Easy Days? Hard Days?

25 08 2009

Just when i boasted in front of my peers that Ramadan is the coolest of months in the whole year (when it comes to work), I never knew that my ranting wouldn’t be liked by the supreme authorities. While I had finalized my plans to leave office at most by 2:30 PM and to reach home by 4:00 PM (at the most) and to sleep the rest of the afternoon off, I forgot to include one major internal factor while making that plan… and that factor is none other than ‘Boss’.

Like a volcano, the boss has just awoken from its hibernation and now its all ash, smoke, stones and lava that is falling on me.The first two days of the month have been awful.. Monday was spent drifting in and out of sleep,.. while Tuesday was even worse. I nearly passed out on my desk twice only to be jolted back to consciousness by rumblings of my boss. And on both of these days, I have been leaving work two hours late than everyone else.

Oh, i have never felt this much miserable ever before… may be its my body thats signaling me to review how I am spending my life.. Perhaps asking me to sleep more at night.

Or perhaps its an indication for me to seek a break…or perhaps a new job.

I hope the coming days are not so tough.

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