Papers for Sale… Anyone Interested ?

29 04 2008


I found this post on the Message board of Vypress bulletin board on my local area network.

Disclaimer: I am not involved not interested in such an activity. I am just amused by the bravery of the guy who claims that he has the exam papers.

Re-living the days of school

22 04 2008

Yesterday, i was hungry when i left my office at around 7:00 PM. I looked around at the possibilities of having something not so expensive to eat and found numerous of those.
Initially i thought about having a glass of sugarcane juice, but decided against it because of extremely chilled serving. Then i wandered about the channa chat but didn’t find the courage to go across the road to grab a place, the stall of bun-kabab was too crowded. My next stop was a bakery where i intened to buy a patties to keep me going till dinner.

Before i got a chance to move inside, something else caught my eye. It was the traditional freshly prepared Jalebi, Pakora and Samosas. yummmmm……  I had found my evening snack.

I grabbed a samosa and moved inside the bakery to pay for it. The man at the counter was sorting freshly baked buns and breads, their aroma caught my attention and suddenly, i had the idea …. *bling* the thought struck and stayed there. ‘Hey, What about a Bun-Samosa instead of Just Samosa ?’… ‘Yeah just like the days when i used to devour it at school’… ‘Nice idea, Gotta buy one!’. After a brief conversation inside my head, i bought a bun as well. I asked the baker to cut the bun in half so that i can place a samosa inside the bun.

Once ready, i started to eat my nostalgic snack. The taste was just the same old one – terrific.
The price, however had risen multiple times. While at school, the price was 1.50 when i was at elementary school, and around 4 when i left school. Now, the whole package of bun and samosa cost me 10 rupees. Well, thats inflation for you. One of the benefits of not planning and choosing corrupt rulers.

So, I finally managed to have a mouth watering not so expensive treat and re-living the days of school when i didn’t know the importance of money and how hard one works to earn it.
Thank you mom n dad, for keeping me in ignorance for all that time.

Comes another Weekend.

19 04 2008

The past week had been busy for me. I was busy in office fights, meeting deadlines, being a mediator, conducting interviews and one-to-one meetings. The week also marked 2 weeks since I had taken a break from smoking and have been steady since then.

So, on Saturday night, I am ready to kick start the weekend. This afternoon was spent in finding a cell phone for my sister and I ended up buying Nokia 6200 classic. A cheap ‘all – in – one’ phone. Now I am wondering, how to have it delivered to the intended recipient :/

So, coming back to the weekend, I have downloaded two movies from our Media server. one is ‘The Ruins’ (a horror flick) and other is a mild movie ‘The lake house’ which I wanted to see for a long time.

Man, I am hungry…. I gotta log off and go get some dinner. At homer we have lady finger which I don’t eat. So, i gotta go out grab a besni paratha….. after that, its movie time 😀

My message to the future human race.

14 04 2008


Greetings Future Human,
My name is Burhan Ahmad. I greet you on behalf of myself and the people of Pakistan. I am a 27 year old male in the year 2008. I live in the country of Pakistan (Approx Location: 24° 48′ N     66° 59′ E — 34° 1′ N      71° 35′ E).
By the time you read this message,  Me, along with almost every one in this current material world will be gone. Only entity that has lived before us and will remain till and beyond the end of times is Allah (also known as God). I wonder if you folks ever believe in such an entity or not.

I would love to know what the world would be in the future or will there ever be a future ?
I wish you and your race the very best of luck. I wish that we, the current humans remain peaceful and stay friendly with the environment so that there remains a chance for humans to survive on this planet.

Live long and prosper.

Now, you will be wondering whether I have gone one step further in being insane. But, let me assure you that whatever is written above this text is based upon utmost sincerity and seriousness.

The message is for KEO satellite that will be launched in 2009/2010 and will return back to earth in 50000 years.

More information is found at:

Talking about A killer’s 26-year-old secret – Crime & courts-

14 04 2008



A killer’s 26-year-old secret – Crime & courts-

Well, the above mentioned story is indeed a very touching one. and the sad part is it happens all over the world – even countries like America where the judiciary system is far better then ours seem to be affected by the biased decision making of ignorant jury and judges.

Another sad thing, majority of such cases doesn’t even get noticed as there are no people who know that the convict is innocent.

ahhh. sad.

Insomniac & Depressed

13 04 2008

I am staring at the stars, and depressing thoughts are crossing my mind…. one of them being…
”I know some day you’ll have a beautiful life, I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s sky”

What the f*#k does that mean ? something that i don’t know myself.

Its Saturday night (sorry Sunday morning), 3:10 AM.

I am listening to Juno’s soundtrack. Its as good as the movie itself.

A couple of hours back, i watched Cloverfield. Finally i was successful in getting my hands on a good version. (the previous ones were full of shit).

The reason of me being still up and wasting my time is that i had slept in the afternoon. I was so damn tired after office, that i slept for three hours after i reached home. So, i might stay up till 4:00, and then go to bed.

Today’s office was as depressing as usual. Damn, that department is a bunch of sickos. yah ‘SICKOS’.

Guess, it seems like i have found my motivation of quitting this job as well 🙂

ummmmm, maybe not right now.


I think i should sleep now.

3 A’s and 2 B’s – OMG! I never knew i can do this good!

11 04 2008
My semester result has been announced and this one proves to be the best one of all.
Yahoooo. Here is the result:
Course Code

Course Title

Marks Obtained

Grade Point







 Financial Management




 Money & Banking




 Production / Operations Management





 Marketing Management



   My CGPA (all prev. semesters included) has reached an all time high of 3.59.
    I can only say one thing. I don’t deserve this. I am just a loser.

Re: No more maddy (with apologies from Hammy)

8 04 2008

So, your transition from Maddy to Hammy is complete now.

Q: what happens when a Ham gets Mad ?

A: he becomes my best friend.


Whether you’re a mad cow or a mad ham, you mean a lot to me.

Today’s happening

7 04 2008

After returning from office at 9:00 PM, I am currently taking my lectures. The current course is ‘Entrepreneurship’. Its boring till now… 😦

The result of four out of five courses of my last semester has been announced. Unexpectedly, I got B’s in both Operations Management and Marketing Management. (I was expecting D based upon my performance), but I guess, my guesses in the MCQ type section were right on spot and the paper checker was generous enough to grant me with low B’s in both of those courses. So my CGPA rises to 3.45 (BTW, in the other two courses, I got A’s). I expect to get a High B or at the most A in the remaining course (Financial Management).

So, all focus on the current semester. I have specialization courses this semester… they should make my task a bit easier… I hope.



Now coming to office stuff…
The debugging is always continuing (as usual), a new release is to be scheduled for tomorrow which would eventually result in 10 new issues and 5 reopened issues. 🙂
Nothing is ever going to happen to this team. (as long as I am around).

The interviews are continuing at good pace too. One poor guy is scheduled for me tomorrow as well.


and now BREAKING NEWS: I am still alive on Orkut. Just right now, i had my 1300th scrap written to me…. thanks maddy! You have been the only guy who has made this possible. Perhaps you wrote mine 100th scrap, and perhaps 500th one and yeah perhaps 1000th as well. God bless you dude.

So, with this blessing, i bid you all farewell.

Till next time.

Helpless feelings

5 04 2008

Another Saturday.

I feel bad. No, its not related to the job – perhaps not.

I have an uneasy feeling about myself. I haven’t been able to get a 100% fitness since I fell sick earlier in the week. Is it the high potency anti-biotic ? Why am i feeling un-easy ?

I was talking my lecture a little while ago, but i never found the interest. How am i going to survive the whole semester?

I guess i should skip dinner today. have some yoghurt and some chilling drink.

and yeah, its been four days since i haven’t had a cigerette. Don’t think its the end of the session but will try to stay away as long as i can.


Take care, CYA!