Last post for a week or so

23 08 2008

I am not going to post any new thing for the next few days (unless something extra ordinary happens).

My exams start on 25th and will end on 2nd of September.

Till then, I will be pretending to study.


Will hopefully return later with something to write about my exams and on future plans.


Till then, adios

Aao mil kar jootay khain…

22 08 2008

Zindagi main agar koi cheez bohat ziada khai hai, to woh hai Jootay!

Bachpan main bohat jootay khay…..

Kabhi Amma Abba se,




Kabhi teacher se…





Kabhi Muhallay kay ladkon se…






Kabhi College ki ladkion se….





Apni to saali poori life hi jootay khatay guzri hai….

Magar meherbaan… Qadar-daan.
Aap kay liye hazir hai…. Aik aisa joota jis ko khai bina aap ko maza nahi aaye ga.

Presenting the *new* NIKE AIR    *tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa* *clapping*





Oops sorry, it should be called Mc Air. :$


Ab Jootay Khaiye, Mazay le kar.

The day the light faded away

19 08 2008

Though I never intended to post today, but my frustration has finally entered a new era!

Musharraf has resigned. His era of prosperity has finally ended today at around 2:00 PM when i heard him say that he has decided to step down in the best interest of the country.

Ahhh…. How everyone at my office gasped when they heard him say that (whatever those bunch of losers in the government say, the educated sector of this country still considers Musharraf as their savior).
Though anticipated, yet nobody believed that he would quit. Before his speech, we folks were joking over a cigarette that he would address the government and say something like "FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!" or "YOU LICKED MY BALLS EARLIER, NOW YOU WANNA SHOW ME YOUR DICKS ?" or something similar which we know Musharraf is capable of saying…. but he decided to stay away from the pack of howling rabid dogs.

So, with him out of the scene, I can say that its checkered flag for Zardari & Co. to do what ever they want to do. With the option of 58-2(B) still around, he can appoint his own president (or himself) and can literally own this country. What else can we expect from him ?

So, coming to the question of ‘Who is going to be the new President ?’, the likely choice could be Mr. 10% (now 100%). But for the sake of enlightened moderation, The country should demand that Sherry Rehman should be brought in as the president. So that the dynamic duo of Sherry and Gilani could fulfull what they were doing on 12th of May (caught on camera).

But Jokes apart, Today is the day when we have buried ‘Enlightened Moderation’ in this country.

Now, what next ?

Shab-e-Barat Tonight

17 08 2008

Tonight is the Shab-e-Barat, the night when our fate is decided on the heavens and Allah decides who lives the next year and who dies. What expansion in one’s rozee one gets and who gets a reduction.

The night also marks a milestone towards the starting of the holy month of ramadan. Just two more weeks and we are pious.


May Allah let us get the most out of this blessed night. Amen.

but why am I frustrated ?

13 08 2008

I remember a dialog from "The Dark Knight", which said:
"You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself turn into a villain".

Musharraf came to power as a hero, but stayed long enough that the people have now started to think him a villain.

The whole country looks with beating hearts towards our ‘representatives’ sitting in the national and provincial assemblies led by some ‘coalition’ government whose leaders are out to quench their personal grudge against the president whom we have seen and learnt to live with over all these years.

But why am I getting frustrated ?

Sooner or later, the president will be called upon by the parliament and will walk down that long aisle towards the stage and members of the parliament will be booing him… scolding him – forgetting all the reforms that he brought to this cursed land of filth but remembering only the allegation that he is a US Agent.

I am getting frustrated……… But why ?

With people not ready to trust Zardari and the government not ready to trust the president, we are entering an era where i see more turmoil in terms of economy, politics and law and order. The country is clearly divided in two facets both blaming the other to be an anti Pakistani. Who is right, who is wrong ? I am in no position to say.

This makes me frustrated…. again.

The past couple of weeks have made me a paranoid, I don’t see any escape from the mental  turmoil i am going through. With the apparent threat of the Indian and CIA Agents called ‘Taliban’ taking over the city in a bloody coup to the political crisis, I; like millions others seem stuck with no way to escape. In my heart I believe Musharraf is on the right path and this Zardari is playing a big game but what makes me this certain ? just a hunch… nothing else.

With yet another independence day approaching us, I feel pity for us, for this country which has come on the verge of disintegration in just a small time. Its time to bid adieu to this unity and patriotism… one last time.

Why am I getting frustrated ? Why should i fucking care ?
I am getting nothing from this country whether musharraf is in power or not. All we get is rising inflation, more detoriating law and order and diminishing savings.

But sometimes just a ray of light makes people achieve what seems impossible, and Musharraf; I believe is that very ray of light.

Beginning Chapter 29

7 08 2008

Its past midnight already and I have to begin chapter XXIX. Its gonna be a tough one too as i approach the end of the book slowly but surely.

But before that, gotta get myself a ciggy.

All summarized.

3 08 2008

So, just as i suspected, my monitor blew up due to the rain a few days back and now i am using my computer for the first time in four days. I bought a new one just yesterday evening amidst the confusion of whether i should buy it right now or should i wait a few days. So, with a new expense of 1500 rupees I am back on business. Lets see for how long coz as long as my equipment is exposed to the environmental changes, i am at risk.

Just finished watching movie ‘The Love Guru’ and it was a good one. Certainly a welcome change since i had been watching too action packed movies over the past weeks. Yesterday afternoon a few friends (me included) went to the cinema to watch the latest action flick ‘Wanted’…. The movie was so exaggerated that I enjoyed it too much while watching…. It was just the kind of movie that you would see in a cinema.

My semester reports and projects have been submitted and its time to get your ass down to business – to study. My deputation at the current project is coming to an end and in a week, i will be moving back to my old place (A.K.A Iraq) to face the violent music.


Just now, the whether has gone gloomy…. i sense more rain coming… so i gotta publish this post and secure my computer or i will be buying another one with more expense to incur.