Weekend came and gone…

26 02 2007

Sunday, 25th of February, 2007 – 8:58 PM.

Ah, finally! The dreadful task is finished. All zipped up and uploaded to the USB.

The task that was assigned to me by my lousy boss to conduct a research on Membership Provider API and how to create a new Provider that matches our own database schema.

I don’t know what kind of fucking itch that guy gets in his ass that he came to me on Friday evening and ORDERED me to do R&D on the topic. As they say “Naukri ki tey Nakhra Ki”, I complied with an obedient nod of the head. FUCK YOU! The Inner Voice said to that motherfucking sonofabitch who happens to be my boss. So, I had to buy the fucking DVD of MSDN library and had to install it on my machine in order to proceed.

So, I worked on Friday night, a few hours on Saturday, and a few hours on Sunday and finally I was finished with a sample application which I am gonna present to him.

The rest of the week went just OK. I was able to watch a couple of movies namely “Flag of our Fathers” (which was not as good as I had anticipated) and “The Prestige” which is one awesome movie. I was very reluctant in watching it but as the movie progressed, the movie got exciting and when I was finished around half past 1 in the morning, I exclaimed “Bravo! Bravo!”

Today that lousy cousin of mine took me on a “one hour” visit to the market in order to buy his suit which he intends to wear on his sister’s wedding. But his two sisters and his mother accompanied and hence started another fucking session of misery and that one hour trip finished in five hours. Five fucking hours wasted with those lousy chicks deciding and then criticizing their decisions… but I have decided that I WILL NEVER EVER accompany them to any of their shopping ventures. Fucking jerks! Ruined precious hours and those ass holes enjoyed while I twisted and ground my teeth in helplessness as I was thinking about the fucking illegal demands of my boss.

And yeah, did I write before that I have won a valentines day competition ? of not, then a local FM station arranged a competition on Valentines day where the listeners were supposed to be sending text messages (SMS) on how are they supposed to celebrate the valentines day. And my Text message won the goddamn competition. I received a CD pack containing 2 CDs on Saturday. Thanks to FM 96. You got yourselves a loyal listener 😉

So, with these words, I guess I have said enough. Today indeed was a dark day and I hope that tomorrow is better. So, gotta watch another movie. And I have chosen “Hollywood Land” for tonight. Ok, gotta save this document as well as I need to post it on Monday. Talking of Monday, my new semester is gonna start tomorrow. Shit!!!

Ok, enough for today. CYA!!!




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