Haseeno kay Jhurmat main Wapis!

31 01 2007

Ok, i am back.

Landed today at 11 AM and its good to be back. I was bored to death over there. there was no chick to be seen in miles and now in the first few hours i have had my dosage of seeing pretty chicks… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Now i will go home and sleep the night. and then studies will start agian alongwith work.

Day 2 in the Chick Free Zone

28 01 2007

Man o Man, People do read my blog. Coz I didn’t tell anyone about my visit to home, but one of my friends got to know about it from my blog and he came to meet me. J

Gotta try this practice for the future as well. Only well informed people should be allowed to meet King Johnny. The rest may shoooooooooo…..


Ok, its day two of my current tour of Multan. Days go by very very slow. I am involved in eating, studying and watching TV (one ritual that I stopped committing due to my busy life and other preferences). I will complete my marketing lectures today and then will do something else (probably Accounting) for tomorrow. Statistics will continue as it is being continued currently. Probably a couple more chapters before I head back to Karachi.


Besides studies, I taught my mom how to send SMS, ate a hearty meal and wandered aimlessly and yeah, read a few stories that I had copied from the internet last night and then I watched the disgraceful defeat of our national cricket team in South Africa. That indeed was a very pathetic performance by the visiting team. I don’t want to comment any further on that…


And lastly, my take on the law and order during the month of Muharram:

Phew man, these terrorists aint’ gonna let Pakistan be an enlightened moderated nation. That’s two days in a row and two more days to go!! I know its gonna happen, but where will the final show down happen ? Will it be Karachi?, Lahore ?, Rawalpindi ?, Quetta .? Multan ? or…?

If the terrorists let us decide where to have the final showdown, then I would suggest them to blow Musharraf’s Ass. Coz blowing his ass would definitely save the innocent public! Its military government guys, and soldiers and ammunition go hand in hand. So, why to be afraid of bombs and explosives when you have allowed military government to rule you ? Think and decide my dear countrymen.

Before this day I was a fan of Mushi but today My Dear General Saab, you have lost one supporter.



Anyways, I don’t have any other thing to write except that its Johnny signing off again.

Might blog again tomorrow… till then, CYA!!!



Terror Looms Ahead

28 01 2007

The sensitive first ten days of Muharram are underway.

And as the 10th of Muharram draws nearer, the threat of any terrorist activity looms ahead.

Past two days, 2 blasts have occurred already and 3 more days to go….



May God bless this country and above all, its people!



Live from the Chick Free Zone!

28 01 2007

Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo!

Its Johnny, live and exclusive from the chick-less city of Multan.

Had my touch down early in the morning and as my filthy eyes searched for any source of “Entertainment”, I found none. I realized that I am in my home town – A city where Enlightened Moderation is yet in its early early childhood stage. So I have to spend the next few days in the chick free zone.


It was around 8 in the morning, and as I emerged from the train, my breath’s steam was visible. Yeah, its much colder than the port city of Karachi. While I continued to look around for some prey, I found some scattered “Moti Moti Auntian” hastily making their way through the crowd in order to get on or get off the train. Their embroided long “ninja like chaddars” flowing backwards. Their same brown skin with that golden tinge – Ah, I am home…..


After reaching home, I turned on the TV after having the first cup of the tea and scrolled around aimlessly. I stopped on a cable channel where a movie was just starting. The background movie sounded familiar – “Gladiator”, I sighed. One of my highest rated movies. Just perfect! I exclaimed and I must watch it again.


Hours later, as I woke up in the quiet bedroom of my home, I decided to stroll out after having my lunch. As I got out, I saw a group of dogs having an orgy in the public. One bitch, four dogs. Wow! What a start of the trip…


Now at 11 PM, while I have my last cup of tea for the day, I look ahead to the days that are going to follow. Will leave back to Karachi on the 30th of January and I wish everything goes find and as planned!




Going Home

25 01 2007

Its going to be a long long weekend– Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…

Exams will start a bit late than i anticipated and thats 7th of Feb.

So, nothing is better than have a quick trip back home. I haven’t been there for more then three months so its about time i go there and experience some colder climate, chat with friends and sleep with peace 🙂

So, baby! Here i comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

A quick writeup of the past few days.

20 01 2007

Apart from that fear which i wrote last time, life seems to go as usual (atleast for others). The presentation sessions which kicked my ass heaviliy are now over. The new release of our software has been launched and at the moment bug fixing is the highest priority ..

Last Friday was our office gang’s BBQ night. The plan was cooking up long before Eid but was practically put to use only one week ago. Guys gathered the meat and deposited to a shop which marinated the meat to be grilled. Everyone gathered on the rooftop of a friend’s house and grilled the stuff. THAT SURE WAS FUN TO DO!!!!!!

After grilling, it was time to claim the booty and we all had a hearty meal – the meat was sufficient so no Roti was needed at all. Guys ate it meat with meat. ah, we carnivores!

The weekend after the grilling party was a long one so, i slept till nooon on the saturday and wasted the remaining day imagining what should i do .. literally wasted. Tried to do some study on the sunday but of no avail….. My exams will be starting with the start of Feb and still a long long course to revise. Shit!

This monday, we visited our good old long time partner hotel Peshawar Salty. I remember bearing that torture of a resturant for more than a month when i first joined this company coz there is none within the walking distance. If you wanna eat good, either spend good and order OR you can ride a bus and go to Nursery where you can find stuff which is eatable.
So, coming back to the salty restaurant, we went there after almost two months and ordered their specialty "Dal Handi" which was of reasonable quality the last time we visited them but O GOD this time it smelt like coal. yeah really! The dal tasted like coal and made my mouth so fucked up that i kept on smelling like coal till dinner. Dammit man, i ain’t goint there again!

Anyways, its another weekend here and i am looking forward to enjoy it alongwith studies as i have only 10 days to spare… 😦

The Unknown Fear

17 01 2007

"I see in your eyes the same fear that will take the heart of me,…" — Aragorn (LotR:RotK)

I know its near………..
I can see it in the water… I can feel it in the dist… I can smell it in the air..

Is it my sixth sense or just the prediction of my fucked up mind that makes me feel this way ?

For the past week, i feel like a paranoid. I have been overcome by an unknown fear. The fear of my own karma. the fear ……… ah.

This fear has made me a much much much more superstitious person than i was on the start of the year. I suspect my clothes, shoes for the cause of my current state… I have started to suspect my activities…. I have even started to avoid those places which i visited before the attack of the fear… isn’t it insane ??

It will still take some time before i come back to where i was before the fear attacked me.

O God O God Help me overcome this fear… I beg you.

Tension Strikes

10 01 2007

10th January, 2007.

Its the third day of tension … second day of severe tension.

Man, everything seems too fucked up. Have been delivering a course on that TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT PRODUCT OF OURS and my night’s sleep is gone..

On the start of the year, my horoscope greeted me that this is going to be THE YEAR when your dreams come true and thus far, its the nightmares that are being fulfilled ………..

Now with a dozen bugs to fix and to prepare tomorrow’s presentation, my ass is busted!!!! booooooom

Words say it all

5 01 2007

Thsi shout goes out to Shani who although wasn’t able to talk to me but was able to communicate and convey his message by the words that he wrote on his MSN messenger.

Some Last thoughts of 2006

2 01 2007

ughhhhhhhhhhhh, ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I was pushing it hard in the toilet when the fireworks started, oh! i thought. its time! Yeah, it was the start of 2007, the year that i was looking forward to. and what a wonderful way to start with – cleaning out your bowels!!! huh!

Below, i am trying to gather some thoughts that occured to me during 31st december 2006.

  • oh, its 10 AM. gotta rush to my computer.
  • last day of the year. hmmm and its Eid tomorrow
  • Can’t do the party without friends.
  • Dad will be arriving here tonight.
  • Man, i MUST cover all these lectures TODAY
  • oh, that chick looks so much like the one we saw at Eaton.
  • look at the way that chick is standing out there in her PJs. Abay apna nahi to hamara hi khayal karo…
  • hey momma! look here. johnny is comin’ your way.
  • Gotta get myself a couple of mobile cards before shops get closed for Eid.
  • hmmmm, the sun has finally set. The last sunset of the year and i missed it.
  • I hope the new year is better one for me.
  • Ah, wish you were here.
  • RockSwitch will start at 10:30 PM. gotta tune in.
  • Man, everything SUCKS!

Well, thats it.