24 09 2009
Today i was surprised by an unexpected email in my mailbox.
The mail was from MSN alert service.
It seems like that long ago (nearly two years back), i had setup a reminder to remind me on the 24th of September each year. Why this day? because its the day when i find my first ever blog post on this very site. So, its a blogging anniversary for me.
Today is my 4th anniversary of blogging.
What started as just a time pass in a lonely cubicle has turned me into a guy who has started to enjoy the writing. and has eversince expanded into further niches of blogging. (now i am running three blogs at a time – which host the SAME content), and now i am fully involved in twitter (the microblogging thingy)

Reading back the past entries revealed that i was really frustrated about my life and job when i started to write, and those were tough days (though i seem to have forgotten those few months), my writing style has changed a lot over these years but the tone of melancholy and frustration remains.

I hope I am as active a blogger when i write a similar post the next year. Wish me luck!

WOW! 4 years….good oye!

Eid Mubarak

21 09 2009


Its 1st of Shawwal 1430 Hijri (2009)

Wishing you the warmest greetings of Eid ul Fitr.

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By dope or Pure Miracle? – Two Eids again in Pakistan.

20 09 2009

Today, the media and people are again debating on the decision of an ‘unofficial’ committee that decided today that they have seen the moon in Peshawar and adjoining areas and will be celebrating Eid on Sunday. This apparent controversial decision has been a trademark of the people from the northwest province who seem to have the supernatural abilities to see the moon when nobody in the whole subcontinent can see it.

Being a man of science, I strongly believe that the mathematical models predict the moon sighting in a pretty accurate manners. Now the rightists would argue that the relegion says that you can celebrate eid (or Ramadan or whatever) after you see the moon and receive sufficient authentic evidences from people of repute that they have seen it too. I am in no position to contradict this rule, but the rightists must also know that the Qur’an also says that the moon and sun are moving in their predefined orbits and will continue to do so till the end of times. If we take the statement as the starting point that we have sufficient historic data to create mathematical models that can predict the moon’s state for the future. We also have software to prove the same.

So, as an argument against the pathans’ supernatural abilities to see the future, I present the moon chart for Saturday and Sunday that pretty much explains the areas where moon can be sighted. (courtesy:

As you can see, Pakistan is nowhere near the the zone where you can see the moon with naked eye or using reasonable optical aid. Only a very small portion of Arab states, and southeast Asia are in a position to celebrate Eid on the Sunday.

However, the situation will improve drastically on Sunday as shown below:

Majority of the world will be able to see the moon using naked eye as its age at that day will be significant enough.

Now the question is, what causes these pathans to see the moon when nobody else sees it (and considering the fact that they happen to live in a terrain where view is obstructed by mountains).

The answer can be obtained by careful examination of a pathan brain (if they have one – I doubt it).
Also, the moon sighting can also be attributed to the hallucinations that is experienced after consumption of crack cocaine and marijuana by these lucky folks who happen to harvest these drugs in their backyard. (C’mon guys gimme some of this dope, i need to see what the future holds for me)

So, jokes apart. Whether by dope or by pure miracle, the pathans have managed to see and prove the moon and will be celebrating the Eid on Sunday while the rest of the country will follow the day after. I congratulate you on your massive victory (though I am envious of your supernatural abilities). May you have a joyous and peaceful Eid in the Northwest.

F*ck man, I can’t believe this shit!

Shopping Time…

13 09 2009

Eid is coming. Almost a week to go now.

Most of the people in my family are now starting to follow a pre-programmed
routine: to spend two or more hours out in the shopping malls.

This reminds me to do my part of the shopping too and today being the Sunday
makes it the ideal candidate for an afternoon that is spent away in the

But this is where the problem kicks in, I just can’t seem to make up my mind
about what to buy. It has been happening to me for quite some time now. Every
time i go to a store, I usually have a fairly decent idea about what i will be
buying but as i roam around exploring the possibilities, my mind changes… and i
stand there totally mum and eventually return empty handed. The worst case is
that I end up buying the thing which i regret buying.

I am sure there is a phenomenon that explains my condition, but i can’t
figure out how find it.. perhaps in an economics or psychology book ???

ah I truly wish i could overcome this cowardly habit of mine and to
eventually commit the transaction for which i set off from home at the first

So, today seems to be the day when i face and battle my inner demons one more
time… I surely hope i get back with a smile on my face and a few shopping bags
in my hands.

(Pizza Hut) – (Pizzas) = Mayhem

4 09 2009

Every Ramadan for the past four years, I have been visiting pizza hut with my friends to participate in their famous ‘All You Can Eat (AYCE)’  deals. The deal is nothing but a so called orgy of men and pizzas. Lots of hungry men and women come to the pizza hut outlets across the country during the holy month of fasting and as soon as the sun sets they break their fast like greedy pigs… and yours truly is one of those pigs devouring whatever he could get his hands on.

So, today was the day when it was decided that we shall be visiting one pizza hut. The outlet chosen was at Shaheed e Millat Road, Karachi. Our past experience had been pretty ok with that outlet which is well built, spacious and quite fine gentry visiting the place.

I left for the place at 6:45 PM as we had decided to meet there at 7:15, in contrast to past years, i was to meet only one man – the good old dAs! Before i even reached there, i started getting his messages like ‘The place is crowded with chicks’   and ‘Just standing there… My Roza is getting ruined’,
’Oh Yeah!’, i thought! and my hunger suddenly raised a new peak.

Anyways, we were seated at an over crowded facility… and that place seemed totally opposite to the pizza hut we used to know. it was over crowded, with perhaps the worst and most rowdy crowd ever gathered at that place. On top of the noisy ones were perhaps a group of 15+ teenage boys (perhaps from some college) who might have come to pizza hut in this large number for the first time ever in their lives. They were whistling and yelling and hooting for anything they might find interesting. The most commonly occuring thought on my head was ‘Well, if they say that all the devils are locked away in this month, then what the hell are these creatures?’

As the time to break the fast was announced, we started with the dates and some salad. The pizza was to be served after fifteen minutes…. and man o man what followed after those fifteen minutes was one unique experience in itself! 

The first servings of pizzas were taken by everyone very easily. This is how it begins, pizza comes out of the kitchen and disappears very quickly only to be followed by a continuous supply of pizzas. After two turns (or may be three – who bothers counting?) the servers seemed to vanish and with them the pizzas. Initially people remained seated patiently waiting.. but after 10 minutes or so, they became impatient…. the rowdy bunch of kids that i wrote about earlier became ever uneasy. People picked up their forks and knives and started hitting the places – thus the melody of hungry people was born inside the premises of pizza hut. with the melody came the vocals (and I must assure you they were hoarse and abusive). The servers and floor manager could do nothing but to request the people to stay calm but to no avail. Finally after fifteen minutes, the first pizzas of the second session started to serve but they disappeared only on the first tables. The crowd from the back tables were getting restless and they started more yelling. I saw some families get up from their seats and started to leave. The manager tried to stop them only to get into an argument. The serving of pizzas continued slowly, still the supply was not on full throttle. So, everybody got their slices with a delayed interval.

So, after wasting around one and a half hour after the iftar, we thought that our tummies are now full. So we left the place and paid the full sum of money.

I am not sure what went wrong with the supply of pizzas, but it has never happened earlier with me so I would ignore it by calling it ‘an unfortunate mishap’. Perhaps their ovens malfunctioned or their raw pizzas were not readied in time… we can never be sure what happened back there but it surely did cause a lot of frustration among the attendees. But that frustration was transformed into a fun-filled non-violent protest… I still smile over the melodious striking of forks on empty plates and tweeting and whistling and yelling… especially that crowd of kids who were honking as if they were in some Lahore Theater watching mujra 😀

Good night, and dAs if you read this… remember you were there too to experience it!   the chicks looked great, don’t you agree?