Shock and Awe…

10 10 2005
8th Of October, 2005.
8:51 AM PST:
It started to rumble gradually…
People woke up from their sleeps…
There was one violent shock followed by another…
and with a huge crash, their own roof closed down on them…
Then there was silence …. only rustling death….
9:00 AM PST:
First news of the great earthquake started to emerge as "BREAKING NEWS" on various news channels.
People from un-affected areas got their first insight of the drama that was going to unfold on this weekend (drama? or human catastrophe?)
10:40 AM PST:
I was forced to wake up from my slumber by the deafening sound of TV.
I was still drowsy and wanted to sleep, but the loud sound from the TV kept me away from falling back into the valley of sleep.
I focused my eyes on the rotating choppers of the fan high above the ceiling while i focused my ears on the audible sound of the TV. The channel was GEO (I could have recognized the newscaster’s voice from millions) and he was saying like ‘… rescuers are being pulled out from the rubble of the collapsed Islamabad building..’
WHAT.???? I jumped up from my bed and rushed to the TV room…
What I saw was just the beginning of what we are still experiencing two days later.
12:50 PM PST:
The death toll is expected to be 2000.
20000 confirmed deaths…
I said, still counting!
It is still counting.
No access to hundreds of remote villages in Northern parts where whole population of these villages have perished. Not even the media teams have arrived due to road blocks.
Every rescue effort is being done in Islamabad where death toll couldn’t be more than one hundred.
We all could wait and do nothing as living souls trapped underneath the rubble of their own sweet homes take their last breaths and drown into the eternal sleep.
Who will help these helpless souls? me? musharraf? or the angel of death?. The last choice seems realistic.
I just wonder whether 50000 expected deaths is a realistic estimate? do you think?

Just after iftar of 2nd fast

7 10 2005
Due to my timings at the office, I am having my iftar at the office. today was the second fast and i just had iftar.
The first iftar was supplied by the office but this one was arranged by ourselves.
there is still fruit chat left.

So it started…

5 10 2005
Happy Ramazan to all of you.
The month of blessings and forgiveness is now officially underway.
Tomorrow, I have to get early morning to have sehri (oh I simply hate to get up THAT early!) and to fast the full day.
After the fast, there will be a feast! and feast we shall have.
May the blessings of Ramazan be upon all of us, including me. AMEN!

Strike day

4 10 2005
I entered my workplace totally exhausted and panting. with perspiration running all over my body.
Yeah, thats strike day today.
Thanks to the towering prices of petroleum goods, the transporters called a day off but i had decided that this day, I WILL GET THERE!
and i got there thanks to a 2KM walk in the hell like heat to a big bus stop and then getting to the office by changing two buses.
Darn you, Darn you, Darn you unto heck… thats my message to those valture like oil companies who earned profits as high as 68% and to an equally senseless and numb governament of Pakistan!!

What the heck @@$%

1 10 2005
I have been trying to upload the images to my picture gallery at this space but its not working.
firstly, i downloaded the picture preview control, but since then i haven’t been able to view pictures in the preview.
don’t know whats the problem. I tried the help but of no avail..

Starting the month with a weekend

1 10 2005
the new month started.
Today is October the 1st 2005. The day is Saturday (weekend eve).
Chilly atmosphere at work
Ordered burgers for suppers.
Got my plaster removed and a crape bandage applied.
Finally recovering from my throat infection.
planning to play counter strike at night
and last but not the least, sent two greetings to some close people!