The Brand new F1 Drama

28 03 2009

F1 starts today…… with the practice session already in progress.

Man, I am excited, lets hope the whole season is as thrilling as the finale of last year’s season…

Go F1… Go Ferrari Team!!!

Don’t wanna be around….when it all goes down

26 03 2009

Today is one of the four days of the week when I feel gloomy… very gloomy.
So, while I was reading a gloomy article on an independent blog related to happenings in the country, i got pissed off at the author who is a non-resident paki and argues in the article that people are hopeless about their future. So I wrote some gloomy comment (I don’t expect it to remain posted for more than a couple of hours). Here it is as I wrote it:

Why do you expect the people to be positive? Do they have a reason?

I agree that the world is going through a crisis, and I also admit that the world is going to get out of it soon, but not us.
Just like an injured, tired dog who is lying in the middle of the road watching the bus coming its way, this nation can only foresee one thing…. utter chaos.
Man, you must be feeling glad that you are just ‘visiting’ the country when she and her citizens are going down the drain.

Then some optimistic freak commented that he can feel the ‘change’ in the air. and things are going to be fine. I took it out on him/her too:

@<SCREEN NAME OF THE ADDRESSEE>, is ‘change’ another word for US Drone? , then hell yeah its in the air coming your way!

Perhaps in a decade or so, when the current situation will be history and people would refer to current era as good old days, my blog entry could still pop up in some search result.


Its time now to close the books

25 03 2009

The defense of my thesis was held on this yesterday. Despite being extremely tired and untidy, i had to be there as i was informed of this presentation while i was away at my home town. So, I had to hustle up to reach the center and luckily got spared before noon.

With this, my educational effort spanning the past 2 and a half year for this MBA has come to an end. The result of my previous courses has already been announced and I managed to round up a CGPA of 3.4

Now, i have to wait for the result of my defense and eventually the result transcript.

Now, I feel free…. Its time to move on.

Now, whats next?

dAs’s Birthday gathering

16 03 2009

So, today was dAs’s birthday and I should write about it before I forget about it or just let it go due to my laziness.

I remember that last year we had similar fun-filled evening. This year should be no different. He came to my place at 8:00 PM and we headed to pick up Murti Qasab (fake last name, so don’t jump to any conclusions). The details of the deals were pretty simple: dAs was to buy us dinner and we have to buy him cake (or something that makes the event look like a birthday).

We decided to have dinner at Hot and Spicy at Clifton and headed there. The place was crowded as usual so we parked our car away from it (and man, I am glad we parked away from the place). We ordered their speciality Rolls (Garlic Mayo Chicken, Reshmi Kabab Chicken). While we waited for the order to be served, I got out of the car and smoked a ciggy. The weather was good and since it was a sunday we had lots of people over there…. that means lots of chicks …. howwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllll … woof woof.

I was telling my buddies how the area code system of ranking works and we started ranking the chicks who were coming here and there. The best piece of the evening was ranked 718 by me. Before I could go wild, our food arrived and we took it out on the rolls.

Once we were done with the dinner, we bid farewell to Hot n Spicy (and the chicks) and moved on…. our destination was to find some bakery. But we decided to hop into Dunkin’ donuts instead to get a few donuts. We bought six donuts and three coffee mugs and chatted about here n there. Murti as usual predicted about our future. After taking a look at my palm, he even claimed that I will marry twice in my life 😀

Soon the donuts and coffee was finished and we had to force ourselves to get up. The tummy was over loaded, and we were all getting drowsy. The thought of going to work the next day made me feel depressed… a battle to fight and to survive it.

Ok, thats it for the day, The food is now almost digested and its time to get up and iron my clothes for tomorrow.

Happy birthday again dAs. Thanks for the dinner. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in the days to come. May Murti’s predictions about you become true this time (I won’t say the same about the ones he predicted about me).

In favor of a day for the beasts

10 03 2009

I was supposed to write this the past Sunday, but heyyy! I am so lazy.

Sunday was the day of women, feminists from around the globe gathered at clubs, radio stations and tv shows and blamed it all on men (the usual). I am not sure how it goes in other parts of the world, but in a patriarchal society like ours, the usual rants are:

  • Women are treated like second-class citizens.
  • Their job opportunities are limited.
  • They face harassment at work.
  • They are just an object that is used by men to have sex and to have children.

all these comments portray men as a monster who loves to devour every woman he could acquire nothing short to the devil himself.

Ok, we are not living in the stone age. Times have changed and so have men. The once male dominated society has now become a female oriented society, and I would attribute the "tharkiness" of men to be behind this attitude as well.

Well, me being one of those so called "beast" experiences things that make me and members of my brethren not only feel like a second class citizen but also make us burn in envy. Let me tell you how:

Ever imagined your car broke down in the middle of road? Now what would be the behavior of people if the owner of the damned car was a man? No body will even care, Boys are boys, they can fix their things. Now imagine this thing happening to a woman, Men from all around would stop by inquiring about the problem and eventually the lady in question would go home in the same car shortly. Now whether you blame it on the hidden motive of men to sleep with that woman or just the natural instinct of men to show superiority, the woman walks away as the winner – unharmed.

What happens when we are at some grocery store or similar place… every one waiting anxiously for their turn to get their things, and suddenly a woman appears. The shopkeeper would do all to provide priority service to the lady. while every other insignificant loser (read: male) waits.

In a competitive job market, where obtaining jobs becomes a battle-royal among the candidates, we seldom see a woman employer’s preferences. Now they call it equal employment opportunity, and we call it stereotypical judgment. How many times any seasoned worker has experienced that the woman colleagues get lighter work-load, get to leave office at 5 … and above all have better tendency to climb the corporate ladder. No, I am not saying that they are any less competitive than males, i am just raising an eyebrow of suspicion- thats all!
(My personal plea to the employers: C’mon guys, pay me good and I swear I can give you a BJ, just like in the movies)

Well, these are just three incidents here, I can post more just as those feminists can post more reasons of woman being a suppressed entity. those so called advocates of equal rights must consider this as well. Where are our rights here?

In the end, I can claim to refute the feminist’s perception about woman being a second-class citizen. Its the men who have to weather the storm of isolation, hardships and the challenge of being the best among the pack. In short, the tables have turned. The once ‘beast’ is now the tortured dog which is yelling for food and attention.

Come on people, we can celebrate Halloween to celebrate the demons, why can’t we celebrate these miserable creatures called ‘men’? We need a day too, a day when a few philosopher looking men gather at a TV show and talk how cruel the society is towards the men and how ‘equal’ rights can make this society a better one!

The Gay Test

9 03 2009

So, out of curiosity I took the Gay Test and here is what it revealed to me: – Are You Gay?


Frankly speaking, i had no clue of more than half the questions, so i guessed the answers.

So, what i interpret from the results is that "Out of 100 people I bang, 21 are males"

hmmmm…. this means 79 would be women 😀 😀 :p   ….. wow! I will accept the results 😀

and in the end, I would like to convey this message to all my male co-workers and friends:

"Be very afraid of me…. coz I will be the guy who is going to squeeze your ass the next time we meet"


Man, these crappy tests can sometimes be very funny!