I Want My BiGG Apple

6 02 2007

Yesterday, as we walked along Shahra Faisal to our lunch place, one of us exclaimed, Oh F**k the billboard is gone…

We all looked at his the way he was pointing and we realized that one of our most beloved billboard was indeed missing.

The billboard was about a carbonated apple drink called “BiGG Apple” and featured a babe with juicy red lips and equally good looking “BiGG Apples”…

All of our gang used to walk past that very billboard by paying homage to that slut either by commenting on her *overflowing* beauty or by saluting her “hitler” style.

But now, its gone … the chick and her One and Only “BiGG Apple” are replaced by a rusty steel wall that awaits some other marketing campaign..

Ah……….Now I realize why elders emphasize so much about the importance of APPLES in life “An Apple a Day, keeps the doctor Away”

Yeah definitely true! Coz if I could get my hands on apples like the ones carried by that chick, who needs Viagra?

So, Mr. Brand Manager of “BiGG Apple”, I must congratulate you on such a sensual campaign. I am not sure about the drink, but the chick surely turned us on!

But, the recent action of you taking off that billboard saddens us deeply. We would definitely have liked you to keep that billboard the way it was.

Please please…Please, Give me my BiGG Apple back!



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