sunday Morning, 6:15 AM…
Yeah i have been at my office last night.
but not THAT busy as i would have been any other night.
I enjoyed listening to the music, doing work and just sipping hot tea…
I came back from home last sunday. The train journey had been a lousy one ( i had always suspected it)
Fuckin’ train reached its destination 3 hours late. Ride any pakistani train and you’ll know what we are worth…
going back ..and more back…
yeah, five days before the above mentioned train journey…
yeah five days back i took another similar train journey. The journey was lousy but my heart was filled with anticipation. What anticipation ?
Well, anticipation to meet my family, catch up on things i had long forgotten, meet with chums, watch pornos…. ooops....
but the porno part couldn’t be completed……… thanks to some *FRIENDS IN NEED*… lousy dudes backed off as soon as i reached home.
So, it was Bakra EID and i slept the first day. thought about doing somthing the other half of the day and eventually ended up doing work for office … 😀
next day, i met some old friends and went on to meet other folks….
the third day, we had some * WILD * bonfire hungama!!!
Bar-B-Que, Music, Dudes (alas no chicks), lots of space and lots and lots of junk discussion to share….
discussed things from Chicks to pornos and then old colleagues (especially chicks) and then Imam Din Poetry and jokes blah blah……..
well thats what i did in my so called vacation…
on my way back, i brought all my music and dumped it on my computer (perhaps to soothe my rotten soul)
its morning and i need to sleep
 gotta pack things up and go home to sleep
till next time

Last train home…

9 01 2006

Tomorrow morning, I am scheduled to leave for home for a few days holiday.

Will I be able to make it? it still remains a mystery, even to me.

I have everything arranged, My tickets, my packing, my food for the journey, me… but will i be actually going? perhaps yet, perhaps no.


I still have to deploy something at a server and after its deployment, i’ll be able to do something.


I can’t wait to get back, I have plans set for a busy schedule with family, friends, movies and stuff….


But all depends on the fact that i actually get there…


Lets wait.

The night is just beginning!