Now, its two to go

30 11 2008

I had planned to write this post to mention that i have only one more exam to go (thats after Eid), but due to ‘un-avoidable circumstances’, my today’s exam has been postponed till further notice… So, i guess i have to prepare for not one but two exams now 😦

But, this evening, I will party after all i studied the whole last night. (had i known about this postponement, i would have rather watched maal masala than to study!)

See you in a week

23 11 2008

I am feeling sleepy coz i slept at 5 in the morning today and woke up at 10.

My exams will start this wednesday, and my preparation … NILL.


Going to sleep now, Will write again in one week’s time…. good night

oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

22 11 2008

oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit


This post is about adding a new word for google, because "oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" doesn’t exist on google’s search database as of this writing (21-Nov-08 13:30 GMT)

So, soon when you write "oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" in google, you will see my page popping up. Though there is nothing significant written here… Interesting na ?

The idea came to me after visiting You should take a look too.

Bye for now.


So, I walk

20 11 2008

As i stated earlier, my assignment is changing….. so, did the workplace.

Now, i have to report at Mai Kolachi for work instead of II Chundrigar road.

Due to my transport arrangements for the morning, I have to leave my bus on I.I Chundrigar road (Point 1 – Bank Alfalah – Head office).

From that place starts my walking journey (See the Red Line).

I walk straight, cross the railway line and reach the end of the road which joins with the MT Khan Road. Then, i continue to walk for another few hundred meters to reach the KPT flyover and turn right on Mai Kolachi Road. Another 100 meters and i reach my work place. (Point 2)

 So, this whole journey takes me around 15 minutes. Thanks God, its winter season or i would just melt during the walk 🙂

Now about my new workplace, That place (as you might have noticed) is in the middle of effilng nowhere. absolutely effing nowhere. no babes, no hustle n bustle, no wandering around, no place to eat…. 😥

but Naukri Kee, tay Nakhra Kee….. so here I am, trying to make a mark again 🙂

In the end, i hope i lose a few pounds in a month’s time coz i seriously need an exercise. :p


Choosing that thesis

17 11 2008

Choosing a dissertation title is one of the most painful decision I have taken over the past weeks. As a degree requirement, I am supposed to take a dissertation related to my field of study but my mind went ‘boom’… everything blank.

First I started about project management or PMO implementation but i was short of any ideas and to conduct any research. Then, I decided about IT security at workplace.. but that idea seemed unattractive.

Then suddenly, I realized that I can do some research work on Knowledge Management. Yeahhhh! sounds right, so I chose "managing of Tacit knowledge for ICT organization"…. but again when I started to write a proposal, my mind went blank. as dark as the scene of city during load shedding.

So, somehow I reviewed a lot of literature and presented it to my instructor but in a few days, he asked me to review it as it was quite unclear to him. So, now here I am. Updating my thesis title and re-submitting it tomorrow. If it doesn’t go right this time, my instructor will ask me to drop the course 😦

ah. studies suck most of the time.


New Assignment – tomorrow

12 11 2008

Well, After two days of home resting, I am all geared up for my new assignment which is scheduled to begin tomorrow.

I might be moving to a new building and on new technology.

Lets see how things turn up.

End of a chapter.

11 11 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For those who didn’t know: Today was my last day under the contract of E-Commerce.

This means you don’t need to be afraid of me anymore 🙂

Though I had already been defunct for a few months prior to this email but today being my official leaving day, I decided to drop you an email just to express myself.

hmmmm, shall I say the truth or shall I go with lies….?
ahhhh decisions, decisions…
I guess i would rather stray from my habit and say the truth for the first time in weeks…. So, here goes ….

You folks have been one of the most pleasant memories of my consulting tenure at UBL thus far. You people have just the right amount of talent, enthusiasm and leadership that would let any team to do things beyond the impossible. All that is needed is to realize this potential and prove that you guys are one great team that can dig wells with bare hands.

I am very much hopeful about the future of this team. I am sure that in very near future I will come to hear about your amazing achievements and will proudly say to my peers that "hey! I knew them".

So, folks! Its about time that I spread my *light* to some other place and ruin more things. I hope that with my curse lifted, you guys will do more amazing things that you could only think of.

and yeah, whenever you guys are planning a party… you know how to reach me :p

CYA, God bless you all.


P.S: I can be further reached at: <MY EMAIL ADDRESS>

The message was written yesterday which happened to be my last day under the contract of E-Commerce division. Before leaving, I cleaned up my private data and wrote the above message for those whom I have left behind…. Impressive job, isn’t it ?

So, here I am today at home…. wondering where to begin. My boss is supposed to call me some time today to discuss my fate. If he doesn’t, I guess its game over and I will start sending emails to those who could help me in getting a job.

Pray for me, If you can.

Friday’s Dilemma

8 11 2008

Why does it happen on Fridays only?

Why do we happen to bump into mouth watering babes only when we are going for the Jumma prayers ? I don’t know about others but it happens to me on Fridays… and has been happening to me eversince i remember. After some cautious probing to other like minded friends, they confessed the same phenomenon as well.

Just take yesterday’s example, As i got out of the main entrance of my building, I encountered half a dozen of chicks in a single flock who were obviously going out for lunch, and here I was; all ready for friday prayers…. all i could have done was to sign out loud and curse. It didn’t end there, As i neared the mosque i encountered more and more pieces of beauty…. all inviting with their looks and ‘selective’ clothing…..

ahhhhhhh… Devil and its ways. Trying to lure us away from any sober thing i would do in the whole damn week.  Hence, the holy day… totally ruined.

Whats your say ? do you encounter the similar experience?

The Change in the USA – an Opportunity for Pakis!!!

6 11 2008

Today being the historic day when Barrack Obama won the presidential election and became the new president of the USA. What’s historic about it ? Well, he is the first African-American man to ever get elected by the people. Yeah that’s quite an achievement.

So, the whole day today was a gossip day, people chatting here and there about any possible changes that would await this world in the coming months. During one such light chat over the lunch, someone joked

"If an African-American could become a president, then so can a Pakistani Born Desi"

That was followed by a huge laughter by the whole group, but i started thinking the other way.

Quite possible, I thought.

Imagining some desi like us (a loser looking man) sitting in the presidential palace and talking in Urdu, Eating Dal Chawal or living with his parents….. Just the thought of this sight gave me giggles… but if USA is as liberal as they claim to be, then it could very much be possible.

Now, here is the opportunity for the Pakis if they want the next generation of US Presidents from their breed. All they have to do is to quit using birth control pills, condoms or whatever birth-control crap the government advertises. Make lots n lots of babies, and send them to the USA for studies/work where they will eventually get settled and if they are lucky, will get US nationality. After that, its a matter of time when we see a desi paki in the white house…. fulfilling their dreams – as they say in lolspeak:

"I iz In yer white house, ruling yer country"

This is indeed a funny thought…  but one final thought (a more realistic one) ruins the whole funny situation, and that bitter truth is:

"Whether its obama or McCain or Ron Paul, its not gonna bring any good to the world especially to our country. coz no matter who wins, We WILL LOSE"



The thoughts, views are a result of my corrupt thinking (I am insane, I know). Just don’t ruin your life just because you want someone from your lowlife generation to be the US President. I don’t want you to be giving up your usage of condoms and raise an army of losers who are just a fucking burden on you and our society….. have lots of sex but use pills 😉


F*ck you Glock!

2 11 2008

Phew..  I just finished watching the extremely tense season finale of F1 championship, thanks to some absolute assholic driving by Timo Glock, Hamilton ended up winning the world championship despite finishing fifth in the race.   Massa won the race.


Glock, You FUCKING CUNT…  and yeah.. great work Vittel!