No Genuine Post for Quite some time

6 05 2008

I know I haven’t written anything genuine (read: new) for quite some time. (I don’t consider any status report a blog post). The reason being that I haven’t been able to spare some time to write it. Though, I have some good ideas lined up for writing something, but they might take a week or so to materialize.

Today, I booked an order at TCS for my Mom to be delivered on Mother’s day. I am also trying to get hold of my studies as mid term exams are drawing nearer. I also have developed interest in movie series, I have found myself getting attracted towards South Park and Heroes, South Park being a series, can been seen without a sequence but it is not the case with Heroes, I am struggling to gather the episodes of Season 1. So, I have just one episode (# 7) to watch today. The rest are in P2P Queue and the host of the items is absent from the network for a couple of days.

Ok, time to post this again. Lets hope I get back into my groove to write something interesting again.



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