Burger Chicks – A class of its own

6 02 2007

But this post is not all about burger chicks. its a narration of my past two days that i spent at home.

This saturday evening, a friend invited me to his place in Clifton. he is an old school buddy and wanted me to visit him. I decided to pay him a visit to share some good times. While i reached SeaView to wait for him, i had the opportunity to look around to see the sea and the "Jal Pari" chicks around the sea side. hmmmm, the defence and clifton chicks are really stirring things around.
Anyways, after roaming around with the friend and enjoying the lavish hospitality by him, i came out to find my way back to the bus stop. During this itme, i experienced again the uniqueness of the burger lot. chicks and their dudes moving around in their big fast cars for the weekend night. hmmmmmmm.. Truly stunning and mind fuck scene it was. Man, I wish i was one of those burger lots with chicks around here and there… 😛

So, the semester’s final showdown will begin tomorrow as my exams will roll into action. This time, the scene is tough. its my Statistics paper tomorrow and i feel like lost in the woods. magar ab kia faida, kehtay hain na "Yeh waqt nahi hai ronay ka… "

And finally, the company was sending two of its guys for a time management seminar and my request to participate was rejected on the following grounds: "He is the most punctual guy in the office. Why should he be sent on one ?"

Now, shall i dance with joy ? or shall I cry with grief ?

With these words, i leave you here.




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