Shab-e-Barat: Memories, Regrets and Hopes

6 08 2009

Its Maghrib time in Karachi, Pakistan.

With that, Shab-e-Barat – The night of emancipation will start. As narrated by my mom when I was a kid ‘Its a night when God will write who will be born, who will die, what Rizq (The stuff one eats or earns) one gets and what other deeds one performs…. ‘. Well, me being a rude kid since childhood always preferred to blow firecrackers than to worship. Just thinking about it brings a wide smile on my face as the vivid memories of every year are too hard to forget… I remember the long night of running away scared shitless when i was in grade 10th (for obvious reasons)… and I also remember the year when we neighborhood boys fulfilled our revenge against all those lousy neighbors who used to forbid us from playing cricket… and yeah ofcourse, I remember bombarding the house of our rival team’s captain with firecrackers (small and large)…. and how can i forget the shared laughter on one of the most sacred nights in Islamic religion.


Though those days are long gone, and so are the motive to launch firecrackers… but that doesn’t mean that i flipped towards the other side (this means the people who spend the night at mosques worshipping)… How many times, I long to spend the whole night on the prayer rug, begging the lord for forgiveness but the addiction of sins… the long cherished addiction towards doing ‘other’ things but to pray has kept me away for the most of the night. Tonight might be no different since i have a couple of things to do by midnight, then I intend to spend an hour or so looking at the skies or bowing in front of THE ONE. I hope my plans aren’t foiled by the devil who has much more influence on me than i can ever imagine…

And yeah, tonight is a sort of festive night too… good food, warm steaming sweets (multiple types of halva) are served, and i am not missing out on those either :p   om nom nom.


Ok, enough of this for the night. I wish that God up there has good plans for all of us in the coming year, I pray that Allah grant everyone with blessings and the courage to be a good person, the passion to live and to let live – Amen.



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