My Bold (read: stupid) decision.

20 05 2008

Today I made one decision.

Yeah, making decisions is one of the most confusing things I ever come across. whether its about buying something or doing something or just making a choice. In fact, some people say that i am constantly dueling myself before making a decision hence wasting precious time.

So, as i was saying… I made a decision today – sounds funny, isn’t it ?

I have been working at this Client’s location for almost a year. Despite getting indirect offers from various supervisors, I got another one almost a week back from the VP himself. This time, he was very to the point and he said that i want you in my team and you have to decide in a day or two. Today, he called me again and asked about my choice. I gulped down a big glob of saliva and said "I am sorry, I cannot join".

The discussion that followed this sentence is irrelevant, but when i stood up after the discussion, i knew i blew it. I was forced to say no because of a reason of one of a decision from long gone past and i am paying for it.

But, the final self-assuring excuse that i provided myself that i must first finish my MBA before making a choice. But, i suspect it as soon enough, I will be forced to take a bitter decision again – The one about moving on…

The decision that i made today might as well be the most controversial (read: stupidest) decision of my professional career in the years to come.


But, this is how a loser proves himself.



One response

21 05 2008

HK>….kuch kerle….aai hoi naimat ko mat thokraya ker…atleast consider kia kar….ager aik jaga ruk  jaiga tu bas ruk jaiga….
at the moment our field has great perks for us…but u have to make choices switch and earn thats the game….
chal what ever u have taken the decision…its the best decision u have taken (since there is no turning back now 😦  ) anyhow best of luck with ur decision powers!!!!!

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