“Deception Point” — a deception itself

30 11 2005


so, the BORING novel ‘Deception Point’ is finally finished.

Although i had bought it with such an enthusiasm … but the novel ended up being a boring and not so ‘Dan Brown’ type.

I am just thinking whether is it a good idea to buy ‘Digital Fortress’ (another one of his novel)?

I thing i would end up buying it as i have vowed myself that i will read each one of his books.

For the time being, i am refreshing my physics by reading ‘A brief history of Time’. This book is explaining important physics theories to ordinary people. It is mostly text and you will not find any equations in it except the famous E=mc2


Saturday manai ga sala!

20 11 2005
Yesterday, i was quite curious about saturday being the weekend or blog day. So i got what i deserved….
A whole night at my office cubicle
and yet after 26 hours of duty, i am still at the same place.
This programming really kicks ass when you don’t take it seriously
during the span of the night, i continued my endeavour at ORKUT, listend to online music and did some work
Yet, I don’t feel much tired
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Another Saturday

19 11 2005



Its weekend
Its blog day
As i engage myself in office work, i find other things to complete like getting an ORKUT invitation, a blogspot account and posting my first entry over there.
blogspot offers somewhat better facilities than MSN spaces.
(atleast it can upload images whicle my networks blocks the msn image upload)
during my profile creation, i was kept on entering same information over and over again that in the end, i let it out on ORKUT.
anyways, ORKUT is a nice site if used nicely. atleast you can find some chicks who can be your friends
heh heh. bad boy– Johnny!
Ok, i must leave now to work
see ya folks soon


Down the memory lane…

15 11 2005

So, my mom is back home and i am back to my daily routine.

After dropping her off at the station, i returned home and found myself moving towards a Pathan’s hotel for some hearty breakfast. I chose the only menu item "Parathas and Omlette" with a cup of "Doodh patti".

WOW- What a way to kick start your day!

That cup transported me back… back… back…. no no no not that back, six years back would be just fine. Those were the days when I used to go to college-The legendary “Science Degree College”- absolutely carefree. All you had to do was to go to college, bunk periods and return back home to bug your parents. In those days we folks used to hang out at different small sized cafes and have our regular dosage of caffeine (Doodh patti), nicotine (cigarette- I Loved Gold Leaf) and spices (samosas + channay + chutney) YUM YUM.

Spent four wonderful years at that college and never studied a word. (That’s why I ended up as a computer professional).

Now this doodh patti was the first doodh patti since then. And I have yet to smoke my first cigarette since March 2000!

Whether good or bad, I enjoyed my cup like I used to do earlier, poured into the saucer and drank it from there… heh heh..


I really miss my pals who have faded away into the mist of the past….

I wonder if I could ever have those carefree days with lots of chattering, eating, bhoondies etc.

Well, thats life for you. Time runs out and you have to carry on.


Transported back to the reality world of today, hundreds of miles away from that pleasant town….


Yesterday, I had my regular dinner with a half roll of biscuits and a pack of chips (bon appetite) and that exquisite meal was for Rs. 15 only (you got to have your budget within your reach!). Now I am looking for a similar endeavor tonight as well (but a different flavored biscuit).


— I dedicate this post to all those chums I had enjoyed my time with May you people live long and prosper!

Konfabulator: A great site to visit

11 11 2005
As I have no personal or social shit to discuss so here is a review of a site, that I have started to love.
Everyone loves to spoil his desktop with nice looking shit.
I am one such gadget freak!
One day during my official duties, i came accross a RFP for a creation of a tool called Konfabulator (www.widgetgallery.com).
I wasn’t a bit surprised on reading this as i thought someone wanted a website clone. So, i just clicked the link.
What I experienced later on was a breathtaking trip to a wonderful site which is powered by bunch of Geeks. Just the thing I wanted!!!
What is Konfabulator?
  A Yahoo controlled site, it offers small add-ons for your desktop called widgets. There is a controller software which can be freely downloaded from the site. All the widgets are registered in the controller and can be loaded or unloaded.
What can you expect here?
   I was amazed by the versatility of widgets at this site. The widgets vary from highly animated RSS Readers to System monitors to enhancing utilities like great digital and analog clocks.
Some sample widgets are also installed with the controller programs. one of them was a global weather control which can display the weather of a lot of cities (I tried some paksitani cities and it worked).
I tried searching some clocks and the results were awesome! and i really mean it!
At this very instance, a nice looking semi-transparent clock is ticking on my desktop.!!
You will find something you can utilize.

There and back again…

7 11 2005
Rise and Shine Loser! 
Its monday and Eid vacation are over. Although i did nothing special, but they went like a moment. (ah, where the good times gone)
My mom is visiting me now a days, atleat i don’t have to worry about preparing my meal for the next week!


3 11 2005

( Chand Raat (

3 11 2005

I Hope that its chand raat here in Pakistan (although the PATHANZ are already celebrating eid today. but no wonder, "they are pathanz"  ).


As I don’t intend to do anything toningt except burning in envy for those who are enjoying the night (Yeah, I am at the office today as the whole country celebrates the official holiday), Let me recall what we did last year on chand raat.

 Man , that was such a party!!!   

Me, Zahid, Yajoo, Sam (only four party lovers at my previous office) went to Multan Cantt Bazaar to have bhoondy and chill out. We stayed out till 3 in the morning (as they said: "Sent every chick and auntie back to her home before returning ours"!)

well this day as the country looks towards the sky for any sight of moon, i look towards the monitor at my moon (see the top-left corner of this blog entry).



Why am I happy? I have never been happy on Eid. I have always used Eid hollidays to study something that i had never found time to study)

blah blah…

anyways, who ever reads it, Its greeting to you!



May the God’s mercy be on you whoever you are, whereever you are!

You lousy sick guy!

1 11 2005
Everyday samosas, everyday pakoras
the rest was done by some creamy fruit chat.
Last night was the big night. (i meant to say in a religious way!)
I stayed on the prayer place till 4 in the morning.
Then, I don’t remember till 1 in the afternoon.
I threw up loads and loads of samosas and pakoras. The vomiting was so intense that my swollen throat started to bleed. . then i laid down totally exhausted.
i floated in a semi vertigo state till i somehow gathered myself and went to office.
Two more days and it will be Eid holidays. (I guess. Or I might even visit the office)
I ain’t feeling good yet. seems like tonight is going to be another bad night for my stomach.