Let the Downloading Begin!!!

29 09 2006

Music seems to be one thing that I love nowadays.

Thanks to my new MP3 player that cost me a fortune.

I had initially thought about copying music from CDs to my player until I realized that I don’t need to buy CD for every track I loved.

Yeah guys, I accidentally discovered a bug in a streaming music site and that bug can let me download radio quality (32K or 64K) music for free.



How ? I’d be glad to share. Here are the steps that you need to follow….


  1. Open www.radioblogclub.com
  2. There will be a search box, type the name of the track that you want to search. And press the button.
  3. If your desired track is uploaded on their servers, a list will appear which may have more than one entry (for each playlist each).
  4. Right click any one entry and choose ‘Save Target As…’. You will encounter a familiar dialog box that you have used for ages. Enter a file name and press Save.
  5. After the file is saved on your disk, you’ll need to open it in a text editor like Notepad (I recommend using WordPad).
  6. Search for your track, your search word will be highlighted somewhere in a document.
    For example, you searched for “WonderWall”, you’ll get the following line with your text as highlighted:
    </tr><tr><td valign="top" width="16"><input type="image" src="http://stat.radioblogclub.com/images/play.gif&quot; onClick="blogThis(‘http://martin.duval.free.fr/radio.blog/sounds/03 Wonderwall.rbs’);"></td><td valign="top" width="14"><input type="image" src="http://stat.radioblogclub.com/images/heart_off.gif&quot; onClick="document.location=’/login.php?notlogged=1′;"></td><td width="8">&nbsp;</td><td valign="top" width="30"><div class="tracknum">19d</div></td><td>&nbsp;</td><td><a href="/open/116897/days_go_by/03%20Wonderwall">03
  7. In this line move to the text location that starts with onClick="blogThis(‘……………..’)
  8. Copy the URL in the entry.
  9. This is the URL of the track. Paste it in the Download manager or browser’s address bar.
  10. Downloading will start.


Have fun….


till next time, CYA!

A Quick Note for the Crocodile Hunter

11 09 2006
Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irvine, passed away last week.
so sad, isn’t it ?
He was one of my favourite documentary presenters (Especially loved his Rich Aussie Accent)…
He died in the line of duty (thanks God, he wasn’t eaten by a croc) by being struck by the Sting Ray.
A friend of mine said that Animals were in Distress when he used to make his documentaries, the snakes or cros used to run away when he was around but he used to force them to do their shows… My friend was also of the opinion that the killer Sting ray would be honored as a "HERO" for the animal kingdom and that the crocs would be celebrating as there would be no more steve to disturb them….
but i must say that he was a daring person and my condolences to his family.
May he rest in peace

Some tech stuff… FINALLYYYYYYYY

11 09 2006

It seems like a long time since I posted something about my work (for example, what have I been doing and how have I been doing blah blah…)

So, why not today. Let me write about a couple of challenges that I encountered in the past couple of weeks or so…


I just finished an image gallery module for the CMS that I have been working on at my work place. Thanks to CSS and a very good gallery add-in, I managed to put up some real good stuff. J. The module was started by someone but the final nails in the coffin were struck by me.

A challenge that I encountered was to enable paging in a Data List control. (A .NET datalist control doesn’t support paging by default), but thanks to google, I found a JUGAAR for the issue.

The key lies in a class called PagedDataSource. The class can serve as a container for any source of data that supports IList interface. Some properties that exist in the class are like AllowPaging, PageSize, CurrentPageIndex … Yeah, if you are familiar with paging of data grid, then this seems to be a very familiar task.

So, after setting the PagedDataSource to the original data, you can bind the data list with the instance of PagedDataSource. And viola! You are done…


One more thing, If you are thinking that the buttons are supposed to appear automatically, you are wrong, coz a Jugaar is a Jugaar, and you have to add buttons/links for yourselves and use their events to navigate forward or backward in the data source.


Every Sunday, I go to attend a .NET 2.0 class. I have joined the ASP.net 2.0 module to get to know of things of the new ASP.NET. coz I intend to appear in the MCTS exam later in the year. Last week, the teacher put up an assignment of displaying a grid inside a gird as a Master/Detail view of data and the winner of the assignment was supposed to get a book from the teacher. And guess what ?  I WON!!!! YAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I captured the RowDataBound event of the GridView Control and displayed the child data in another template column of the master grid. The template column contained another grid to display the child data.


So, lets wait for this Sunday to see what the teacher has to present to me.. .


Till next time, Its Johnny, Signing off and going for lunch 😉

Do I really need to learn what i was born to do ?

2 09 2006

Well folks, WikiHow is a site that I have recently been reading regularly. The site is an informative and Funny resource to do different tasks. Different articles that I read over there included stuff like “How to Achieve Six Pack Abs”, “How to Get a good sleep”, “How to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a day” etc…


One very funny article that I came across yesterday was:

“How to Remove a Bra  ?”


Holy Shit! I said as I saw the article.. My eyes grew wide with interest (and lust) and in the next instance, I opened the full article in the browser.

The article was very interesting (I guess the only decent word that I could find about it) and explained various methods of removing someone’s bra. With perspectives of both men and women. (I think the writer emphasized a bit more on men).


At the end of the article, there was a warning and it said…

“Never attempt to take someone’s bra off if you are not absolutely sure she wants you to.”




Well, that was a good end to a very sophisticated article.

Now, why did I call it sophisticated while the rest of the world would consider it as a vulgar article ?


Let me delve into the psychology of a BHOOKA insaan (like myself)

A BHOOKA is a starved person. So, have you seen a starved person attack some food? Yeah, an ideal display of barbarianism.

So, what do you expect? A person like me when sees a hottie chick in bra, am I supposed to follow the sophisticated method of unhooking the bra from behind and sliding it off the body? Of course not! This sophisticated method might be applicable to people like movie or porn stars who take off someone’s bra like the method explained in the article for sensual reasons (to turn on the viewers). A starved person like me would already be turned on by seeing a chick in a bra. All he has to do now is to growl and attack the chick and literally rip off the bra…. Hahahahhah


I guess, this is a natural instinct when one is thinking from his dick instead of his brains.


Just try to visualize and enjoy the irony.


Till the next time,


Adios  amigos!