The weekend chronicles of Johnny

30 04 2007

So, the WC is over. and as expected, Australia won again. three times winners now. :). COme one ICC, kick em out  .. won’t ya ?

My weekend finished as i prepared for my exam of Cost Accounting scheduled later in the evening today. and frankly speaking, i am not confident at all. damn…. this study thing is gonna kill me one day.

The weekend wasn’t all about studies. I watched totay while i took breaks from my studies. so, it was not a bad weekend after all. 😛

and before i finish this blog, i realize that tomorrow is 1st of May – The labor day – A holiday. No matter what happens today, i will prepare somewhat for my Economics exam tomorrow… so that i am a bit relaxed when i go to the farmhouse party this friday evening.

What else ??? nothing much.

Last day, i watched a program on "The Musik" channel called "XPosed". Wow! i said after i finished watching it. The program unveils the social corruption in the society. Although its a bit different than the "Gumnaam" program on Geo, yet it was thrilling. Last day, it was about the Mobile snatching activities in Karachi. The host himself made himself as the scapegoat and wandered around with his mobile in his hands while the hidden camera in the van closely followed. After almost 4 hours of wandering around, two guys came and took his mobile on gun point. (all recorded on the camera tape). So, real time reporting of crime ??? sounds interesting doesn’t it ??

Cool. and they also showed two cops nearby who were settling a bribe from a youngster who was traveling on his bike and they threatened him to put to jail if he didn’t comply with their demands. The bribe was settled for Rs. 50.. !

What a pity. Cheap bastards!

Grand Finale Today

28 04 2007

WC 2007 is coming to an end today.

Australia and Srilanka are going to battle each other in a fairly predictable final of the world cup. Odds are that Aussies will clinch the title for the third time in a row. dammit…!!!  I think, the ICC has to politely ask the Aussies to withdraw themselves from the race to the world cup so that the real Competitive teams could get a chance to show off their skills.

Although i would put my money on Australia, but would love to see them lose to Srilanka. Lankans deserve to win…

Have to wait for a few more hours…

One Hell of a Prank…

27 04 2007

This is a prank site written for the sole purpose of confusing, embarrassing, and angering your friends or enimies.

Simply fill out the form on the site and it will create a link to a fake news story of your choice. You then give them the link to the fake story, which will look 100% authentic.




Try it out. its funny.

Its time now, My Time Now… Give me My Wings…………

25 04 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I posted blogs on the interviews that i was appearing in. I had halted writing blogs on that issue until any significant development takes place. So, its time to break the ice.

I have accepted the offer at the other company. I have told my superiors that i am leaving them in two months and finally today, i have signed my resignation and will present it to my manager in a short time.

So, the doomsday clock starts ticking backwards.. tick tock.. tick tock.. tick tock.

I’ll join my new employre on 25th of June. The salary package is relatively better. Lets see the environment is better as well. Although i don’t expect something out of the world, but all i need is some time for myself, and my studies and significant learning experience. If I keep on getting these things and keep on performing as i should be, i am sure my stay at my new company will be a lot better…

The only worry as yet is that my final exams will start the next day from the day i join my new company.

tick tock

tick tock

tick tock

2 months to go.

Exams… again

23 04 2007

Ufffff, the exams are going to start from 27th.

Besides all those claims from my end that I am going to prepare fully, I have failed to comply. Now I have to study just to get enough marks to get me through… The first exam is of BC (Yeah that’s exactly what the subject is called) and I haven’t prepared. The next one is of Cost Accounting and I have started to prepare for that…

The mid term will pass away somehow as the date sheet is relaxed, but what would happen in the final term ??? I am really going to have a tough time because the final exams will occur in the wrong time of the year.. (just the time when I am going to switch to a new job )

End of the Wedding Hungama

23 04 2007

At last, the weeklong ceremonies of my cousin’s wedding are over. Things are finally coming back to normal. The ceremonies started on 11th April and coming to an end on the 17th of April. During this time, I was involved in eating and wasting my time. I took more drinks in those 4 events than I had in the past four months combined. I must have gained a couple of pounds during this week. All my study schedule is ruined and with exams just around the corner, I am gonna have a bad time…

The food at various events was awesome, Mehndi #1 had Seekh Kabab, Paratha, Chicken Karahi, Rice and not to forget the dessert and drinks… The second Mehndi featured Behari Kabab, Paratha, Rice, Rabdi and drinks…. But this wasn’t enough. Coz the main event ‘Shaadi’ featured Biryani, Taaftaan, Chicken, Beef, two types of desserts and drinks. Similarly the “Walima” had Broast, Biryani, Kunna and pudding and I don’t know whatever……… I have lost track of the dishes.

Anyways, it was an event to remember for some time onwards.

My Take on Cricket & F1

21 04 2007

Today, 21st of April, 2007. England v WestIndies in the WC2007 Super 8 round.

Both the teams are already knocked out of the arena and there is no point in watching that game. Or is it ? Certainly there is one valid point to watch that game if you want to experience history. This time, the reason is the last sight of the great Brian Lara in action. This will be Lara’s last match in international arena. A sad ending for him as well but certainly a memorable one as he un-doubtfully is THE batsman of the current era. A long long time ago, when I was a big freak of cricket, I remember watching a test match on TV, a young guy misfielded in the deep and the words of the commentator still echo in my head “Lara – The substitute fielder”. That was my first ever introduction to the rising sun of the cricketing arena. Since then, Lara had been a pain in the Ass of all the bowlers of the international cricket.

F1 season has now entered in bloom. After 3 races, Alonso is on the Top, First race was in Australia that Kimi Raikonen won, the second one was in Malaysia which was won by Alonso, and last week, the race in Behrain was won by Massa. But another consistent performer is the Rookie driver for McLaren. He surely is giving a hard time to the top drivers. I am sure, he is gonna find himself on the pole position in the current season. Massa has also shown great determination and courage. Even that he started from the end of the grid, he managed to secure 8th position in the first race. He’s also gonna be one of the next big thing of Ferrari.

Eventful Week coming to an end…

20 04 2007

This week has been tooooo eventful. Had a lot to do. i feel like totally drained.

I don’t wanna write about it now, but will compile blogs over the weekend and will post them eventually.

gotta go now.

Killer on the loose

19 04 2007

"Who’s the man witta’ master plan ?
A nigga’ witta’ motherfuckin’ gun."

                        — Dr. Dre

Our masterplan guy is named "Murti". He is a true killer. He’s been killing people since he begin to know that a gun is made to kill people. The famous "Gora Qabristan" of Karachi was his creation where he took part in an epic battle and killed hundreds of people (and buried them ofcourse).
Murti was the one who ignited the Samjhota Express in India and last but not the least, his latest venture was the Virginia Tech Massacre where he killed 33 people in the campus and the blame landed on one of the victims whom he framed. Poor Seung Cho. ahhh…….. wicked murti.

This murti guy is free and on the loose as i write these lines and i don’t know who is the next in line… Me, you ?

(of course this whole blog is a sick piece of joke… lolz)

A few hours at the beach

16 04 2007

Our last weekend was ruined as our picnic plan was screwed due to excessive work assignments which forced a few of my folks to work late on the weekend. This week was a bit different. We made our plans on Friday that no matter what happens, we are gonnaa have fun!!! We planned a quickie at the beach. According to the plan, one group had to leave office early and collect the snacks on their way to the spot (Sandspit), while the other bunch were to join the formers on the spot.

I was in the second group. I set off at 5:30 and raced our way to the spot as the early starters were reaching. We kicked off our shoes splashhhhhhhhhh into the high tide sea. The setting sun was presenting a wonderful view of the beach

It was saturday evening and we were expecting lots of company at the area. There were scattered bon fires in the huts around us where families were having fun. A few couples were also fondling each other in the dark corners.

We played football, took a long walk (i am sure, that walk on the sandy beach was more exerting than i used to exert in my Gym)..

At 8 pm, we decided to leave, we went to Clifton’s Afridi-Inn restaurant and devoured Chicken karahi and Champ.


Then, it was time to leave and come home.

So, this ended my fun filled evening which i am going to remember for a long time to come.